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Felipe Calderón
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Ahora dará inicio al evento organizado por el Ministerio del Medio Ambiente en Perú, Que será transmitido por
Estoy en Lima, invitado por el Ministerio del Ambiente, para impartir la conferencia #EconomíaClimática @esanperu htpp://
"Esta reforma va exactamente en el mismo camino que yo propuse durante mi mandato " @FelipeCalderon
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"Yo propuse una #reformaenergética que permitiera la inversión especializada en Pemex" @FelipeCalderon con @pedroferriz3
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Ana Lilia Durán ganó la plata en Halterofilia. Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud #Nanjing2014 ¡Felicidades!
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Felicito a Alejandro Valenzuela por ser nombrado el CEO número uno de México, de acuerdo con Institutional Investor. #BANORTE.
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En #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos expongo las razones detrás de las decisiones que tomé los seis años que tuve el honor de ser Presidente
@JLozanoA: “@amazinwildlife: You have to save our Planet Earth!” /Por calentamiento global el ártico se derretirá.
Con la reforma al sistema de pensiones de 2007, ahorramos 30% del PIB a las finanzas públicas #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos
La reforma de pensiones de 2007 ha sido la más importante para las finanzas públicas en casi dos décadas #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos
En el cap2 de #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos expongo las estrategias implementadas para salir de la peor crisis económica de la historia(2008-2009)
En #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos explico que mi prioridad fue la Seguridad Pública y el Estado de Derecho más que el combate al narcotráfico.
En el libro #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos expongo los principales desafíos que viví como Presidente de México
Agradezco a quienes me acompañaron ayer en la presentación de mi libro #LosRetosQueEnfrentamos @CiroGomezL @amparocasar @J_Fdz_Menendez
Muchísimas felicidades Aída Román @cuerdarosa y Eduardo Vélez por la medalla de oro en el #MundialDeTiroConArco #OrgulloDeMexico 🎯🎯👏👏👏
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“La muerte no es enemigo, señores...” Robin Williams, el payaso más triste de Hollywood
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Verdaderamente una pena y gran pérdida la muerte de @robinwilliams. Descanse en paz.
#MondayMotivation Shoutout to all the grinders Hard work cures all. When you work hard not only is it contagious but it radiates. Others see your work ethic whether it's a million dollar or a minimum wage work ethic. If you want something work for it, don't wish for it. Sleep more after you get it
Do you even cheat day?! Dessert and pillows.
Loyalty can't be taught.
I figured since I was going to catch the new Ninja Turtle movie I would go to all you can eat sushi to attempt my best Michelangelo.
I was going to post a shameless shirtless selfie since it's Friday and #flexfriday is the perfect reason to post ab pics but I'll just post my face instead Check out this new hat from @melinbrand my brother @jjlilhefe hooked me up with. Not going to lie when he told me he got me a hat with "real po
I've been craving a steak so I figured 1lb should do #dinnerforone #itsokredmeatisgoodformybloodtype #itstillfitmymacros #mediumrarealways #pinkisin #thatisgrapejuice
When you're so hungry you watch your food cook.
It's crazy how in today's society and work world you can grab a phone, iPad, computer sit at a coffee shop and just work. The way we are progressing is rather scary. I sit looking around and see business meetings, job interviews and students focused. I'm just here for the Ice Blended Mocha No Sugar
In my gym it's totally normal and acceptable to pull your pants down at anytime and take photos. @pete619muscle caught here #worldsgymsandiego
And if she can eat a rice cake without one crumb hitting the ground 💍
I totally thought this cookie idea was good until I started eating them for breakfast. Holy crap they are good. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pecan is my favorite Oh and did I mention they not only look good, but are soft, gooey and amazing and good for you! Hardcore fitness protein cookies about to
Tuve el gusto de saludar a mi amigo el presidente @ottoperezmolina de Guatemala. Muchas gracias por su invitación.
Saliendo a Guatemala, me encontré con el equipo mexicano de ciclismo. Suerte mañana!!
First and foremost I want to apologize to all my friends and family for lack of cheat meal posts while I was in Vegas. I managed to eat cleaner than a first time bikini competitor for the 4 days I was there I really want to apologize to my friends that I ate with at the Wynn buffet, it was the wors
Literally the Wynn Buffet wouldn't let me in because I had a tank top on so I had to buy a t-shirt. If women can come in with a tank then men should!?! Right? Agree or disagree
4th day in Vegas and still on track. I'm due to have the most monster meal later. Tip: bring your own protein with you when you travel. It's always easy to find good clean carb sources on the road. Like my $6 bowl of steamed rice 😂
Work hard play harder!
Pre USA's pump. #flexfriday in #Vegas. Come say hi today at the #muscleegg booth. @musclecontest USA's prejudging starts at noon today.
Traveled half day and ran around town setting up for the @muscleegg booth at the @musclecontest USA's tomorrow left me with a late night gym session. Priorities but still making sure to get to the gym. #noexcuses. Hope to see everyone tomorrow! 💪🍳
When someone asks to meet me downstairs at #hive it's highly unlikely I'll say no. @aley__cat
@jjlilhefe you were right about the bacon wrapped asparagus and Korean beef. That #FitLife
Some of you won't get this But that's none of my business
Just my face Unedited shot from today's shoot with @stokes_photo
So I decided to cut back my shoes purchasing by 1 1/2 shoes per month and upgrade my ride. #ISFSport
It's Sunday...Don't skip leg day
Happy Sunday I love doing laundry but I hate folding. They make for a good cuddler.
Busy day, behind 1100 calories...#outback it is. 5oz chicken breast, 9oz steak, steamed green beans and broccoli and steamed sweet potato
Ate 479g of carbs last night woke up a pound lighter. I know I've been joking about getting ready for the Encore Beach Classic but reality is I have some big shoots this up coming week. So I've definitely hit all my numbers with consistent cardio. Shit isn't magic just hard work Current low days 60
Just trying to get my refeed in. It's been two weeks since I've had a refeed or high carb day. Doing it the "clean" way. Shoot me.
Just hanging around...
It's fitting that my last post was about how much I love food, well especially cookies, ice cream and donuts. Well truth of the matter is deep down @hardcorefitlarry and I are really fat kids so we decided to make our own #HardcoreFitness Cookie Ok so it's been 6 years in the making but we have fin