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Ezra Klein
Some really good ways to use college ranking guides here:
Horrifying: Study finds that 1 in 5 women have been raped
Vox’s new homepage, explained:
The Obamacare train keeps not wrecking:
The GOP never had a post-Obamacare battle plan - and their uncertain how to deal with it now that it's arrived:…
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This Russia/Estonia story is genuinely scary:
I made the wrong call on @binarybits buying Bitcoins:
91% of college admissions officers think other colleges are lying in the US News rankings:
Since 2012, five colleges admitted to falsifying data they submitted to US News:
There are 11,00 gun homicides each year, but almost 20,000 gun suicides:
.@DanaGoldstein’s piece on the rising criticisms of Teach For America is so good:
Interesting data on the relationship between guns and suicide--especially the last paragraph.…
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Imagine taking a time machine to 2010 with hard evidence that Obamacare would cost less than projected:
11 facts you should know about gun violence in America:
Check out @voxdotcom’s snazzy new redesign. Awesome work, @MelissaBell and Co.!
This is the most detailed map yet of humanity’s place in the universe:
This graph from @ddiamond will make you eel a bit better about the jobs report:
So two days after Obama speaks against Russian aggression from Estonia, an Estonian intel officer is kidnapped + taken to Russia. Seems bad.
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Shouldn’t the improving deficit have given Washington the space to do more on jobs?
Why @binarybits is investing in Bitcoins:
The Obamacare train keeps not wrecking:
Payrolls came in well below economists' estimates this month.
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142k news jobs added in August, with the last two revised down by 28k jobs. A weaker-than-expected jobs report.
Payroll employment increases in August (+142,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.1%) #JobsReport #BLSdata
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Like Uber, but for the monthly jobs data
Imma let you finish but 2011 had the best jobs days of all time
That thing where you’ve written 12 headlines for a piece and none of them feel right
That Michael Hayden quote is…something:
That the uninsured are charged higher prices than the insured is so deeply cruel:…
Goldman Sachs has to be creating a lot of unhappy Vice Presidents here:…
The scary possibility here is that McDonnell is telling the truth and didn’t think any of this corrupt:…
Sorry, that should have said facing "up to" 30 years in prison:…
Why ex-VA governor Bob McDonnell is facing 30 years in prison:…
Why Putin’s Russia is weaker than the USSR, in one chart:
If you had predicted these numbers for health spending in 2007 you would've been laughed at:
A good idea for dealing with price gouging in American health care: cap prices at 125% what Medicare pays…
This is such a fascinating piece from @libbyanelson on the class of 2009:…
There's a fascinating long game (partly Obamacare driven) behind CVS's decision to stop selling cigarettes:…
Where America's 46 million immigrants come from, in one map:…
The class war in American politics is over. The rich won:
If I’ve got one meal in Santa Cruz, CA coming up, where should I eat?
Tuition isn't the biggest cost of college
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Here's why CVS stopped selling cigarettes today — even though it will lose them $2 billion.
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A complete guide to Russia's war with Ukraine:…
People with blue-collar jobs make up more than half the country, but less than 2% of Congress:…
Nick Carnes' piece on class in American political institutions is really important:
"The shoeless man accepted the gift with dignity."
The most distinctive menu items in every state: