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Dr Roopleen
There is little wisdom in choosing to be weird and doing wrong just to be different and stand out of the pack. -Roopleen
Don't wait for the opportunity to fall in your lap. Don't wait for the stars to shine on you. Go out there and make things happen. -Roopleen
Life is short. Don’t put all your efforts & resources mapping out the future. Figure out your present & live each moment as best as you can.
Success begins with the belief to make it happen and the committment to give it your everything. -Roopleen #success #quotes #entrepreneur
4 Ways To Get Mental Peace: 1) Do your best 2) Bear no ill-will 3) Forgive and move on 4) Accept what you can't change. -Roopleen #tips
Work is important but it isn't everything in life. Look beyond. Get a life outside work. -Roopleen #life #success #quotes
Those who are determined to succeed and stay focused on their goal despite the challenges most often reach where they aspire to be.-Roopleen
Be yourself. Don't cut yourself short for others. You were born to measure up to your own expectations and personal standards. -Roopleen
Your achievements in life depend on the depth of your self-belief, strength of your resolve and intensity of your efforts. -Roopleen #life
4 Things To Do On The Weekend:1)Reflect on the wk gone by-what worked what didn't 2)Review your mistakes 3)Plan for the coming wk 4)Unwind.
"Instead of dwelling over things you can't do anything about, focus on problems you can fix." -Roopleen #success #quotes #inspire
Beating procrastination and getting stuff done is the first step to success at anything. -Roopleen #success #quotes #leadership #inspire
3 Tips To Gain Edge Over Others: 1)Invest in increasing your expertise 2)Learn from your mistakes 3)Stay put on your goals. -Roopleen #tips
6 Tips For Greater Productivity: 1Plan your day 2Make lists 3Set priorities 4Follow patterns 5Cut out distractions 6Delegate work. -Roopleen
For Greater Happiness- Change mindset from 1. Victim to Victor 2. Cribbing to Problem-Solving 3. What you Lack to what you Have. -Roopleen
3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem: 1)Follow your passion 2)Celebrate your success 3)Challenge your limits. -Roopleen #tips #selfimprovement
Set your goals and go after them passionately. Success will surely be yours. Roopleen #success #leadership #quotes
"Few people are born with charisma; others build it." -Roopleen #inspire #success #quotes #leadership
NEW: Author Interview- Amit Dasgupta Roopleen #writing #authorInterview
You can accomplish any goal if you have the ability to turn failure into fortune; obstacle into opportunity. -Roopleen #motivation #quotes
Your greatness lies in knowing your full potential, believing in it and making the best of what you have. -Roopleen #success #quotes #life
The difference between achievers & non-achievers is not lack of vision but the inability to turn vision into action. -Roopleen #quotes #life
No one is born a winner or a loser. But each one has the power to make a choice. Choose to fight, strive and win. -Roopleen #success #quotes
Pursuit of success requires a good beginning, a good end and putting in a lot of hardwork in between. -Roopleen #success #life #quotes
NEW: Author Interview- Jas Kohli 'Anything To Look Hot' #books #authorinterview
The only difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is the attitude- Your attitude. -Roopleen #quotes #success #life
Live your life your own way. Don't let others push you around. -Roopleen #inspire #success #quotes
Life can be tough but this isn't reason enough to give up. Each time you fall, dust yourself up and come back stronger. -Roopleen #success
Gaining clarity of what you want to be and where you want to reach in life is the starting point of all achievements. -Roopleen #success
Get driven by your ambition, pursue your goals passionately and you will see your dreams come alive. -Roopleen #success #quotes #goals
If you can't figure out what to do with your life, it's probably time to give yourself worthwhile goals. -Roopleen #success #goals #quotes
Intention is not enough. To accomplish any goal, action is imperative. -Roopleen #success #goals #leadership #quotes
Dreams can materialize. Success can happen. All it takes is planning, preparation, committment and perseverance till the end. -Roopleen
Courage is keeping your morale up when the chips are down and remaining positive when surrounded by negativity. -Roopleen
Dreams and wishes don't lead to success. Plans and efforts do. -Roopleen #success #life #inspire
Why live an average life when you have the ability to make it awesome. -Roopleen #success #life
Dare to dream and believe in yourself. You have it in you what it takes to succeed. -Roopleen #success
The best way to build success is one step at a time. -Roopleen #success #life #quotes #inspire #leadership
If you want to excel in life, go beyond the ordinary. Get out of your comfort zone and dare to jump your barriers. -Roopleen #success #life
What you achieve in life depends largely on what you aim at. -Roopleen #success #life #goals #quotes #inspire
The difference between a goal accomplished and a goal abandoned is a dash of perseverance. -Roopleen
Don't cut yourself short for others. You were born to live up to your own expectations. -Roopleen #success
In the fast lane to success, don't rob yourself of the pleasure of living a meaningful life. -Roopleen #success
Success is about having the conviction to believe in ur dreams, passion to pursue them & the courage to go on despite the challenges. -R
18 Ways to Show Your Loved Ones You Genuinely Care For Them. Roopleen #life #success #quotes #inspire #love
If you can hold on to your dreams long enough you can make them come true. -Roopleen #quotes #inspire #life
There are no real limits in life, only imaginary mental barriers that you need to let go of. Roopleen #quotes
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Each day in your life is a brand new opportunity to grow, develop, enrich and empower yourself. -Roopleen #quotes #success #inspire #life

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