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Jason Ellis
β€œ@AmeralReid: @EllisMate @possiblytully is the horse force farewell tour Going to be on” 🐺> not live no.
Not going out EllisFam. Taking break before show. I'm 43😐
Ok them! Let's do this!! Cricket, Ellismania 9.5 & HorseForce party kicking off soon!…
β€œ@spiked_ryuu: @EllisMate Does the show tonight really start at 10PM? Just want to make sure I'm not late.” 🐺> yea!
Big day, last time I'll do this. Should be quiet the day! #HorseForce
@EllisMate Randalls Island Field 62 Google Map location. If you retweet this most everyone can just click and drive
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β€œ@JennyMcCarthy: @EllisMate thx. You're as crazy as I am. Thank god there are a few of us left in the world.” 🐺> to the end my friend! 😜
Let's take over this shitty town! Thanx for coming on the show @JennyMcCarthy
NOW on #Howard 101: Make sure you join @realjaythomas today as he welcomes Faction’s @EllisMate & Howard 101’s @DrFisch at 2:23 PM ET
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How's that @Billy guy? Didn't see that coming. That will teach my closed mind.
β€œ@bitPimps: Big fan of you two! @EllisMate @possiblytully Keeping it real.” 🐺> πŸ‘
Brand new @JustinBUA show on @RadioFaction w @EllisMate 41 tonight at 7pm ET/4pm West #theBUAshow w @kaj33 aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar!
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β€œ@IAmDickie709: @EllisMate Why?” 🐺> to much drama not enough fun. Band was a joke now it's a serious nightmare. It's time to move on.
Last show for band this Saturday. Get tickets at the door. Not joking, HorseForce, DDD, Taintstick! It's all over come say goodby
β€œ@cogdeth: @UnderwearWolf @EllisMate so cool! πŸ€„οΈ” 🐺> πŸ’˜
Still @Hooters with @UnderwearWolf eating tater tots. πŸ€„οΈ
Pretty cool to be on the radio with artiequitter dudes got the gift.…
On my way to @Hooters bringing a friendπŸ˜‰ #FactionWithJasonElliss let's go?!?
Steal a horse, rob a bank, blow some dudes. Whatever. Get your ass to New York City this Saturday. @EllisMate
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β€œ@esterud: @EllisMate got my tickets to Tour de horse on Saturday! What time can we start showing up at Gramercy Theater to get in?” 🐺> 10pm
Fuck yeah @EllisMate thewolfknives Shit came in. Now if only my vest fit so I could put my patch on...…
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β€œ@FonzoBlunt: @EllisMate Cain Velasquez Injured; Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt New UFC 180 Main Event--…” 🐺> yes! Hunt
β€œ@Cullensaidthis: Arm wrestling one of the Giants! @EllisMate vs @ASnyds68 siriusxm Faction 41!!! Ellis wins!” 🐺> πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‰
β€œ@kro918: @EllisMate when are you going to be at @HootersNY ???” 🐺> tomorrow. 3 to 7pm live on@SIRIUSXMM &officialjasonellis.coms
We have Adam Snyder @ASnyds68 of the NY Giants arm wrestling Jason live on #FactionWithJasonEllis AND....
It's this Saturday night so get tickets now before there all gone.…
Cricket anyone? Oct 25th 4:30pm here… then Ellismania 9.5 & HorceForce that night! Fight play cricket sing do it allπŸ€„οΈ
β€œ@truckeryako: Ellis are there any plans to record the cricket match for the website? I'd love to see it” 🐺> yes!Officialjasonellis.com0
Four days till EM9.5 I believe tickets are still available.
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This is the kind of slam that can stop a man before he becomes a man. Or not #ShitWhip5000
You probably don't but if you have a show on @SIRIUSXM in NYC id love to do your show while I'm in town. Just to say hello, hit me up?
Walking around like a giant tourist. Me & Katie found live nude girls!! This was photo before we found…
β€œ@philgoodrich: @sternshow @robertAbooey ,Shatner again?! Boring and irrelevant. How about another interview with @EllisMate !” 🐺> yea!πŸ˜„
My sites free still, sign up & watch everything for free. Like 10 more days. I'm just telling you but you don't have to do shit.
Everybody better come see Horse Force in NYC next Saturday, because that gig is gonna make me miss this:…
β€œ@tentativestate: Great talking to you @EllisMate Thanks. #HERO” 🐺> nice 2 meet you mate#Ellisfamm
β€œ@PoppaJoDice: Upside down racing champion....ahh, it's ok @EllisMate” 🐺> πŸ˜πŸ˜„
Hungover Thanks hardrockhotellv Rest up for Moto