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Erin Burnett
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Qatar negotiates to free US hostage from extremist group that gets $$$$$ from Qataris. ICYMI our full report fr Doha:
Happy 50th Anniversary, mom and dad! - @erinburnett.
The shooting of #MichaelBrown unfolded in just seconds. #OutFront investigates how police officers are trained to deal with deadly force? #TUNEIN 7pm ET on @CNN.
"I wouldn't be surprised if Nancy (Writebol) & Dr Brantly go back to Liberia" to help ebola patients, Nancy's friend Bruce Johnson tells me
James Foley's parents and employer, Global Post, was working to raise $5 million for his ransom says Foley's boss
Breaking news: James Foley's boss just told me the other hostages held by ISIS, w/Jim, who were freed for ransom, were freed for 2-4mm Euros
TONIGHT: Why do police need military equipment? @ErinBurnett #OutFront is given access to one county's police department for the answer. Watch @CNN at 7pm ET.
Robin Williams 'carpe diem' at st Andrews school inspired so many of us. We still have great pride that he, and his talent, were there.
How the experimental Ebola serum works Link:
"We try like hell" to avoid killing civilians says Amb Ron Prosor:…
Putin is "non-sexual". He gets up at noon, but doesn't drink. @b_judah is outfront on the man everyone is watching:
#OutFront Gen. Michael Hayden to @ErinBurnett on "I'm little surprised" US didn't know BUK system was there until the launch.
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What happened when the US shot down an Iran Air flight with 290 on board:
A heated defense of Israel and the UN shelter strike from Israel's US Amb Ron Dermer:
Six passenger jets have been shot down since 1973. One of the deadliest tragedies was when the U.S. mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger jet. @ErinBurnett has the story at 7pE on @CNN. #OutFront
Orphans were outside playing when #MH17 fell. A story you'll never forget beautifully told by our phil black:
A Special Edition of @ErinBurnett #OutFront: Shot Down Malaysia 17. We have new details in the investigation into the crash of #MH17.
Shot Down Malaysia 17: A special two-hour edition of @erinburnett #OutFront starts now on @cnn and @CNNi.
.@ErinBurnett is live on @CNN & @cnni at 7pE w/ the latest on the crash of #MH17. What Q's do you have? #AskOutFront
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Looking forward to discussing #MH17 crash site & what we saw today with @ErinBurnett on @OutFrontCNN at 7pm ET. #osce @OSCE_SMM
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Across the bay from #Doha's futuristic skyline is a monument to the past. @ErinBurnett has your #CityOfTomorrow at 7pE on @CNN.
Happy Birthday @ErinBurnett!!!!
What does your baby do to stay in shape? Inspired by a father and infant viral workout video, @ErinBurnett tries to get her son to do some push-ups. #OutFront @cnn