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When content is open and usable with a clear license, creators are empowered to make new things. via @TheOpenStandard
Do you think your data trail creates a profile that doesn't match with who you are? via @TheOpenStandard
Associated in the media with destruction and spying, unmanned drones have another side: via @TheOpenStandard
One tap, and your browsing history is gone. It's as easy as that with Firefox for #Android:
We at Firefox wish you a beautiful Diwali filled with family, joy and peace. Please share your photos with us!
Capture and share life's best moments with beautiful new Firefox OS phones, now available in Australia!
Here's how @adrspeaks' open source platform MyNeta tracked Indian candidates’ records & verified claims: #EmbraceOpen
Big data has the potential to discriminate against struggling Americans, minorities and the elderly: #EmbraceOpen
What do you think access to open data for research and civic engagement can lead to? @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Are your friends and family using Firefox, the most trusted browser out there? Let them know they have options:
Have you seen what's in our @humble Bundle? Voxatron, FTL, Dustforce, Osmos plus 4 more. Name your price:
Even if privacy is promised, is it truly achievable? Let us know what you think. via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Love the Web? Help save it. Apply to be a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow: #TeamInternet (cc @FordFoundation)
How do you feel about marketers collecting the personal information of kids through websites and apps? #EmbraceOpen
Create a Firefox account to sync your settings, bookmarks & themes across your computer, smartphone and tablet:
Here's @TheOpenStandard's take on how the U.S. government's watchdogs are more bark than bite: #EmbraceOpen
"A commitment to 'openness' as a principle is an absolute requirement..." - Beeban Kidron (Sponsored) #EmbraceOpen
The @torproject believes in web anonymity; what do you think? Here are some other options as well: #EmbraceOpen
Love YouTube videos? This add-on plays videos in HD automatically so you don't have to switch settings all the time.
Do you know about the two key principles for what make data or content open, Legally and Technically? #EmbraceOpen
What's your take on how to ensure greater cybersecurity collaboration with the govt and private sector? #EmbraceOpen
Do you believe that data is becoming this century’s most important raw material? via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
"'Open' refers to a set of values and potential at the core of a democratic society." - @zephoria #EmbraceOpen
A university library with no books? Here's @FLPolyU’s approach to higher learning: via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
With cars becoming smarter, what are your thoughts on the future of cybersecurity? via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Would you use @fixmystreet to report street problems to your local govt? via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Are you in for public city-scale wifi? via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
Every seen a #FirefoxOSBus? Firefox Student Ambassadors are touring India celebrating openness. Have a great journey!
We champion openness so anyone can change the world. More from @TheOpenStandard: #EmbraceOpen
Do you think the planned ICANN hand-off is a threat to the open web? via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
"Public Attention to the NSA Reform Bill is Waning" via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
We love hearing from you! Let us know why you use Firefox.
"There have been setbacks for the Open Internet, but not all the news is bad." via @TheOpenStandard #EmbraceOpen
1 open operating system. 12 smartphones. 13 operators. 24 countries. #FirefoxOS #GoTeam!
Would you like to play a game? Try our @humble Bundle of awesome indie games & play on!
Give Firefox a personal touch using the customize panel. Try it!
What does open mean to you? Share your thoughts, and we'll share them forward.
It's not too soon to start working on your Firefox Halloween costume. Check this one out:
Keep your Firefox healthy with a quick and painless check-up:
Reason #1,864 to recommend Firefox to everyone you know: We believe in the power of an open, connected world:
Calling all technologists, hackers & data crunchers for our @FordFoundation / @mozilla Open Web Fellows program:
"I'm still an anomaly in the tech industry" - @MitchellBaker. #WomenInTech #TechTalent
Here's a colorful collection of Firefox themes to celebrate #autumn in the Northern Hemisphere:
Find out how our Executive Chairwoman @MitchellBaker started out as "Chief Lizard Wrangler": #WomenInTech #TechTalent
.@MitchellBaker shares the unique beginnings of @mozilla and the significance of #WomenInTech via @politico
MozFest is coming up, and you're invited!;
A new streaming adapter, Matchstick, will be powered by @firefox & is completely open source
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