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9 Ways to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes Today
There's a new virus invading the western hemisphere. Here's how to stay safe:
Inflammation-fighting foods to try this summer:
Prediabetes and Cancer: Is There a Link?
Do you know what's wrong with this picture?
Join our #HealthTalk Mon, 1 pm ET w/ @sarahstanley on the #emotional and #spiritual benefits of exercise
3 skin care ingredients for younger-looking skin:
Anxiety attacks can be terrifying, but here's how you can overcome them:
When Your Depression Medication Fails:
This mineral helps your heart keep a steady rhythm
This delicious, heart-healthy, stress-buster is sure to satisfy. Can you guess which food we're talking about?
The key to surviving anxiety attacks is to learn how to get through them. Here are 7 ways to end an anxiety attack:
One person shares what it really feels like to have an anxiety attack:
Does gluten really affect joint pain and inflammation?
Did you know that an unhealthy diet high in sugar and fat may be linked to poor mental health?
Skip the juice cleanse and go to the sauna, if you're serious about detoxing.
12 Swaps to Save 100 Calories at Lunch
Want brighter skin? Drink this:
Join our #HealthTalk Mon, 1 pm ET w/ @sarahstanley on the #emotional and #spiritual benefits of exercise
Get fit this fall! We're giving away 3 @Misfit Shine fitness and sleep trackers. Enter to win:
7 inflammation-fighting foods to try this summer:
Interview w/Prof. of Animal Science @DrTempleGrandin: One of most accomplished people w/autism
How to Stand Up for Your Child's Educational Rights #ADHD
Feeling #anxious? Try these 4 steps to say goodbye to anxiety:
7 Inflammation-Fighting Foods:
Stress hormones appear to be the cause of the weakened immune system. #news
Science has found links between marijuana and depression, anxiety, teen suicidal thoughts, & personality disturbances
7 Stretches for Healthy Joints:
Join our #HealthTalk Mon, 1 pm ET w/ @sarahstanley on the #emotional and #spiritual benefits of exercise
Jennifer Garner reveals her favorite healthy snack idea:
The Obama administration has a new plan to address antibiotic resistance, which kills 23K people a year. via @Newser
4 Proven Ways to Stop Low Back Pain:
Tips for Combining Traditional and Alternative Therapies for Depression
Testosterone helps men maintain their vitality and virility. Here are 9 natural ways to boost #testosterone levels:
7 ways to fall asleep faster tonight:
How to End an Anxiety Attack:
Half of Americans are not getting the protection from flu they could get. #news
3 Lifestyle Changes for Depression and Chronic Pain
7 stretches for healthy bones and joints:
6 vegan habits we should all be adopting - without giving up meat!
How to Find a Treatment That Works
Fuel up for fall fitness with protein-packed snacks from @PistachioPower. Enter to win:
An Ohio teen died from a caffeine overdose. Here's what you need to know about energy drinks:
A Lower-Body Circuit Workout for Shapely Legs via @acefitness
TGIF! Release the week's tension with this yoga pose. (CC: @msmandyingber)
Join our #HealthTalk Mon, 1 pm ET w/ @sarahstanley on the #emotional and #spiritual benefits of exercise
We're wrapping up @EverydayHealth #BrownBagIt challenge. What's been your fave brown-bag lunch? Here's 1 of mine
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7 Inflammation-Fighting Foods From the Farmers Market: