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enyang ヅ
I'm fascinated of how my brain can bring me from one place to another.....
You shine like the stars in the night. I'm sooooo attracted :">
One more exam to revise and I'm doooonneeee!!!!! :))
start reading Looking for Alaska though am not yet finish with eleanor and park. =))
They say "follow your heart" but if your heart is in a million pieces, which piece do you follow? So deep. Ocean's deep.. #WhoGoat
Stage Teacher for today. :)
JOB WELL DONE!!! Glory to God. :)
Proud of my two babies.. Congrats shayne and jaymie!!! :)
Patrick: "Teacher, you don't love me.."Me: "I love you but please don't hug me..." #teacher @triixiiee16 hehe. :))
You are the strength of my life, Lord. :'( :'/ :')
Hayyyy. THAT "barely breathing" feeling. :/ :'(
Another Day. Another Fight.
TODAY: I've been a Mother,sister, instant BFF,guidance counselor, comedian, choreographer,dishwasher, teddy bear, model. hayy, thank u, Lord
How could it be possible that there were that many nerve endings all in one place? :">
Holding his hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive
Can't stop reading. Getting more excited of what will happen next...... :)
Hayyyyyy. Sana nag-aerokaebo na lang ako kanina. Nakasayaw pa sana ako. :'(
I miss dancing....... :(
You spoke the universe into existence.
The world is a stage play and all the people are merely players.....
everything is meaningless, Enyang! Keep that in mind!
Parang ang bilis lang ng oras...... :/ slow down, pls? Nakakahilo.
Let's steal away.....
realized that adventure is the best way to learn
Missing the life of being a student: permissible way, only focus is to study the lesson, more time with friends and more....
"@roeffee: lovely seeing u two earlier pretty teacher princesses 👑👭@perezalelie@enyanglovesbluelue" Love you sisters! :* Gaganda niyo! :)
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@enyanglovesblue Yes. Hahaha! Joke. Pero I do, sympre ate/bff kita. Lol =)
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You set eternity in my heart. I'll always be grateful for choosing me as your child.
writing..... My escape from the world I know. Putting my heart into the pen and allowing it to do its work.....
....only then every moment living will be worth dying for.... #randomthoughts
We must learn to fall in love with the love inside us..... #randomthoughts
How beautiful is it to live in a world where nothing lasts forever..... #RandomThoughts
Paint me with your purity that I'd attract your majesty... #watermark #playlist #spotify
When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I