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Starvation in #Sudan. Bombardment in #Gaza. Is this the future of our children?
What are you missing out in life, if you don't have a girlfriend. Source: Kelly Erickson
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Surely, considering #Gaza that must have been a breeze. “@UberFacts: Humans have caused 322 animal extinctions over the past 500 years.”
How much for the boyfriend? Mam, that's a body pillow. Whatever. How much for the body bag? Mam, that's the pillow case.
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The difference between us and animals is the ability to think. Stop choosing sides. Just do something to stop this war! Humanity is losing!
No matter what side you choose, those screams of innocent children will always haunt you... #StopKillingChildrenInGaza
No matter which side you route for, war will never bring peace... Ever.
If you're not tweeting about your mundane lives, you are busy rooting for sides on the war in #Gaza. Like this is some football match. #sigh
Hmmm...never thought of it this way.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Mine apparently always happens to be sleeping... #sigh
Doomed if we do it, doomed if we don't. What are we to do?
i generally stay away from controversial topics like weather & politics, but considering, is the peace worth the blood of innocent children?
it's called "the mall" because you don't have to go to one store when you can go to "them all" #duhMoment
Many people with dark shades in the metro. Either there is a fashion faux pas in progress or a major blind epidemic no one told me about.
the sheer terror of being alone with my thoughts...
evil agenda: get spouse addicted to smoking. once dead prematurely, sue cigarette company. get billions. kill two birds with one stone!
Apparently, chivalry is dead in metro trains... Ⓜ
Thinking about stuff I shouldn't be thinking about...
i prefer my silence awkward...
None of the tees fit me and neither will the buttons fit the pants anymore. I think I've got a troll problem in my closet..
i really ought to stop saying, "It's ok" when someone apologizes to me...because 99% of the time, it's really not ok!
they say a dog is the most faithful animal..considering that the master has to wake up, walk him and pick his poo too - that mutt better be!
To be or not to be an idiot...if thats the question haunting you tonight, then you need help, my friend.
I'm told I need to start organizing my life...So trying out with Wunderlist. Help me get a month of Wunderlist free:
The worst words you can say are, "If I had only..."