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enyang ヅ
California maki.... 😋
Welcome to the Je Je Je days.. #jejemon
Let your light shine in the darkness
ohhh myyy!!!! andami pa lang memories nung President's night.. </3 tsk. tsk. tsk. #pnu
Nothing will make my feelings fade
Happy birthday, Mama!!!! :)
hearing the intro sound of arithmetic (with violin and piano)... weeee..... so coooool. Lss ba ito?
A discerning heart to distinguish between right and wrong is what I long for
Do not let anyone take your crown...
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He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he causes me to stand on the heights
I really like how the moonlight touches my skin
Run like there's no tomorrow... Here comes the rain!!!!! :))
I didn't know when it was but...Happy Teachers Day @enyanglovesblue 😘😘😘
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saw this while browsing the pictures. Missing the uniform that I used to loathe.. #PNU
normal person: sings lyrics me: sings lyrics me: sings backup vocals me: sings guitar riffs me: air-drums entire song me: headbangs
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No stars for tonight :(((
Ang itim ko.... :((( Lesson learned!!!! :((
80 DAYS before CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Who's excited?!?!?!
I would like to try the free fb but don't know how to do/use it. Need some help. :(
So tired. Dead tired. zzZZZ
going to swim without a sunblock is a NO NO!!!
DAY OFF!!!! Thank you, Lord!!!!
saw this and realized na wala pala akong maayos na kuha...
He prevents my heart from being broken. You are amazing, God! :')
He is stirring up my passion. He is rising up in me... 🎶🎶
I will not stop 'til every tribe and nation bows before you.... 🎶🎶🎶
Arise generation. No longer forsaken. Arise. Arise. Arise. 🎵 🎶🎵 🎶🎵 🎶
Your fire burns within me, burns within me with your fire.....
I will not stop 'til they see your glory.... see your glory....
I won't go back, Lord to the way I used to be before you rescued me.....
I know what's gonna happen next. This is sooo lame. Let's call it a day! #FriendZoned
Yow. Yow. Yow. Our first picture together.. @amimejkezia
lol. am not korean. I'm 1/4 spanish descent. See my full name. :)
for whatever reason, I'm not going back.
God, you've been so good to me... So good that you keep on reminding me not to settle to what is less than I deserve....
@enyanglovesblue Woahh! :"""> I love you too!! :* You okay? :)
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hello sprain. This is the sign that I should stop dancing. lol. i wish i still have my "swag" everytime i dance. :'(