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Erin Burnett
@erinburnett travels to a remote Scottish island in search of her #CNNRoots. @cnn 9pE
Join @erinburnett tonight at 9pE as she travels from a Maryland farm to a remote Scottish island in search of her #CNNRoots. @cnn @cnnpr
12 anchors, 12 unforgettable journeys. #CNNRoots tonight at 9pE on @CNN.
Lack of $ to beat ebola? 'Astounding' @tonyblairoffice tells me. Billions won't do: 'we’re going to spend a lot more'
ohio health official tells me # of people quarantined due to dallas nurse amber vinson's ebola will rise from 16. it was 12 yesterday
breaking news: president obama: it may be appropriate for me to appoint an additional person...when asked about #ebola CZAR
president obama: "we're taking this seriously but it's really hard to catch'
president obama delivering an intense and in-depth inpromptu statement on #Ebola. 14 minutes.
President Obama: "i have no philosophical objection to a travel ban"
president obama says no travel ban (for now) bc ban may encourage "broken travel", where people hide where they're coming from
I'm so lucky to have traced my roots. From a farm named White Chimneys to the Isle of Skye.
Now officials say eric duncan should have gone to emory. Duncan's family begged, was rejected. Their story:
@ErinBurnett looks for kin in Scotland and learns financial news runs in the family. Join Erin as she searches for her #CNNRoots. @cnn
“I grew up in a small town called Mardela Springs, Maryland and when I say small, I mean really small… I believe the last census had the town at about 420 people and it felt that way.” See @erinburnett trace her family roots from #Maryland to #Scotland, tonight at 7pm ET on @CNN. #CNNRoots
Before watching #CNNRoots at 7pm ET, here are "10 Things You Didn't Know About @erinburnett": @cnn
From a Maryland farm to the shores of Scotland, @erinburnett goes on a search for her #CNNRoots. Join her journey tonight at 7pm ET on @cnn.
my friend @mikeroweworks first #cnn show is coming up at 9P EST...
If it was up to you -- lots of U.S. combat troops on the ground or ISIS wins? @BuckMcKeon tells @ErinBurnett "I would put in the troops."
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House armed services chair Buck McKeon just told me Top us generals have requested more troops v ISIS than Obama has given them
Mike Rowe drops by #OutFront to talk about his new show "Somebody's #GottaDoIt" premiering tonight at 9pm ET on @CNN. Find out where Rowe gets his best ideas for the show at 7pE.
#AnthonyBourdain is back! He came #OutFront to talk about his next stop on #PartsUnknown -- the Boogie Down #Bronx. Watch @CNN Sunday 9pE.
The first Ebola case diagnosed in the U.S. has raised many concerns. A lot of you have questions, and we’re getting you answers. A panel of experts will tackle your video questions about Ebola tonight at 7 p.m. ET on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront. Upload your video question by 5 p.m. ET and tag it #E
This country just abolished college tuition fees
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Cnn crew returned from Liberia. US customs said "welcome home". No check. Now ambulance used to move TX ebola patient used for 48hrs after.
.@PRyan says he supports Obama ISIS strategy except...says US boots are needed.
.@PRyan tells me he's still a co-owner of the Packers but he wants change and a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on domestic violence at the #nfl
@CNN's Erin Burnett taking a photo with proud grandfather Pres. #BillClinton at #CGI2014 after sitting down for the #CNNTownHall. @cnnpr
"# of holidays ppl get in the US is dreadful. How can you find time to get to know your children?" Richard Branson:
In 3 years you can fly at 18,500 mph- that's 30 mins from NYC to Beijing. Says Richard Branson:
Noticed all the Chinese in Apple lines in the US this week? I did. Here's why the ticket from Beijing pays off:
#CGI2014 @erinburnett, @ashley_judd, #TonyBlair and #ZainabSalbi help commemorate #CGI's 10th anniversary. @cnn
#CGI2014 A fan grabbing a photo with @CNN's @erinburnett after the #CNNTownHall.
#CGI2014 #CNNTownHall w/ Pres. Bill Clinton. If you missed the town hall, visit for the best moments. @cnn @cnnpr
Recent mom @cnn's Erin Burnett shares video of her son with grandpa-to-be former President Bill Clinton backstage at #CGI2014. Clinton: "Any day now!" #CNNTownHall
#CNNTownHall w/ Fmr. Pres. Bill Clinton airs again on CNN at midnight. #TUNEIN and join the conversation on #CGI2014
.@tonyblairoffice "the trouble with government it just moves SO SLOWLY"
.@tonyblairoffice: "Watch Libya REALLY carefully. This is a really dangerous situation"
.@tonyblairoffice tells me: "America has its faults like any other nation, but at its best it offers something extraordinary"
.@billclinton tells me he does not support blanket 'no tolerance' policy for NFL in terms of lifetime playing ban for domestic violence
Don't forget to watch "President Bill Clinton: A CNN Special Town Hall" hosted by @ErinBurnett at 9pE. Join the conversation at
.@billclinton is a "huge" football fan. Tells me "I grew up in a home with domestic violence". We talk Ray Rice & NFL tonight @OutFrontCNN
.@billclinton "I think our big problem today is that we don't want to be around anybody who disagrees with us" #IntolerantTolerance
.@billclinton tells me he's against "stand your ground" laws
"I warn that Libya is going to become a problem potentially as bad as Syria if we don't take care". - Tony Blair.
Bikes still running all stoplights in central park and ignoring signals. Zero care shown by any I've watched today. But ALL pedicabs stop.
The next 100 BILLION dollar company? Billionaire investor Peter Thiel says AIRBNB.
"I would not buy #alibaba" says billionaire facebook investor peter Thiel. "It's fundamentally a (chinese) political entity".
No surrender! UK Amb to US tells me "I'm not sure the British govt is looking to surrender its seat on the Security Council" #scotland