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Farah Khan
This kid was found at Kondhwa police station in #Pune. Please share this so we can find his relatives.
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Why are all the good things in life bad for u??? "The hardest thing to resist is temptation."- Oscar Wilde
The will to succeed against the will to give in. Which one is stronger only time will tell .😉😜😛
Dreaming of chocolate and trying hard as hell to resist the temptation. Any ideas??? # im the eternal chocoholic 😜😛😍😊☺
My new profile pic on FB.. like or don't like?? 😊😄
Sometime those who have less give more.
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"@BBCWorld: Earth has lost 97% of its tigers in a century, zoologists say #BBCGoFigure"
Less talk more action, less take, more give, less anger, more forgive, less hate, more love. Act less, Live more.😊
Truly extraordinary r d ordinary people who live their lives in an exemplary manner drawing little or no attention to it.RIP Kavita Karkare
RIP Kavita Karkare, wife of brave martyr IPS officer Hemant Karkare.May ur life b an inspiration 2 all of us.Even in death u gave offurself
Imperfection is Perfection! 😊
Perfect is the most imperfect word!
Lavish Simone Arora's new website. Proud to be part of her brands ► @FarahKhanAli @sussannekhanfc #Mumbai #interiors
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Light up your life this coming Diwali, like the "diyas" that light up your lives. 😊…
Ok. Work beckons. Gotta go. Love u all. Be blessed.😙😘😚
Ok Tweet time. Ask, Believe and I shall Reply!😊
Something tells me that today is going to be a Magical Monday!😊 Ask, Believe and thou shall receive. 😊
Tune into the Retail Jeweller Awards right NOW on NDTV Goodtimes TONIGHT at 7 pm and watch me win my Innovative jewellery award!😊
By mm_mucevhermagazin "Repost from @FarahKhanFKFJ — Farah Khan diamond and emerald choker. Read the…
WINNER!!! How!! And wow!! RT @FarahKhanAli: Bang Bang Dare! I accept your Challenge Hrithik!: @iHrithik 😊
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Bang Bang Dare! I accept your Challenge Hrithik!: @iHrithik 😊
My #bangbangdare 2 a beauty dat defies age!2@FarahKhanAli - hanging ab crunches upside down!!C'mon girl show d world what ur made of!Accept?
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When three is company. With my stunning sisters Sussanne & Simone at Simones store opening tonight…
Sisters in arms forever and ever. Love u Suss @sussannekroshan
So so so proud of my sister Simone as her new home and artifacts store opens today! Love u😚😚
Angel, please RT @FarahKhanAli Urgently in need of AB+ blood. Spread the word and contact at 9421600874 or @amitweets91 or @BloodAid 
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@FarahKhanAli 5 Rules of Happiness: 1. Don't Hate 2. Don't Worry 3. Give More 4. Expect Less 5. Live Simply.
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Abs challenge day at Pilates today. Died!!! 😊☺ Thank u Sameer.@NamrataPurohitt
Gm. All set to conquer the day. Happy thoughts, positive thinking and Smile!!!! Go make it happen 😄😃😀👍
“@Beingafridi10: @FarahKhanAli 'Phir kab milo ge..' 😂😂” ha ha. Ab kal savere!!! 😄😃☺️😜😝
Achcha to hum chalte hain! 😄😃😀😊😉
“@imDhawal: @FarahKhanAli work hard and die eventually and left everything behind,i would love to live and enjoy rather” that's another way!
“@maria77656059: @FarahKhanAli Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Well said.
Saying that, it's impt to make your own destiny. Nothing comes easy nothing comes fast. Make your destiny happen. Work hard!
दाने दाने पे िल़खा है खाने वाला का नाम ा जो क़िस्मत मैं है वो कोइ नहीं छीन सकता ा what's destined will be yours!
Anything and Everything that is easy come is Easy Go.The only thing that should be enjoyed is fast food not fast money.Hard work always pays
30 th Sept around the corner and just paid my taxes. Feeling the pinch!! Ha ha . Don't forget to pay your advance taxes!!! 😄😃😀
“@Nilesh_Shah: @FarahKhanAli only one thing is available free that is Advice :) all r ready to give” So so true ha ha
No free rides, no free money, no free gifts, no free promises. These days there is no free air. Everything costs money!!! 😝
“@wdp4_20059: @FarahKhanAli So what? I keep winning £ 500,000,000 every other day! I would have richer than #Gates and now #Alibaba .” Haha
Offcourse the spam mails that take the cake r d 1s promising loads of money &dumb r d ones who click on those links. There are no free rides