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@joystiq's got a detailed review of "Divinity: Original Sin" that's worth checking out, gamers:
FTC busts up $275 million credit card scam, sues the folks behind it
ICYMI: Our ASUS MeMO Pad 7 and 8 review:
Were you a @SEGA or @Nintendo kid? Take this trip down memory lane. #ConsoleWars
Engadget Daily: Beats joins Apple, HP makes a smartwatch and more!
Apple is now the proud and official owner of Beats:……
@Delta's new iPad app lets you watch movies and shows on flights:
Today's Facebook outage really worried @NBCNewYork's @contessabrewer. Did you survive?
Ask Ooloo puts the 'person' back in personal assistant
In case you didn't see it earlier, meet HP's luxury smartwatch:
His latest film is "...about James Cameron visiting the bottom of the ocean because James Cameron felt like it."
Do you like watching German-language TV? Then this post's for you.
This iPhone keyboard looks a lot like...a BlackBerry
@frank_spin asks (in our forums): Should James Cameron be more like Elon Musk?
NASA successfully tests microwave thruster, paving the way for speedier space travel
President Obama signs cellphone unlocking bill into law. What do you think?
​Google is reportedly separating its photo service from its social network
Google Now Launcher available for most Android phones
President Obama signs cellphone unlocking bill into law
Researchers turn culture in to cold, hard data
An illustrated look at how @SEGA went from underdog to titan and back again:
Sprint LivePro review: A mediocre projector hotspot that appeals to few
Here's what one of our readers thinks @PlayStation Now should look like, from our forums:
HTC One with Windows Phone shows up on Verizon's site