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Ezra Klein
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Student loans are about to get a lot more expensive:…
"All of that pot-smoking is great for Colorado's kids, as it turns out"
You are the IRS's worst-paid employee
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Wait, Lindsey Lohan is on Tinder?
Obamacare has really had a good couple of weeks:…
"Between 1600 and 1900, there were 0 tetrads. So in terms of lunar eclipses, this is a pretty lucky time to be alive"…
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This chart explains lot about American politics:…
Great news for Colorado schools — people are smoking lots of pot:
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"Blood moon" watch: what to expect at 1:58 am, 3:07 am, & 4:25 am ET.
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The historical events that might have inspired (some of) the 10 plagues:…
"The irony of this is that Obamacare's successes are, in many cases, conservatism's successes." - @ezraklein
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Ted Cruz says there’s still time to stop Obamacare. Nope.…
What it's like to recruit for the food stamps program, by @elisaslow:
Also, that’s Pulitzer Prize winner @attackerman to you:…
So glad @elisaslow won the Pulitzerv for his food stamp series. Richly deserved:…
It's not just Kansas City: anti-Semitic violence is on the rise globally
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5 disease outbreaks happening right now that vaccines could have prevented:
Makes you wonder what ACA rollout would have looked like if they had just gotten the website right…
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The world is failing badly at its climate goals. Yearly greenhouse-gas emissions keep rising
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Pro Publica has more on the lobbying campaign against free, automatic tax filing:
CBO: Obamacare will cost $104 billion less than we thought
Obamacare Derangement Syndrome:
Putin has already won in Ukraine - Vox