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Epic Meal Time
If bacon was a person it would be a cannibal and eat itself.
We used over 110 pounds of ground beef and buried some of our classic creations. Happy Halloween.
October ain't October without some pumpkin stuff. This is the Bacon Pumpkin Pie.
We're at the Victor Cruz charity event. Thanks for the invite dude #EpicMealEmpire
Wake up and smell the Pumpkin Spice. This is how you make a Bacon Pumpkin Pie! @HandleItShow
Here's how we do pumpkin pie. With BACON!!! @HandleItShow
This is what your dreams are afraid of but what your taste buds dream of.
Your food ain't comfortable unless a golden retriever cant take a nap on it. This is Fast Food Meatloaf Lasagna
We don't count sheep to fall asleep. We count pigs.
Poutine Dumplings?? Learn how to make these.
Everyone loves Poutine. Now you can make bite sized mouthfuls of Poutine. This is Poutine Dumplings. @HandleItShow
Tonight, at 6pm. We're taking over a movie theatre & showing some exclusive content. Its also out 4 year anniversary.
Today marks 4 years that we've been bacon flipping and meat stuffing. Here's to another 4 plus!!
Today is our 4th anniversary of making EPIC meals on the internet. Thanks staying greasy with us. Here's to another 4 years.
We make a giant pretzel and now all these fast food and pizza places are coming out with all pretzel everything's. You're welcome.
We'll all be in Toronto this weekend having an exclusive hang out at #bufferfest. Get tickets here for Friday night.
Forget Folgers, we wake up to bacon in our cup.
This will be unlike any hang out you've ever experienced. Get tickets to chill with us this weekend in Toronto.
Bacon makes dreams come true. We're proof.
These are Big Mac samosas. Check out some of our other Epic Fast Food Indian Creations at
We're hanging out at #BufferFest & we want you to hang out with us. Get tickets here We promise EXCLUSIVE content
We changed the Indian Cuisine Game. This is Fast Food Indian! जागो और बेकन बू आ रही है !
With all the people in India we're the ones that think of this. Fast Food Indian Cuisine! Namastay. Nama all stay!
This will be unlike any meet up. We'll be getting greasy Toronto, & hanging out with you. Tickets available here!
The only thing that bacon can't be is bad. Have a greasy day.
All Jalapeño Bacon Everything Burger. This thing comes equipped with a Jalapeño bacon bun, burger & cheese blanket #HandleIt
When you want bacon in every bite of a burger, this is the recipe you follow. The all bacon burger @BlackLabelBacon
W're going to be chilling in Toronto next weekend having an EXCLUSIVE meet up showing some new content. Get tickets!
Stripper Life. #baconstrips #EpicMealTime
Get your tickets to #BufferFest next week in Toronto. We'll be hangin out, showing some stuff you've never seen.
We're having a meetup October 17th at in Toronto, showing some exclusive content & just hanging out Get tickets today
Get ur tickets to hang out with us at October 17th The whole crew will be in the house & things are going to be EPIC
Bacon – it's what drives us. Metaphorically and literally. Introducing the bacon motorcycle documentary:
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Exclusive meetup with us at next week. Get some tickets and come kick it with us! #EpicMealTime
Get tickets to next week & come hang out with us We're going to have an exclusive meet & greet that might get greasy
Get yourself tickets to this! It's a unique experience with the @EpicMealTime crew! Come kick it with us!
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We'll be at #Bufferfest next week! Watch our show with us with our commentary. This is unlike any other meet & greet
Parmesan Parfait will change the way you look at pasta and yogurt.
Come hang out at #Bufferfest We're showing Exclusive #EpicMealEmpire episodes U can ask us questions & just chill.
This is what U get when U combine a yogurt parfait & pasta parmesan. The ideas NEVER END! This is Parmesan Parfait
🍕!! Am right?!! 🍕🍕!!! Am I fuckin right?!!!
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WatchTheThrone #EpicMealEmpire
We'll be at #BufferFest next weekend in Toronto showing some content of our TV show #EpicMealEmpire. Buy tickets here
There's no point in u playing @McDonalds Monopoly. We have a majority of the worlds stamps anyways.
Liquor Squares. This is how you get drunk off cake. #HandleIt