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Emily Osment
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TUSK opens this Friday! Official Trailer Kevin Smith Horror Movie… @HaleyJoelOsment
Was not warned properly b4 seeing @HaleyJoelOsment 's new movie TUSK last night & now I have irrational fears of Manitoba & 7/11 Big Gulps.
For those asking aboot the @YogaHosers pics of @HaleyJoelOsment, Haley is playing the Canadian Fuhrer, Adrien Arcand:…
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So many jokes I wanna make about finally bein able 2 tell time via my wrist. Feel like I've been on that level for a minute. Oh there's one.
But does it have self park because I'm down with that? Also goodnight these tweets are going too far.
That new Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial gives me the same feeling as locking eyes with your dog for too long.
Tomorrow when I get in my Volvo will he be in the back seat being creepy & pronouncing s weird until I'm forced to buy that new Lincoln SUV?
I feel like an awkward part of my soul is being tickled every time that Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial comes on.
The happiest thing on the 11o'clock news tnite was the discovery of groundwater in Napa. Literally "groundwater" was the most positive. Yay.
Can't believe I ran into this old basket case today. Seems like she's still super promiscuous as always.
Desert Flex. Credz: sparklingsprawl
Thanks for watching you guys. Apparently you really liked that last scene too.. #youngandhungrychat bye for now!
Guys... try not to cry. Like actually try not to. WOW timing is everything :) #youngandhungrychat
Fat horse jokes work every time #youngandhungrychat
#youngandhungrychat is trending in the US ! Thanks you guys! It's getting good!!!
We had to do this take 100 times because Aimee couldn't say "that gift was from you" #tonguetied we've all been there #youngandhungrychat
"it's all happening" Almost Famous anyone? ##youngandhungrychat
5 minutes until the east coast feed of the Young and Hungry Finale!!! #youngandhungrychat
The moment #YoungandHungry star @EmilyOsment realized she was famous involved cake, as every moment in life should
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So we had almond champagne during the Emmys last night & now I'm suddenly feeling so much more like a chick. Maybe I'll go buy strawberries.
If you say pumpkin spice latte 3 times in a row a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you her favorite things about fall. Try it.
Blue Ivy's throwback Thursday game is gonna be so strong.
@Javaviera: @EmilyOsment I'm waiting for your sassy tweet about the VMAs” Me too. I'll let you know.
Just watched this girl pull a super dangerous u-turn in her convertible Mini Cooper and I already know her Instagram profile says #blessed
Oh man, it's gonna be so hard for the academy to decide which mason jr gets the oscar. #boyhood #ignoranttweets
When you're somehow watching a show called 'Jammin Animals' on HBO Kids... that's when you know it's time for bed. #mrbear #hejustdontcare
Season Two of Cleaners is available TODAY! Only in Crackle!!! YAY!
Listen, this could have been done in a much cooler way, but I was on a time crunch so just deal with…
That joke was too wet for you guys.
Everyone needs to chill out about this ice bucket challenge/water preservation thing. Hehehe. Hehe. Heh.
I met @misspyle when I was 14. Since then we have worked on four different projects together. She blows my mind.
One hour till Young & Carless west coast! #YoungandHungry
@SharkWeek: @EmilyOsment You can learn a lot from sharks!” Shark Week, you're right.
"The aggressive male approaches the coy female" is this Shark Week or The Bachelor?
Too many gone this year. We'll miss you, Robin.
From what I can see through my hand this show The Knick is awesome!!! #bloodbath