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Ezra Klein
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26% of Americans are concerned someone in their family will get Ebola over the next year. That is...wrong:
One in six French people say they support ISIS:
38 maps that explain the global economy:
Why Amazon spent $970 million to buy Twitch
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.@tvoti catches you up on what happened at last night’s Emmys:
Harvard, Princeton and Yale could make tuition free for all students without even spending down their endowments:
In America today, the average principal farm operator is 58 years old:
Study: Medical marijuana could lead to fewer prescription painkiller deaths:
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.@benpopper explains why it makes sense for Amazon to buy Twitch:
Harvard, Yale, and Princeton could afford to make tuition free:
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How the US, its allies, and its enemies all made ISIS possible
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In the first big international test of math and science skills, in 1964, the US ranked 11th out of 12 countries:
What happens when an actual shark scientist watches all of Shark Week:
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Why college textbooks are like prescription drugs:
If no one ever talks about black-on-black violence how come we know so much about it? Great piece by @laurenwilliams:
Shooter at Fort Lee Army base: What we know and don't know:
Racism in the health-care system is pervasive, deadly and doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves:
Two numbers that show how badly America’s middle class is hurting
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@ezraklein 'With his bare hands, John Oliver tears apart the thorax and clutches the still-beating heart of back-to-school sales.'
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9 questions about the bacteria living all over your body that you were too grossed out to ask:
"One thing about being polite is that you know that within you there lurks an incredibly impolite person"
Burger King hatching plan to avoid taxes by becoming Canadian:…
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Burger King might buy Tim Horton's to lower their taxes. Here's how: