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We're switching it up on our stream with some Black Ops 1 Trickshotting with @FaZeJinx! Come watch it live here:
However, you can come and watch @FaZeFakie play MW2 LIVE right now on our stream!
Well, YouTube seems to be giving us an error on @Agony's video, so it'll be up for you guys tomorrow instead!
We're live with @FaZeFakie right now! Come watch him play MW2 & MW3 here:
We have @FaZeSwan LIVE going for some clips for #ILLCAMS50 on MW2. Check him out here:
Have you seen our new video today? Check out @FaZeSullys in this Multi-CoD Trickshotting episode by @FaZeRacky here:…
Our stream has been taken over by @FaZeBloo! Come watch him play live at
Our newest video is up! This an awesome Multi-CoD trickshotting episode by @FaZeSullys & @FaZeRacky, watch it here:…
FaZe Sully's Multi-CoD episode will be up in 10 minutes! Which CoD are YOU hoping to seeing in it the most?
We have @FaZeSullys' newest trickshotting episode going up today! Look out for this awesome video edited by @FaZeRacky at 4 pm Eastern time.
We are LIVE with @FaZeKay! What clip do you think he's going to hit on the stream? Tweet us with #ClipsWithKay!
Our stream is up for the day! We're on with @FaZeSwan right now as he plays MW2 SND, come watch it live at
Have you seen @FaZeSpratt's newest video by @FaZeBarker? Check out what Spratt can do with a day on Black Ops 2 here:…
We're live with @Kittyxhd! Tune in to see him playing BO2 & MW3 here:
Have you seen @FaZeSpratt's new Black Ops 2 Daytage by @FaZeBarker yet? Check it out here:…
24 Hours isn't a long time, but it's all @FaZeSpratt needs! Check out his Black Ops 2 Daytage by @FaZeBarker here:…
We have a crazy new Daytage on Black Ops 2 from @FaZeSpratt & @FaZeBarker going up today! Look out for it at 3:30 pm Eastern time.
BOSTON. At some point next week, @Banks, @FaZe_Rain & I are gonna be doing a fan meet-up! More details will be announced next week
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Is time to wake up and take action, take notice of what's happening in our nation of American. Where "Peaceful protests" are allowed. But nope if it's black people martial law is put into place. Open your eyes and see what's happening. If it's white people no one pays any mind to it. And that's just
Come watch as @FaZeFakie and a full FaZe party go for ILLCAMS 50 clips on MW2 SND live!
.@FaZeFakie has taken over our stream on @MLG playing some MW2 SND with a full FaZe party! Come watch here:
We have @FaZeJinx on our stream for another 45 minutes, then @FaZeFakie will be coming on! Tune in live here:
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