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Mighty Ellis Wright
Cleaning house; literally, not metaphorically, Comeback #NBA and #NFL and remind us that there isn't time to clean. #AskLydia What cool be?
#ImStrongestWhen the caffeine kicks in, I've got the buzz from a couple of shots, and my watch says 2:45am. What have I done?! #RegretSoon
Loneliness isn't being alone. It's being unable to express the ideas we hold dear; or having views that others find unacceptable. #IAmCait
#ChangeAWordSpoilTheBook  The Hithhiker's Guide to the Sodomy.
#ChangeAWordSpoilTheBook  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Armadillos
#ChangeAWordSpoilTheBook What to Expect When You're Expecting Kidnapping.
#ChangeAWordSpoilTheBook Tolkien: The Lord of the Pedophile Rings
The last message was full of sarcasm. A reminder to not drown in our own self pity. Happy Sunday. Let's go!
I don't care how long ago it happened, because I'm stuck in the past and I let the past define me, I'm a waste of life. Nohappy,@ayeeblunt
I mean this in a good way, but I didn't start appreciating @iamcolinquinn's humor until I heard @jaymohr37's impressions. You both kill it.
I hope everyone's saturday was killer. Tomorrow is sunday, so plenty of time to make the most of the weekend. Also, I haven't seen #Hannibal
Michael Jordan Highlights (less than 5min) to remind us of one the greats during #WNBAAllStar and #NBAFreeAgency #NBA
Warning: These 9 habits are destroying your performance and making dogs laugh at you.#businesstips #NationalDanceDay…
#News Part of I-75 closed because shots have been fired at an officer. #gainesville #RT
Oh no! It's sleepy time! Goodbye #nationaltequilaDay ...
#APositiveMessage, We have a pic of giraffes stretching! Soon they'll start doing #crossfit and no one will care.
Warning: These 9 habits are destroying your performance. Before you pass out from #NationalTequilaDay check em out.
Dennis Rodman upon being asked about his dress, yelled 'I celebrate #NationalTequilaDay my own way, and #Trump2016!'
#DennisRodman is supporting #Trump for president. Furthermore, Rodman is considering being a running mate. Vote for Team 'CrazyHair' in 2016
Breaking news! #SomeoneTellCNN We got the #RealHousewives' reaction to her new nickname 'Kenya, Hotbed of Terror!'
#SomeoneTellCNN This is Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding Announcement. Congrats to Benchwarmer Cumbersome!
#SomeoneTellCNN Is this 1.Someone pouring soy sauce on a DEAD cuttlefish Or 2. Me finding out it's #NationalHotDogDay
Soon to be Ex-Astrophysicist Jimmy Fallon says his favorite scientists are Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mike Tyson, and Tyson Chicken. #ThereISaidIt
Sales are down for Mike Tyson's new book on love, titled: '#ThereISaidIt, I Told you So, and 'If I have to tell you one more damn time...'
#BenedictCumberbatch's Wedding Announcement. Happy Birthday and congrats to Benchwarmer Cumbersome! #ThereISaidIt
LIVE on #Periscope: Pineapple upside down cat want hearts.…
#GrowingUpAGirl is more difficult than a squirrel hiding its nut in a dog's fur on #NationalJunkFoodDay
If people hate,cut them out. Believe in your vision,believe in yourself,and get to work. #MondayMotivation
#NBASummer Ty Lawson Traded to the Rockets! I've seen him be amazing, now he'll have a reason to play after the 1st half. #NBA
Whoa,Captured on film, #mickfanning attacked by a shark at #JBayOpen surf competition. Glad you're ok youtube link -
Another day. Another chance. #ushouldfollomebecause I lift spirits, and we can lift each other.

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