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FaZe Clan
FaZe vs Mutiny in Semi Finals! Come hangout and support @FaZeClan! (#MLG #Dedo live at
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Is everyone enjoying @FaZeBloo's Player Profile? A big thank you goes out to @JustinEscalona for directing the video!…
Add me on Snapchat Rickybanks
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The newest installment of our Player Profiles is up! Check it out here & learn how @FaZeBloo got to where he is:…
The newest FaZe "Player Profile" will be released today! Tune in 20 minutes from now to learn a little more about the MW3 wizard @FaZeBloo!
Hey friends, stream is live with @FaZeClan in the 4v4 2k Tournament all day! Come hang out RTs Appreciated :D
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Yesterday we revealed that @FaZeSpratt will be making EXAMPLE 5! Have you seen the trailer yet!?…
We are live with @FaZeFakie & @FaZeRug in a full FaZe party on MW2! Come watch the team record for ILLCAMS 50 here:
FaZe Spratt: Example 5 - A Black Ops Montage Trailer
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SURPRISE! @FaZeSpratt's new BO1 video isn't an Episode... it's a Trailer for something much bigger. Find out here:…
I've got something to tell you all..
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10 minutes until @FaZeSpratt's BO1 video is released! Who's excited for this one?
This is hands down the best FFA montage I've ever seen.… Huge props to @FaZe_Rain & @SoaRFeeKz #FINALE
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Everyone welcome @SoaRFeeKz to FaZe!
Here is FaZe Rain's BO2/MW2 FFA Montage by our NEWEST Editor FaZe Feekz!
RT for a new FaZe recruit TODAY!
I think it's time I recruit someone.
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We will be releasing @FaZe_Rain's Multi-CoD FFA Montage "FINALE" today! Clear your schedules for 3:30 pm Eastern!
**ASTRO A40 AND MIXAMP GIVEAWAY** RT TO ENTER Winner chosen 9/1 at 6PM EST #FaZeUp
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Have you seen @OMGRockst4r's newest Montage yet? You might not be able to guess what Call of Duty this one's on:…
Thanks @elgatogaming for sending me this beast!! I'm stoked to start recording with this #HD60
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Tonight at 7pm ET we have @FaZeProTeam vs @EvilGeniuses. Who do you think will take the W? RT FaZe FAV EG
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We have @FaZeSwan streaming some BO2 TrickShotting right now! Check it out here -
Y'all want this record? I wanna see #LogicAlbum trending all day!
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We uploaded a one of a kind Montage by @OMGRockst4r today! Check out this unique video here:…
We just uploaded @OMGRockst4r's Montage, and it's on a Call of Duty you've never seen before! Check it out here:…
We have a very unique Montage by @OMGRockst4r coming at you guys today! Be on the lookout for it at 4:30 pm Eastern time.
You can also watch @HoodieAllen's music video for that new song here:…
Check out the video @FaZe_Rain posted today featuring our good friend @HoodieAllen's new single!…
We are live on a late night stream with the @Agony Twins! Come join in here:
We are about to play nV on the mainstage at UMG Dallas! Come watch it live at #FaZeUp
Switched my Snapchat over to rickybanks follow me there for the greatest snaps of all time.
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We take the series 3-1 against Rise & advance in the championship bracket at UMG Dallas! We will face nV next. #FaZeUp
We are currently up 2-1 against Rise & 1 round away from advancing at UMG Dallas! Watch it live here: #FaZeUp
FaZe is playing now at UMG Dallas! Watch it live here: #FaZeUp
RT if you would like to see a FaZe vs. @OpTicGaming basketball game!
Check out the @Agony Twins' newest episode from their live clips series "FaceTage" here!…