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Students Problems
schoolhumourcomedy 3,806,125 followers
person: do u want to hang out me: i have to ask my mom me: *doesn't ask her* me: she said no
fall: wears hoodies winter: wears hoodies spring: wears hoodies with sleeves rolled up summer: turns up ac and wears hoodies
everyone has that one friend that has an awesome handshake
how am I supposed to make big decisions when I still have to sing the alphabet in my head to get the right letter
When the teacher announced that there'll be a homework and I'm like...
i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear
all i want in life is to lose weight and gain money yet instead, here i am, gaining weight and losing money
First women in space: "Houston, we have a problem." What? "Never mind." What's the problem? "Nothing." Please tell us. "I'm fine."
during a math test: me: my answer = 23 answer choices: 170, 195, 264, 362 me: well 170 is closest to 23, so that must be the answer
The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever. No matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away.
The awkward moment when your mom comes into your room and you have to pretend that you are studying
It's only Monday and I'm already over this week
im tired of school i wanna quit but its for my future. tough life.
When you think you can pass a test without studying
I live my life in a constant state of wondering if something is due tomorrow
How did I survive 7 hours of high school a day when now I can barely make it through one 2 hour class
I don't want to study but I also don't want to fail
I have so much homework what movie should i watch
Let’s play a game called how long can I put off my assignment until I start stressing out
me when my friends are sad: *sends a long ass paragraph* my friends when I'm sad:
when you're high and can't stop laughing >
when the bell rings and your teacher tries to keep you in class
I don't want to get into a relationship until I know it's gonna be something solid. I'll be single before I look stupid again
senior year: the year we meet people who we wish we had met earlier
We actually come from a generation where your relationship could possibly be ruined by your snapchat best friends
When the weird kid won’t stop talking to you and you’re trying to be nice
20 Toys Every '90s Kid Just Had To Have!😍…D
walking into the wrong class on the first day of school like #school #problems