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Have a playful pumpkin day! Love, your October Red Panda
.@KristNovoselic (yes, from @Nirvana) believes there's a better way to elect U.S. House members: via @TheOpenStandard
The "top-two" primary, in tech terms, is a debate over open election systems:
We at Firefox embrace openness because open minds lead to new ideas, new inventions and positive change. #EmbraceOpen
Protect yourself from online threats that slip past anti-virus software with “Web of Trust” added to your Firefox:
Why is this so hard? All we’re asking for is a plug-and-play router that protects privacy.
"The public perception of data right now is terrible..." - @agentGav via @TheOpenStandard
Your smartphone can do a lot of things, but would you want it to lock your front door?
Last day to get our collection of 8 awesome indie games on @humble Bundle. Pick a price, play on!
Being in control of your private data is easy w/ Firefox for Android. Clear your history and cache any time you like:
"Openness leads to a different kind of product and culture, one that tends to be more holistic..." - Erik Hersman
A glass door is "transparent". An open door is "open" (inviting participation). Both better than opaque, but not the same. #EmbraceOpen
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.@HearUsHere is changing the audio tour experience as it tethers recorded sounds, songs and noises to GPS coordinates
Can creativity exist without openness? #EmbraceOpen
Too many well-intentioned civic apps fail to lift off. Read up on the #MozFest discussion led by @steiny:
Open source means code is shared so that anyone can contribute to it. Innovation otherwise impossible is suddenly possible. #EmbraceOpen
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"Openness is absolutely vital to creating sustainable & successful solutions that work for all." - @magicbeans
What are your thoughts on the state of medical technology? Should hospitals pick-up the pace? via @TheOpenStandard
What are your thoughts on robot-assisted journalism? via @TheOpenStandard
What's better on a Sunday than to catch up on the latest news from @TheOpenStandard?
Whether you're a volunteer or a Twitter fan, THANK YOU for joining us in making the Web a better place. #EmbraceOpen
48 hours left to score the @humble @mozilla Bundle, our collection of 8 awesome indie games:
The Magicians in Residence program transplants the wisdom and savvy of a magician into apps and devices:
Some of the best reporting starts with public records requests by advocates to govts, but the process is sticky.
Are you an open-source artist, eager to share your work but befuddled by Internet copyright laws, fair use, etc?
"When we let everybody come in and share their ideas...everybody ends up a lot happier." - @anildash
Only 11% of biz leaders say college grads are work ready, while 96% of college leaders think grads are well-prepared
Do you understand the subtle politics of the web, namely freedom, control and citizenship? via @TheOpenStandard
Boooooo! Here are nine #Halloween themes to dress up your browser:
"Open access to information enables people to gain a measure of control and respect over their lives." - @naypinya
Do you think you spend too much time in front of a screen? via @TheOpenStandard
Just a few more days to name your price for these indie games in the Humble Mozilla Bundle! #gamers
The FCC asked for public comment on net neutrality, and they received 3.7 million comments. via @TheOpenStandard
When content is open and usable with a clear license, creators are empowered to make new things. via @TheOpenStandard
Do you think your data trail creates a profile that doesn't match with who you are? via @TheOpenStandard
Associated in the media with destruction and spying, unmanned drones have another side: via @TheOpenStandard
One tap, and your browsing history is gone. It's as easy as that with Firefox for #Android:
We at Firefox wish you a beautiful Diwali filled with family, joy and peace. Please share your photos with us!
Capture and share life's best moments with beautiful new Firefox OS phones, now available in Australia!
Here's how @adrspeaks' open source platform MyNeta tracked Indian candidates’ records & verified claims: #EmbraceOpen
Big data has the potential to discriminate against struggling Americans, minorities and the elderly: #EmbraceOpen
What do you think access to open data for research and civic engagement can lead to? @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Are your friends and family using Firefox, the most trusted browser out there? Let them know they have options:
Have you seen what's in our @humble Bundle? Voxatron, FTL, Dustforce, Osmos plus 4 more. Name your price:
Even if privacy is promised, is it truly achievable? Let us know what you think. via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Love the Web? Help save it. Apply to be a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow: #TeamInternet (cc @FordFoundation)
How do you feel about marketers collecting the personal information of kids through websites and apps? #EmbraceOpen