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Hidden Facts
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A fashion designer created a high-tech dress that turns clear when the wearer is turned on.
A 67-year-old man woke up from bladder surgery to find that doctors had removed his penis without his permission.
A boy named Ryan Holle is now serving life in prison after he lent his car to a friend, who then killed a girl.
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During vigorous exercise your body can actually make drugs that are chemically the same as marijuana.
Expressing gratitude to others has been shown to make people happier.
The lowest note in the known universe is caused by the rumbling of a black hole in the Perseus galaxy – 57 octaves below middle C.
That warm feeling you get when you read nice messages from your friends and family literally does make you feel warmer.
The Great Sphinx of Giza is not located in a remote region of the Egyptian desert; it stares directly at a Pizza Hut and KFC in Cairo.
Spiders have been known to give back rubs to seduce their mates.
GUYS, this is how you find out what a girl is thinking → You're welcome. 🙎😮😏🙏
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Male iguanas will also show dominance over any male guests in the house by displaying their penis.
Mentally picturing yourself doing a task will make you better at doing it in real life.
India has 37% of the world's illiterate adults.
A new study claims that 1 in every 8 global deaths are linked to air pollution.
BF: Lets have sex. GF: NO. BF: WHY? GF: Because of this. BF: 😭😩🔥💩
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A restaurant in London once sold ice cream made with breast milk.
A woman once needed medical surgery to remove a deer tongue from her vagina that she used for masturbation.
Slavery wasn’t made a crime in Niger until 2003.
In That 70′s Show, Fes stands for ‘Foreign Exchange Student’.
Listening to music is one of the few activities that uses the entirety of the human brain.
Nickelodeon shows “Doug”, “Ren & Stimpy,” and “The Rugrats” all premiered on the same day – They were the 3 original Nicktoons.
The most overworked country in the world is the US.
Mark Twain thought watermelon should be a delicacy.
Dead people fart. Gasses continue to escape their bodies for up to three hours after death.