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Farah Khan
GM. I love Pilates. Fitness is Health. Have a great day. Thank u Sameer. @NamrataPurohit @thepilatesstudio
A super relaxing day! Thank you Allah
Love u Mom. Toooooooooooo much 😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
One day we will all return 2 dust.Then r differences in thought,belief,religion, etc wont matter. We r just a speck of a speck in d universe
Ppl want to slot u.Want 2 know ur thoughts,ur beliefs.Want 2 know if ure with them or against them.Diff 4 them 2 believ ure 4 ALL not either
I've realised through experience that the secret to a happy life is to ignore morons, fascists, & narrow minds. Youre only answerable to God
Happy Ganesh Chatturthi to one and all
You only live once so do it right! GN 😊�
@FarahKhanAli That's outstanding. I've decided the day I get married; my wife would be wearing #FKFJ or I'm not getting married :)
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Rado DiaMaster – Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Ray – Ti…: love this commercial with 2 of my fav ppl.@iHrithik @Lisaraniray
"@DJAQEELFOREVER: My new sounds: 7 Seas - Aqeel Ali… on #SoundCloud" Aqeel new release. Check it out!!!!
Require creative jewellery designers with minimum 3 years work experience to work in house. Pl apply with resume to
A mind that doesn't seek is a mind that doesn't know.Let the greed for knowledge be the only greed that u are unable 2 satiate #wantmore
Not all are born to lead, but all are "born to think". Question, seek, acquire, act. You are the output of all your inputs!
Great ideas were born out of accidents. The one who dared differently succeeded. Those that walked in herds only followed; Never lead.
The destination is the end of the road. The journey is an ongoing experience. Take your pick! #LIVE
Life is a journey to be experienced not a chore to be completed. "Live live live" not just live.
Most ppl live, but they don't know how 2 live.They eat but they don't know how 2 taste.They read but they don't understand what is written
Gm. Before you take on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge in India, Pl read this article on the front page @htTweets .
Will donate. There are too many ppl in India with no clean drinking water. Don't want to waste it. Can shoot another crazy video 2 entertain
A french friend of mine nominated me for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge . Should I get wet or just donate happily???
@FarahKhanAli Pls RT my book The Tantalus Redemption share of sale to children in warzones Gaza - Iraq - CAR
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Traffic as usual on the way home. Who wants to chat on Twitter only? ?? Traffic Tweet time
Wishing @DabbooRatnani and @ManishaDRatnani a very happy 10th wedding anniversary. Lots of love & many years of togetherness. God Bless.😚
Ironic as it may sound one can see better in the darkness than in the brightest of lights. #ponderthat
@FarahKhanAli u inspired me a lot towards fitness and working upon the same nd getting result also. Thanks for all ur health related tweets
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@ManpreetSinghG: I was searching for @TheFarahKhan but found @FarahKhanAli . now my wife also follows u for ur gr8 tweets n designs.” ❤️
My wall of accolades. It's been a long fruitful creative journey. Thank you God.
There are many who claim to see yet lack sight. There are some who cannot see yet have vision. #ponderthat
I did not direct HNY, neither do I make films. I am a JEWELLERY DESIGNER. All tweets pro & against HAPPY NEW YEAR pl tag @TheFarahKhan
OH HO. Shall REPEAT again for people here who DONT read. "I AM NOT FARAH KHAN the film director. Her twitter acc is @TheFarahKhan Pl tag her
Thank you @abhilashaarya for this beautiful illustration of me. You're very talented. Humbled and…
Have you heard ‘Baby Doll - Dj Aqeel & Dj Rishabh Club Remix’ by DJ AQEEL on #SoundCloud?…
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@subisamuel: Cover for Mushtaq Shiekh's book, aptly titled Still Reading Khan! Shah Rukh Khan” Wow I ❤️ thispic Subi
If u find d journey never ending, its usually becos u haven't figured out the reason.The end arrives only when there is a lesson 2 b learned