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Featured Impressions
Want more people to discover and connect with you? Then use featured impressions to display yourself prominently on twiends. Add some impressions below to get started.
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Payments are processed securely through PayPal and WorldPay. They will appear on your bank statement as "Twiends" or "Webcandy".

If you're not a hundred per cent happy with your initial purchase just let us know within 7 days and we'll give you a refund. Our policy

Please note, VAT will only be applied to purchases made from within EU countries. All other countries don't incur VAT.
What are Impressions?

Impressions are a standard advertising metric. They measure the amount of times your profile is displayed on a page. As an example, if you use 1000 featured impressions it means that your profile will be featured and displayed 1000 times. A certain percentage of these impressions will 'convert' when people connect with you.

How much do they cost?

The current price per impression is $0.0095. The price may increase or decrease based on the availability of featured space. There is a limited amount of featured space available for all users, so pricing changes based on demand.

What happened to seeds?

In early April we upgraded twiends to a new improved connection-based system. Seeds are no longer used.

What happened to your VIP packages?

When we removed seeds from twiends we took the opportunity to completely overhaul our advertising platform. We have decided to adopt a more industry standard approach by using impressions. You can choose how many impressions you use each day, which gives you a lot more control over your daily budget. The VIP packages still work great, and we will support them for existing customers, but they don't offer daily control over usage. We can easily transfer customers between the two systems upon request.

We don't sell followers

Please note that we do not sell followers, and we do not automatically add followers to your account. This is strictly prohibited by Twitter and is clearly stated in their terms of service.

We provide introductions

We provide a platform that allows people to build connections with each other. This involves following, friending, or other means of connecting on a social network. People choose who they want to connect with on twiends.

Having trouble ordering above?

If you're having trouble ordering above then please contact us via our support page and we'll be happy to assist you.

How do I cancel a subscription?

In order to protect your security we do not store any payment information on twiends. All subscriptions are managed and processed by PayPal. If you'd like to cancel a subscription then please follow these steps:

Step 1: Please log into PayPal
Step 2: Click on the Profile menu link in PayPal
Step 3: Choose My Money
Step 4: Choose to update My pre-approved payments
Step 5: Choose the payment to Webcandy Limited

Clicking 'unsubscribe' next to the subscription package listed above should do the same as the steps here.

About Twiends

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