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FaZe Clan
Today we have FaZe Kitty's montage trailer for Recovery 4! We hope you're excited for the final montage!
Today we have an AMAZING Episode by Strobe & Barker! Don't miss this one!
Today we have an INSANE Montage by FaZe Rockst4r edited by FaZe Gumi! Don't miss it!
We have @FaZeDyn live on BO2 with @FaZeLoams going for montage clips! Come see what they can hit here:
Today we have an INSANE Montage by @OMGRockst4r & @FaZeGumi going up in 2 hours!
We released the prelude to @FaZeSpratt's upcoming BO1 Montage today! Watch "Example 4.5" here:…
Example 5 is going to be the most amazing tage to be on the @FaZeClan channel. @FaZeSpratt is just an animal. unreal player amazing guy!
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The Prelude to @FaZeSpratt's upcoming final BO1 Montage is up! This is Example 4.5, enjoy:…
Today at 3 pm Eastern: @FaZeSpratt's prelude to his upcoming BO1 Montage - this is Example 4.5!
Add FaZeClanSnap on Snapchat to see me and @FaZeZiMeR at Eurogamer!
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We have @FaZeRug live on our stream right now! Come tune in to see FaZe Clan's favourite son play some MW2:
Have you seen @FaZe_Caarl's newest released episode today yet? Check out this awesome video edited by @FaZeRacky:…
Always a great idea, @WhosTrav.
How are you guys enjoying @FaZe_Caarl's new episode? He just uploaded his own reaction to it, check it out:…
We just uploaded a video with some incredible clips by @FaZe_Caarl & a great edit by @FaZeRacky, check it out here!…
The newest video from @FaZe_Caarl edited by @FaZeRacky will be up today at 4 pm Eastern! Check out "fazeclansnap" on snapchat for a preview.
Saw a preview of @FaZe_Caarl episode. The perks of having FaZeClanSnap added. @FaZeCBass @FaZeClan @Banks
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We now have @FaZeFakie on our stream! Come see this legend play MW2 SND LIVE here:
We have @FaZeJinx live on our stream right now with some MW2 SND! Come tune in here:
We now have @FaZeBloo on our stream! Come watch him play live here:
Fresh off his awesome video on FaZeClan yesterday, @FaZeKay is now LIVE on our stream! Come tune in here:
We released an awesome video by @FaZeKay & @FaZeBarker today with a ton of clip variety, check it out here!…
FaZe Clan Mobile Wallpaper Pack V2! RT and Fav if you want the download link! :D @FaZeClan
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FaZe Kay: Special Kay #5 by FaZe Barker…
Expect a video from @FaZeKay & @FaZeBarker @ 3:30 PM EST! This video is so unique, don't miss it!
We have @FaZeDyn live right now playing BO2 with @Kittyxhd! Tune in & watch the action here:
We got @FaZeDyn with that Sunday livestream going. Come watch him destroy people with his sniper:
FaZe @DXRacerUSA chairs are now available for pre-order! Get one while limited supplies last:…
Today we have @Agony 's newest montage going up on FaZe! We hope you're looking forward to watching it! #boobs
We have @FaZeRug live right now on MW2 SND! Come watch him play here:
FaZe Clan is now proudly sponsored by @DXRacerUSA! FaZe chairs will be available for pre-order tomorrow, Sep. 20th
Happy 2 years in FaZe @FaZe_Rain
250 of these will be sold on Friday :D Calling EACH person that buys one.
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Our episode is done and should be going up on @FaZeClan very soon! I am in love with the edit from @ObeyTyrant
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We have @FaZeBloo on our stream now! Tune in to see him playing live here:
We have @FaZeKay live for another hour, then @FaZeBloo will be coming on! Tune in here: