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Ezra Klein
Map: Where getting married can get a same-sex couple fired
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Halloween was a way scarier holiday 70 years ago:
That time Keith Olbermann apologized to President Bill Clinton over Lewinsky coverage:
Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg almost wasn’t nominated — or even considered — for the Supreme Court:
"We are not built to be honest." Interesting profile of @robinhanson:
Sadly, we’ll never really know whose Senate forecasting model was correct:
Black teens are 21 times more likely to be shot by cops than white teens:…
.@sarahkliff is absolutely right about what we need to learn from this Ebola outbreak:
Some awesome photos of Google’s initiative to use camels to create Google Maps of deserts:
If you want to worry about monopolies, you should worry about software patents and broadband, not Amazon:
ooops! RT @voxdotcom: All Nielsen TV ratings data since March has been wrong…
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This is just an awesome piece of Ebola reporting from @JoelAchenbach @bylenasun and @brady_dennis:
"What you lose in nights of passion, you will gain in nights of not being a rapist."…
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How you can, and can't, get Ebola on a plane:
Lots of men, some institutions, and a few women: The Nobel Peace Prize in one chart.…
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A map of when the leaves will change near you:
Don't forget Malala Yousafzai's appeal to Obama: end the drone war:
This @amandataub piece on the "Yes Means Yes” law completely changed my mind about it:
Nate Silver’s model now gives Rs a 58% chance of a majority; WaPo’s gives them a 95% chance:
Paul Krugman, the Obama administration’s best frenemy:
Malala Yousafzai's Daily Show interview shows why she won the Nobel Peace Prize:
11 ways race isn’t real:
Why Malala Yousafzai, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl, deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize…
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Mike Huckabee: I'll quit the GOP if they give in on gay marriage and abortion
The Tesla D brings us another step closer to self-driving cars:
Oh heyyyy. This is Tesla's D: an all-wheel-drive Model S with eyes on the road…
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HE DOESN’T GET TO DECIDE RT @alicetruong: Musk: ”The D stands for dual motor.“
Latvian bicyclists' brilliant demonstration of how bikes reduce traffic jams:
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The second episode of Gotham is…not very good.
What's happening in solar power is the single thing in the world that makes me most hopeful right now. #inners
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“Which suggests, perhaps, that he was seeing more than one dominatrix!” #boneswithoutcontext
How feminism could save Japan from demographic doom:
Beautiful passage on memory from Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano:
So far, all of the 48 people with whom Duncan had contact while he was contagious w/ Ebola appear to be virus-free
One anecdote that brilliantly explains Germany's austerity problem…
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Really, really excited to read Thrown by the great @KerryHowley:
BREAKING MUST CREDIT VOX: millennials are people too
Nice rundown from @dylanmatt on the latest turn in the Secret Service scandals:…
Everything you need to know about Nobel Literature Prize winner Patrick Modiano:
Yes Means Yes: How California’s new sexual harassment law actually works
Read Carl Sagan's newly revealed letters about the war on drugs:…
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GOP up to 64% in today’s round-up of Senate forecasts:
Kind of amazing: actual federal spending in 2014 is lower than what the Ryan budget asked for in 2012
A retired Secret Service agent reveals the agency's biggest problem:
The 2014 election isn't as boring and meaningless as you think:…