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Felicia Day
A girl just stopped me and said, "I want to be a writer and producer because of what you do" and made my frikkin' day! <3
1) Sight blurry in eye while driving 2) Look up causes on WebMD 3) Become terrified 4) Realize there's a huge sunscreen smudge on sunglasses
Our astronauts will fly on Boeing's CST-100 and SpaceX's Dragon version 2 to the #ISS.
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I guess this is a bird's O-face?! I may need to stop playing this. #HatofulBoyfriend
This game is frightening me within 60 seconds of loading it up. #HatofulBoyfriend
Those American Apparel models have a healthy dose of body-confidence, huh.
Here's the thing guys: I'm really full of delicious queso right now.
RT @EFF: TAKE ACTION: It’s the final day to tell the FCC why net neutrality must be preserved.
#beinganadult means you can walk out of dance class halfway through and not have your mom yell at you for being lazy.
I haven't played the new Sims yet. Worth it?
How exciting @theguild is showing on @France4tv! Legit on television, what?!?
Here's a rambly LONG video about my schwag this week and the Walking Dead video game, season 2!
Duck face with dessert.
Thanks for the encouragement all! I resisted the cupcake! (And got these instead. Yes, all for me.)
I decided this morning to stop eating sugar but now I'm craving a cupcake. Who do I listen to?
Got new phone, decided not to install social media apps. That lasted 12 1/2 hours. #weak
Well, this is cool. And creepy. Old photos turned into gifs:
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As an unschooled person myself, this article is eerily spot-on to read.…
Basically the iWatch is a hand-drawn dick messenger?
Okay Apple. I know you're gonna convince me I need a techie watch even though the idea is so stupid. Let's get this over so I can preorder.
The only way to stop online harassment is for communities to change their social norms, not abdicate responsibility:…
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Skymall, you need to calm the hell down. And send me a life size Bigfoot please.
Oh Skymall, you tempt me so. #gardenofhorrors
As a dog lover, I'm concerned about the ingredients in these Nachos.
So...I'm concerned about the ingredients in these Nachos:( #ilovedogs
I just backed The Rap Guide to Religion (Animated Rap Album) on @kickstarter Love Baba Brinkman's stuff!
Pic of the moon through a badass telescope. Check out the moon's butthole!
Hanging out all weekend with scientists and screenwriters learning stuff about Jupiter's moons, DNA origami and locust swarms. #SciEntEvent
FRIDAYZ VIDYAZ! Isometric RPGs! Try them!
This is the last weekend to save me in the Family Guy: Quest for Stuff game! Save me now! Or let me rot in digital hell, that's fine too.
"When a person needs validation for their self worth, they’ll go to extreme measures to get it.” On meanness
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The future of Twitter? Please no.…
Sobs. MT: @xeni: This rescued mink playing in the drink is so much more beautiful than a fur coat.…
Discussing "He She and It" tonight on @vaginalfantasy book club! (Live 7pm PST!) @Veronica @bonniegrrl @kiala
@feliciaday don’t buy into this! I made a storify of my rant from last night #drought #cadrought #almonds
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It costs 1.1 gallons of water to produce ONE ALMOND?!…
OK last week already had a #reclaimanimeavatars movement but I already remade my Avatar for about 48 hours so whatever #greatminds #spacbuaf
Non-profit idea: "Society to Protect Anime Characters from Being Used as Avatars by Fuckwads."
It's not just Jennifer Lawrence: women in pop culture are under attack.
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Felicia & Ryon head to the tropics for Labor Day... Star Tropics that is:…
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Spending the holiday weekend immersed in isometric RPGs. Finished Divinity, Shadowrun addon, and now into Wasteland 2. #bestweekendever
If you look at stolen, private photos of nude human beings, I hope your face melts like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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BEST CONCERT EVER. Ultravox, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins? RETRO AWESOME!