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Emily Deschanel
bones 396,933 followers
I got my kind mama book by @AliciaSilv so excited to read this book! Pregnancy, fertility, etc
Thanks so much for watching and tweeting with me/us!!! #WatchingBones until next time!
Aha!!! We catch the killer once again!!! #watchingbones
I love that voice!!! One of my favorite actresses Shohreh Aghdashloo in this episode! #WatchingBones
Ooh awkward between cam and Arastoo!! @pejvahdat @TamaraTaylor
I am watching the episode
Who thinks it is the ex husband? #watchingbones
On the edge of my seat! When was the victim killed?! Ha! #watchingbones
Ooh! Cover the kids eyes! It is hot and heavy with Cam and Arastoo!!
About a half an hour left before west coast episode! Get ready! It is a cold one! Cryonics! Freezing! Creepy#watchingbones
A lot of us will be live tweeting during west coast showing of "bones" too #watchingbones
The cryo-couple is creepy right? Which means they are good actors because they are perfectly nice. #watchingbones
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This episode is about cryonics. Who would freeze themselves when they die?! #WatchingBones
Who is watching?! #watchingBones !! Ask me some questions!
Gonna try to live tweet during tonight's episode! #watchingBones !! Please write to me during ep with q's ! I'll try to a.
I am buying my copy now! @AliciaSilv 's new book the kind mama kind motherhood