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Farah Khan
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Happy that ppl come in all shapes, sizes, intelligence levels etc. Life wuld be dull without villains and fools. Best is, it takes all kinds
AB ki bar Ek Imaandar Sarkar, whoever that maybe!
Will NOT vote NOTA because than it doesn't give me the choice to criticise or speak against or for the govt if I do not cast my vote.
Loksabha or vidhansabha or municipal elections. Let parties choose responsible candidates. I will vote 4 the most deserving person not party
Yes I'm aware it's the Lok Sabha elections but what can I do if the candidate doesn't fit the bill of the Pol party he/she represents?
@FarahKhanAli if all d small areas and locality will prosper collectively india wl prosper n request keep religion, caste aside while voting
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@FarahKhanAli unity in diversity is beauty , and every ones duty :))
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Do vote. Vote for someone in your constituency you believe who will be the change u seek. Don't vote for a party only. Vote for that person
Why should I vote a non deserving candidate in my area just because he/she belongs to a particular political party? That would be dumb!
My vote, my choice & I will vote for the most deserving candidate in my area whoever he may be & whichever party he belongs to.
Pol reps of all parties should watch what they say & not shoot off their words without thought.They represent the party not themselves
Will vote for the most deserving candidate in my area, not for any political party in general. Sick of of all the slander.
One doesn't get more Popular by running another down. True strength is in holding ones own. #hatepolitics
Would like to tell Giriraj Singh, Shazia limi and Praveen Togadia to shut up &not play hate/communal politics. We need unity not diversity
Shazia Ilmi's 'Be communal for your own good' statement is highly condemnable. What is happening to the Indian political discourse??
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Bye bye Goa! Back to reality. Back to work
@iampallavi16: @FarahKhanAli sweetheart watching ur intv on.zoom tv.. wow u looking so so gorgeous .. cant take my eyes off from u..xoxo”❤️
In beautiful Goa celebrating Easter. Happy Easter to all of you. Have a fab day