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Felicia Day
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Legend of Grimrock 2 is out on PC and all I have is a MacBook in Canada, sob. Playing 1 for solace. :(
Okay coffee #3, finally awake.
Good morning sunshines.
At the Supernatural 200th episode party! Yes I'm back to film an episode too :) what a great night!
On the red carpet for the 200th episode of Supernatural!
Just killing time until I can eat sushi.
Thank you @eurogamer for being the 1st major games publication to be brave enough to say this:…
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I'm terrible at Magicka, here's some @Twitch proof with @Ryon_D! Part 1 and NSFW sorry ppl's ears :(
Streaming Magicka on pretty soon, 5-10 min! Come watch me and @Ryon_D bumble through some stuff lol.
Wow: I've Been Forced Out Of My Home & Living In Constant Fear Because Of Relentless Death Threats From Gamergate…
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Suggestions for co-op games for twitch streaming tonight with @Ryon_D? Must be playable through Steam :)
Are you a #scifi nerd? Do you love #coffee? Beam yourself over to @TheScarletCity & set phasers to "stunning":…
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Among points made in this piece: @twitter could be doing a LOT more to mitigate harassment on this platform.…
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If you still think an issue exists that's worth threats of murder and school shootings, not sure what else to say. You're the problem.
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I found THIS guy on set.
Shooting a fun short for @geekandsundry Halloween week! #almsforthepoor
Guest announcement! FELICIA DAY is the new special guest for #JIB6! Annuncio! FELICIA DAY è la nuova ospite speciale di #JIBCON 6! #Roma
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Livestream of Gauntlet with /ryonday! NSFW!!!: via @YouTube
Hazelnut milk cappuccino puts this expression on mah face.
The latest Co-Optitude is up! Check out the silliest moments from this season:
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Streaming Trine 2 and then Gauntlet in 30 minutes with @Ryon_D now!
I am in an ep of @joshgad's "Almost American"! WATCH THIS MAYBE…
The only way I could ever attain a "thigh gap" is to lose so much weight my breasts would become innies.
Being in Austin, Texas, is like sitting next to a fun gay cousin at a Romney wedding.
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@feliciaday Mine would be full of 20% Off coupons to Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
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If you lived forever eventually your house would be full to the ceiling with free pens. Because it's so hard to throw them out. #deepthinx
No stream tonight but @Ryon_D and I will stream tomorrow around 5pm PST. You guys want more Trine 2 or something new?
DING DONG. Hi.No, I do not want a pamphlet of your reasonable views. Why? Because your friend over there is BURNING DOWN MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE.
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Going to dentist to do a preventative cavity replacement b/c last time I ignored his advice I lost a tooth dancing at Comicon. #longstory
Actor hat off today, producer hat on. Tabletop season 3 shoot starts today! Gameszzzzz
We are a go for Tabletop season 3 shooting!!! @wilw lookin' fierce!
China's 1600 wild pandas are going to lose habitat thanks to new land reforms
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Fun project today, set is like Masterpiece theater. It was in the library with a candlestick....
Kano lets kids build their own computers, learn to code. My review.
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"When it gets too cold ya gotta stop, slice & sleep!" @spacejanitors Season 3 is finally here:
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When I'm super stressed I get in the car to drive across town to places like this to eat things like that. #mmm