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Anyone has the power to build the Web, including YOU. Come over and change the color of the Firefox start page:
The lowest cost #smartphone now available in #India and it runs on #FirefoxOS and it's exclusively on #Snapdeal
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What a week. Panama now joins the #FirefoxOS family today, launching the ZTE Open II with @PanamaMovistar at $60.…
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Dear @mozilla, you made it to Serbia. 10x for having me in #FirefoxOS Tablet Contribution Program, much appreciated
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@firefox is so much better than any browser, i am so glad i switched. more organized and less ads! #sohappy
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Want to see what's under the hood of a webpage? Start with the new interactive experience on the @firefox start page:
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Really loving how @firefox is working to make web participants and not just web users. Such positive messaging!
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There's a new king of the browsers. Who's wearing the crown? An old friend named Firefox.
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"Firefox has upped its game w/ a great new look [and] fast performance..." More from @PCMag:
We're awarding digital badges to people who host a #MakerParty event. Host your own and we'll give you a badge!
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From flowers to fractals, sunrises to moonscapes, Firefox has a fun theme for you:
Online privacy is a concern we share. Have you invited a friend to download the most private browser available?
We need to move away from centralization so that Internet possibilities aren’t only determined by the views of a few:
How to save the net: Let’s all take ownership. #opensource #netneutrality #teaminternet
“People are more protective of what they create than of what they consume.” @MitchellBaker on digital citizenship:
To make the most of the internet, we need to think of the Internet as “ours.” More from @WIRED:
Got a new laptop the first thing i do is install @firefox xD
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Been using @firefox now for a while as my primary browser. Forgot how many great add-ons there are. Probably installed about 20 already.
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Get your creative juices flowing, because we are inviting you to *literally* make the Web. Join #MakerParty:
We made like a thing that shows CSS animations and SVG and stuff showing off the new @firefox design AINT IT COOL…
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@firefox Hackathon at SRM University Have a sneak peak of what really happened there :…
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We can help you #TeachTheWeb—Web literacy, digital skills and open practices. Learn how by signing up here:
Connect with #Mozilla’s global community and learn how to #TeachTheWeb by signing up here:
Inspired by today's #TeamInternet Twitter chat? Here are tips on how to host your own #netneutrality #MakerParty:
Can you describe why the network operators like Comcast, etc are so opposed to #netneutrality? #TeamInternet
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People from all over the world are tweeting their #NetNeutrality questions! Talk to our experts by using the hashtag #TeamInternet
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RT @CorettaJackson: "How would you introduce #netneutrality to students?" Check out our #NetNeutrality teaching kits:
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I LOVE how people are tweeting what #netneutrality means to them. Keep it up. #TeamInternet
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#NetNeutrality is the basis for the level playing field that has made the Internet a vital, shared, and global resource. #TeamInternet
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#Netneutrality means that everyone can innovate, create, and communicate freely on the Internet w/o asking permission or paying tolls
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Want to learn more about fighting for #netneutrality? SignUp for #Mozilla’s #netneutrality training #TeamInternet
Are you neutral on #NetNeutrality? @mozilla’s Twitter chat will get you fired up to fight for it! TODAY @ 4pm PDT