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Eric Schmidt
Innovation feeds off collisions. Create 'em by moving from private offices to shared cubes:…
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Want to know the secret to finding top talent? Make hiring*everyone's* job. More advice here:…
Worried about security and your email and info? Be sure to use two-step authentication in gmail and all of google…
Barriers to entry are falling. So focus on great products + people & help those people thrive.…
If you build it, they may just hear you out. Give demos, not presos:… #HowGoogleWorks
OK everyone. One. Two. Three. Innovate! Didn’t work? Try a better way:… #HowGoogleWorks
Imagine the unimaginable? Try a 4ft Stephen Colbert hologram in your bedroom. #HowGoogleWorks fun w/t @StephenAtHome:…
Be together, not the same. Welcome, Android 5.0 Lollipop. #AndroidLollipop
Thought you may want to see how the casting ended yesterday. maybe next next next time Oreo?…]
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Introducing #Android 5.0, Lollipop, and new #Nexus devices: Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Nexus Player
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We thought we knew everything about business management. We were wrong. Here's my guide to what I learned at Google:…
My speech on innovation, policy, competition, and the evolution of Google in Berlin.. delivered this evening.…
It’s inevitable that you’ll have some misfires. The important thing is knowing how to fail well. #HowGoogleWorks
How to make your meetings worth attending? Read on! #HowGoogleWorks
Avi Goel,10, stole the show at #CHMGoogleWorks quizzing @ericschmidt on China. What’s the showbiz line about kids & dogs? @ComputerHistory
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At @google, we look for people who aren't limited by imagination- theirs OR others'. What 'crazy' ideas do you have?
Committees are better than managers at sorting out job candidates. More on our thinking here:… #hiring #HowGoogleWorks
Very proud to have made the @nytimes Best Seller list: a credit to so many who had a hand in #HowGoogleWorks.…
Years of experience at #Google led to these pro tips on email. Idea for a book sequel?… @jjrosenberg #HowGoogleWorks
My advice to leaders: Provide a compelling vision, make big bets, and then get out of the way.… #HowGoogleWorks
Spent some time talking to @MariaBartiromo about what it means to be on the cutting edge:… #innovation #HowGoogleWorks
Yes, Google does have a dress code: you have to wear something!… #HowGoogleWorks
Everything You Need to Know About Eric Schmidt in 57 Seconds #RapidFire
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See Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg’s book at & share it with all of your friend on Google+!
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No better way to start the week than by talking smart creatives, moonshots & hiring with @MLauer:… #HowGoogleWorks
Most economic fallacies derive from assuming there is a fixed pie, that one party can gain only at the expense of another: Milton Friedman
My new book #HowGoogleWorks is out! Lessons learned #Google & biz advice for the 21st cent
"If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together".. Senator Cory Booker from an African proverb
More info: in case you're wondering where to pick up our new book, #HowGoogleWorks, this week:
My biggest bozo moment...not letting Kevin Systrom transfer as an APM. Hello Instagram!
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As a leader, your default mode should be: share everything w/as much of your organization as you can. #HowGoogleWorks
President Carter on the most important issue: improving health, education, and safety for women and girls worldwide…
Good news about our future in the interconnected world.. Things are getting much much better.…
The case of the smiley killer - or why we kept @jjrosenberg very far away from #ProjectLoon:… #HowGoogleWorks
Good words from @jjrosenberg: create opportunities for people to express the things they love. #HowGoogleWorks
For @google, success in a new area means we grow the pie. #HowGoogleWorks
Culture is difficult thing to get right. A friend found his old Lehman Brother's Mission. Awful. #HowGoogleWorks
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We never set out to create an "enterprise" business; we wanted to create a new way of doing work. #GoogleforWork
Difficult people can be the ones you need. I call them divas. So exile knaves, but fight for divas! #HowGoogleWorks
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I like to say “revenue solves all known problems" it’s the one metric that PMs and execs can’t game. #HowGoogleWorks
Company character is the sum of its employees, which is why you root out people with low integrity. #HowGoogleWorks
Smart creatives build things using information and computing power. You need them on your team. #HowGoogleWorks
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Playing catch-up with the competition will never help you get ahead by creating something new. #HowGoogleWorks