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Àyánlékè OlúwaNonso
I will. Thanks @1970seun: You should, No dull moment.iNiTybaba: Yet to start season 5 "@firstbizzle__: John Snow is a real leader... 🙌🏽🙌
Ok fam "@bamBAMB__: Ppl love to claim everybody as their fam. Stop lying."
Pay ya bills "@egwuenu: PHCN keeping Malice with my side of Lagos... Haba, what's our crime?"
Don't stress about anything "@MyRealNameIsWiz: Don't stress about the small things."
Good night "@lilmatohbahdt: LOL. Bye bye RT iNiTybaba: This can go on for long, let me just leave twitter for you people"
O my goist RT @iamTestedOkay: "@TWEET_DICTATOR: 0066 Apart From Filters. Are You Light-Skinned In Real Life?""
"@tolu_seamless: RT @iamTestedOkay: "@TWEET_DICTATOR: 0066 Apart From Filters. Are You Light-Skinned In Real Life?""
Aftr 1major heartbrk for a man. Others r mainly superficial. Ladies dive more wiv heads into love while men sorta test d waters wiv leg 1st
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If I had a heart - Fever Ray
This can go on for long, let me just leave twitter for you people
I wanna follow every body on twitter naija. Even those I've had dispute with before.
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Number game "@Loverushh_: Think I understand now"
If you have "promoter" in your bio, just leave that follow back matter
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Food tho. Good... No, Great food can save your relationship
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FBI admits virtually every forensic expert in one unit gave flawed evidence at criminal trials
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It only costs $0.00 to not be a fuck boy! js
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Them dey vex this night "@Lyricalwizzy: Choi.. Mosquitoes.."
:d "@heebbarh: 1-10 judging from your tweets u are decent n calm. U hardly tweet or RT rubbish here"
@kiki_mordi that still doesn't justify girls sleeping wiv married men anyways.. 😒😏
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144.. Errr, I don't wanna say what's on my mind've been taking ds number game personal... you'll just block me ni...
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Chai"@CEESKHA: 7777, you're a fine boy, you like wearing that your singlet must be an Aba boy. Laiskeen too😍"
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Yet to start season 5 "@firstbizzle__: John Snow is a real leader... 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽"
Lmaoooo "@Silkykathie: Devil has deceived me to update my iOS on cellular data. It's taking forever 😨😨😨😨😨😨 *cries in airtel data*""
To the girls that castigate other girls for sleeping with married men, check that you boyfriend is not married! *drops mic #GoodNight
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You welcome "@mzbettypaul: "Lol tanx dear @_Kokohansome: 319 fine girl with a cute smile""
Cardiothoracic. Surgeon "@hoyeengurl: Recycle bin "@tweetGODFADA: where do broken hearts go....""
Yeah, I bought those 20 million albums myself. RT @TroyJosephDavis: no one really likes James Blunt right?
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Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock are the Shiiiiii
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And 2000000000000 "@kiluminati027: Cos rice 😁@Magiclammymy: 027 | Why U Go Dey Support GEJ?! Na There You Fuck Up"
When will a Nigerian artiste feature Eminem. Not everyday Akon.
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Enter fes "@Adeyinkah_: Gbese re o"@Lake__________: @Adeyinkah_ If I entered your dm, would you reply?""
*looks right * "@SoosLiimd2__: *Looks Left* @Aramide__: Imma love the shit outta you 💯"
Cut that nigga off quick ain't no coming back Ima boss bitch
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Pele dear "@3D_Hottie: My chest still hurts. Still can't sleep."
Abi oo "@OmoMamaTeacher: Na wetin me self dey fear be this"NiTybaba: Wedding of 60-100? Lol ma extended family laasan sef""
or PIMP or RAPIST or CULTIST RT @OneIyanu: If he's not a 419 in the movie, he'll be an assassin or armed robber >>>
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Enya is like suicidal song to me sah RT @TayoMarciano: Songs that will have u asking questions like "Where and how did I go wrong in life?"
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Lmaoooo "@heebbarh: RT @madiba_mntr: LMFAOOOOO😭😭😭�@iAm_TheMo_TheMo: 42.5 - that head ov yours is a living thing on its own ..”"
I should use these numbers in my DM to play Baba ijebu than be lying to ya'll..
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The two bubbles? "@Mr_tofunmi: *brings out pin* "@NasaFied: Come on burst my bubbles""
@qemz_ish: 2,000,000,000,000 u too Like woman. Period!!!” Woman and Period in the same sentence?
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Omo dey sell on top TL tonight

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