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Family Guy
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RT if you think Peter had an accident, Favorite if he's practicing improv comedy. #familyguy
The Griffins take a vacation on an encore episode of #familyguy - tonight at 8/7c.
Expect an influx of geeks, nerds or whatever you prefer to call them to feel superior. via @playfamilyguy #familyguy
Nurse: "Mr. Griffin, you're here to get your prostate examined?" Peter: "Yeah, this is me." #familyguy
Change is good. Unless it involves a baby mutating into a monster. Then it's bad. (via @playfamilyguy) #familyguy
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Miss Peter’s other half? Catch him in an encore episode of #familyguy - Tonight 8/7c, only on @FOXTV!
This girl is on fiiiiiiiiire! (via Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff @playfamilyguy)
"Your money is in this pile of mashed potatoes. Eat your way out, no hands." - Carter Pewterschmidt #familyguy
It is I, Captain Hammered! I possess a tiny hammer and really bad heartburn! @playfamilyguy
Brian: "Look! It says autopilot engaged!" Peter: "Good for him. I'm glad he found someone." #familyguy #spacecadet
#familyguy is a #TeenChoice nom! Cast your votes at, airing LIVE on @FOXTV on 8/10!
It's treasure hunting time on tonight's encore episode of #familyguy at 8/7c!
Catch Cleveland's return to Quahog in an encore episode of #familyguy - Tonight at 9/8c.
If I dress up, I bet I could get Patrick Stewart to notice me. @playfamilyguy
Click here for the third and final installment of last weekend's #familyguy panel at #SDCC: #FOXSDCC
Music & lyrics by Stewie Griffin. #familyguy
Poor Joe. Living next door to Peter must be the worst: #familyguy