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enyang ヅ
ENVY: Rooted in pride & greed. Deal with them and you may overcome envy through the grace of God.
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Hayyy nakuuuuuuuu!! Argh!! :'*(
I'll always be the high-spirited, happy-go-lucky girl you once knew.... #WhoGoat
when you miss old people that used to be in your life <
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"Ingat ka. May baha hanggang tuhod ng manok...." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Whattaaaaa... 😁😄😆
why did I send a wink icon to the parent of my student???!!!! #facepalm #epicfail *it should be a smile icon*
"Setyembre na pero ikaw pa rin AGOSTO ko..." nyenyenye... #corny #chitchat
Tune my heart into your beats..... 💜
Nakakaiyak! Andami kong namimiss na tao... 😭 💔
awkward momentssssss..... 💔
done with the lanterns. Thank you, God!
one more exam to gooooooooo. Kaya pa!!!!! :))) #grade6
🎧 All the Earth album of Parachute band is 😍
Nostalgic feeling everytime I hear that song..... #tulakngbibig #kabigngdibdib #julianne #tarroja
This song reminds me of the movie (same title)... #nowplaying
The sky is awake so I'm awake
Friday night is movie night. X-men: Days of future past #fambam
Sudden realization of how big my cheeks are....... :|
Knowing I'm found in the light of the aftermath
If your love is an ocean, I will never come out. I will breath underwater
I wish I could fall like this rain and every drop of it, I will sing your name
When you aim to be in bed at 9 and then 30 minuets later you're still on your phone...
"The longer the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder...." - Sockman
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Aminin mo walang araw na di ka kumakanta.
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Np: Firefly. Song is soooo catchyyyyy!!!! Made me happy to be alive. #jimmyneedham
My tummy is screaming out, "STOP WORKING and FEED ME!!!!" #exam
Different folks. Different strokes. Keep that in mind. :)
"I think the gospel would have that same overwhelming effect on us if we took time to stop and really think about it" -Greg Gilbert
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Keep safe everyone. :)
The purest place is where you are...... :">
not because of what I've done but because of who you are.... 😍😍😍
Yung aso inaanod ng baha... :'( kawawa naman. :'(
Ang lakas ng ulan. :(
QUEZON CITY—Classes are suspended from pre-school to high school today, private & public schools. | via @mhmbautista
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The way to conquer fear is by going forward, facing it, and doing whatever you need to do even if you have to do it afraid.
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In a quiet mode, listening to what he is about to say.
My students keep on asking me if I'm alright. "Teacher, naglaslas ka ba?"
That itchy feeling. Please go away. :( #allergy
My students made my day... :)) #thankyouLord