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Family Guy
Peter + Cookies = ?? Find out in an all-new #familyguy, this Sunday at 9/8c!
That feeling when you're a day away from an all-new #familyguy. TOMORROW at 9/8c!
Forget the treats...this Sunday's Family Guy has all TRICKS!
#FOX has everything you need for a spook-tacular Halloween! If you dare, download these exclusive character masks:
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Everybody's got to have at least one in their closet. #familyguy
The legendary Predator has landed in Quahog! Download @ via @playfamilyguy
When Tom told Consuela the Griffins might be gone, what'd she do? #familyguy
Quagmire...falls in love? Catch an encore of "Quagmire's Quagmire" tonight at 9/8c on @FOXTV! #familyguy
Looks like you lost *a bit* of weight, Brian. #familyguy
Alright, here's some trivia for ya: Who remembers what Peter's cartoon was called? #familyguy
The best part of writing a horror story: Lunch. #familyguy
If I could know all my class material like I know @FamilyGuyonFOX episodes, I would be the poster child of U of A.
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It's Halloween in #playfamilyguy and Quahog is overrun with ghosts. Who you gonna call?
1. Get ready for bed 2. Set your nightlight 3. Watch this: 4. Sweet dreams! #familyguy
Mmmmm, #familyguy encore. Get to Quahog at 8/7c... and find yourself in Springfield!
Woo-hoo! An encore of The Simpsons Guy will be airing TONIGHT at 8/7c! #familyguy
You knew Peter would make a terrible David Chicago. And lo and behold, he did: #familyguy
RT if you flailed your wacky waving arms for this short but handsome slightly hairy newly single salesman. #familyguy
"Wow, this is amazing! I never want to lose this feeling!" - Brian #familyguy
Time to tell us, guys: What did you think of last night's storytime? #familyguy
Two things to think about: dogs who look like presidents, & people reacting to farts. Good night, West Coast! #familyguy
Nope, no it did NOT end well at all. #familyguy
Brian. You, uh... you might've taken this a little too far. #briangriffin #familyguy
"We all know I'm the only one who can do a squirrel voice." – This is big for Peter's theater career. #familyguy
Anyone else have a feeling this will NOT end well? #familyguy
Just call him David Chicago. Or Peter Griffin. Your call. #familyguy
Wave your wacky waving inflatable arms for this short but handsome, slightly hairy, newly single salesman! #familyguy
"Were... were you once a squirrel?" – Peter #familyguy
You're not gonna want to miss this, West Coast! #familyguy starts NOW!
Shhh quiet down now. May you have sweet dreams of dogs who look like presidents. See you next week! #familyguy
"Mmm, everyone owns a purple sharpie, mmm? YOU WROTE 'EM. You're a loser." – Stewie #familyguy
Things all book releases should have: ✓ Lasers ✓ A dramatic Quagmire voice-over ✓ Peter running through a banner #familyguy
"That's cray cray in a good way, right there!" – Looks like Cleveland's on the board! #familyguy
"That's Dad's chair, he's gonna be mad!" - Stewie #FamilyGuy
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RT if this is you watching #familyguy on Sunday nights.
RT if you wish Peter would read your bedtime stories from now on. #familyguy
"I've already run like...soooooo many K today." – Brian #familyguy
"Ordinary legume... ordinary legume... EXTRAORDINARY PEANUT!" – Peter #familyguy
It's the best time of night! #familyguy starts NOW!
Gather around for some good ole #familyguy story-time TONIGHT at 9/8c!
We have a feeling you'll sleep well tonight knowing there's an all-new #familyguy TOMORROW at 9/8c.
We can all agree: Peter + Children's books don't mesh, right? Prepare to have your mind blown on Sunday: #familyguy
RT if you're in a huge rush for Sunday's all-new #familyguy. (But take the weekend easy anyway, will ya?)
Frankly, we're not sure how @HankAzaria doesn't collapse under the weight of his own genius: #Smashtacular #familyguy