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Students Problems
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I'm sick of numbers defining me. My GPA, my ACT score, my weight, my number of likes per picture, my grades... These things are not who I am
Single September Only Me October No Man November Don't Date December Yeah, I got this.
teachers act like this is how the world will be
me waking up: I can't wait to go to sleep tonight
person: do u want to hang out me: i have to ask my mom me: *doesn't ask her* me: she said no
so it's already October 22nd and I haven't even carved a pumpkin or gone to a haunted house or drank apple cider wtf
If I text you 7 times in a row it means I'm comfortable embarrassing myself in front of you & you should feel lucky not annoyed
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I regret opening up to some people. It just bugs me knowing there's a few out there who didn't even deserve to know me like that
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Who else Grew Up Watching: Fresh Prince😎 My Wife and Kids👪 Drake & Josh👬 Sister Sister👭 RugRats👶 Spongebob⚓ That's So Raven🙎
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This is how small Earth is compared to the largest known star:
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a short poem: do teachers understand that you take other classes
wow i wonder what it's like to have friends who actually invite you to hang out and do things on the weekend. 😊
20 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Become Surprisingly Hot!😍…N
Homework- A Homework- A Homework- A Test- F Class Grade- F
Why do bad grades happen to good people?
28 answers that will make you die laughing!😂…m
guy dress code: pull up pants. girl dress code: no lowcut. fingertip rule. no yoga pants. no breathing next to men. no looking at men
I've got 99 problems and a longer weekend could solve 98 of them.
people: you're really quiet me: nobody plans a murder out loud
So done with this school year and it's only October.
I wish my school served Chick-fil-A or Panera Bread for lunch. 🍗🍜
When the teacher says you can work in groups
my mom is either my best friend or satan, there is no in between
School is just an endless cycle of "I just need to make it through this week" every week
i’m somewhere between wanting a tattoo and ‘what the hell do i want on me for the rest of my life’
I hate it when I say i hate everyone and then someone's like "oh except me lol" ha ha no especially you
I don't care if it's 1 A.M. I don't consider it "tomorrow" until I wake up.
i don’t understand people who make multiple facebook statuses every day like wtf i haven’t made a facebook status since like world war 2
I’ll just watch one: Episode Epison Epason Eason Season
person: do u want to hang out me: i have to ask my mom me: *doesn't ask her* me: she said no
fall: wears hoodies winter: wears hoodies spring: wears hoodies with sleeves rolled up summer: turns up ac and wears hoodies
everyone has that one friend that has an awesome handshake
how am I supposed to make big decisions when I still have to sing the alphabet in my head to get the right letter
When the teacher announced that there'll be a homework and I'm like...