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Dan Savage
#SavageLove Letter of the Day: A straight guy being Hedwig on Halloween—okay with trans folks? @ParkerMolloy assists:…
#JianGhomeshi's claims to be a kinkster—that he's an unfairly maligned and stigmatized BDSM top—are the kink equivalent of a false flag op.
Powerful post by @RevaSeth about her experience with Jian Ghomeshi. It's over for this guy:…
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Hairdressers and florists made it safe for athletes and CEOs to come out.
Save the date #SavageLovecast fans: Live taping @ Seattle's Neptune Theater, Dec 5. A Christmas spectacular! Come meet Adult Baby Jesus!
Look what was waiting for me at home tonight....
.@fakedansavage interviewed a gal who had consensual BDSM & sex w #JianGhomeshi.… Dan still paints a damning picture.
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This used to be America. “@camposova: No joke, kids. That is a capital T, TICKET. #halloween #hollywood
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.@cbcasithappens interviewed a woman today who dated #JianGhomeshi. I also interviewed a woman today who dated him:…
LAST CALL: @SeeJaneMarie & @fakedansavage want to save you from lousy sex. Submit your questions by midnight:
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.@PeterLaBarbera @BillWhatcott Sodomy thrives at my house & my husband never shuts up. Maybe we should switch to oral sodomy? Please advise.
You asked your son to stop leaving santorum-smeared tampons in the trash and he stopped. So what's the problem, dad?…
This week on Twitter: Standing athwart Halloween, yelling Stop.
Would someone please tell @maddow's live audience in Denver tonight to STOP cheering, whooping, and shrieking?
Another breathtaking video of tonight's #Antares launch failure, from the press area, with a deafening boom:…
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Progressive Christian blogger says "God Hates Kinks!" My response:…
Gun nuts in Washington state are pulling out all the stops—and telling all the lies—to block background checks:…
A reader had a GGG ring made for himself - sometimes mistaken for a 666 ring.
Fox on gas prices last year: "More pain at the pump" Fox on gas prices today: "Cheap gas hurts economy"
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Anti-gay hater @BryanJFischer is having a hard time keeping his lies straight:…
Being a parent and bad sex aren't synonymous. Get advice from me & @SeeJaneMarie on @longestshortest. Submit here:
What do you want to know about infidelity? @EstherPerel and I cover it Nov 5 @FIAFNY Sex & Seduction series. Info:
Man, searching for "tiger porn video" yields a lot of... interesting results.
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The kink shamers weigh in—that doesn't turn me on, I don't understand it, and my imaginary friend disapproves:…
2/2. It's a crime that @johnwgrant isn't a star in the US & I would kill to see him at Royal Festival Hall Nov 30.…
1/2. First, don't sing along with @johnwgrant when you're grabbing groceries in your gay 'hood. Makes for awkward.…
I figured @fakedansavage would have a reasonable, nuanced POV on this Jian Ghomeshi/#Q fiasco. He didn't disappoint:…
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Tough times in the sack? @SeeJaneMarie & @fakedansavage are here to help! Submit your (anonymous) question here:
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A CBC radio host was fired for what he claims was consensual BDSM sex. Here's @fakedansavage's take on the issue.…
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This great @fakedansavage perspective on the Gomeshi story Is even better for the correction at the end.…
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The Star interviewed 3 women who allege Jian Ghomeshi attacked them on dates without consent.
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3. If Jian is guilty, which seems likely, then he made a gross mockery of the sincere job discrimination that sexual minorities can face.
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2. The fact is, many consensual kinksters do live in fear that they'll lose their jobs if their sex lives come to light.
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1. Okay, I've figured out why I'm so disquieted tonight.
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I oppose the demonization of consensual kinksters. I despise abusers who cover for their crimes by claiming to be consensual kinksters.
More on the @jianghomeshi story—paper interviews three women, all describe being assaulted:…
.@cbcradio host @jianghomeshi claims he was fired for consensual BDSM sex:…
Let's try that again...
.@kateseventy8 Agreed. Shouldn't have phrased my tweet so emphatically.
For the record: Readers just pointed me toward this:…. Have yet to read more/other sides.