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Elle Fowler
Or if Glitteratures are more your thing, here is my new one!…
Hi love bugs, Happy Monday! Working on new videos today and tomorrow, make sure to watch my last one!…
Everytime I organize my room I have @ellefowler playing in the background, her organizational videos always get me in the mood to clean!
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You know me... kicking it into gear October-December every year. And May, but that's besides the point, LOL!
LOVING all of the #ElleRequests guys! Thank you! I've been in a video making mood since October started and love all the suggestions!
watching American Horror Story alone at night and I totally have the heeby jeebies now :/// All my doors are locked but I'm scared?
The most ridiculous of Halloween #throwbacks. I was about 16 in this picture, same age as @alexgoot was in the throwback he posted today. Think we would have been friends back then? 😂
do you suppose coney is one of these?
use the hashtag and send away!!! <3
Alright guys, planning out some videos to film this week and would love to see your requests for October/Autumn themed videos! #ElleRequests
Coffee + Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims - @alexgoot (come over, yes?) + a very meowy pinecone = my Sunday as stands currently
Festive Candles and Bath Treats for Spooky Halloween Nights! Watch my haul here! <3…
seriously in love with this picture hahaha 😍 RT@alexgoott:#throwbackk .. that hair though
Currently watching @ellefowler's 2012 vlogmas. Random but wonderful ❤️💙💚💗💜
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Just realized the very last house of night book has been released and I am SO EXCITED ERMEHGERD *downloads now*
@ellefowler I feel like my night isn't complete until I see your late night tweets. Elle philosophy. #PhilELLEsophy
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no I LOVE laundry, just not 7 loads LOL RT @celestialglory: @ellefowler am I weird if I like laundry? Hahaha
tonight is a legit "let's do 7 loads of laundry" night. I don't even know how it piles up like this wut
salmon and veggie dinner with American Horror Story from last week... love love love yay yay
pinecone didn't even care about his time out and didn't even notice the door was closed
Using a festive bubble bar from Lush! If you like bath treats and candles check out my newest Lush and Candle Haul... it just went live on <3 LOVE YOU!! 👻🍁🍂🌽🎃
wow you guys like both it seems, equally. Ok are there any festive tags going around?
I love how no matter what my day was like a new @ellefowler video puts a smile on my face as soon as it starts! #lushhaul
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Do you guys like tags or Q&A videos better?
this comment is magical RT @staynamaste: Why do I wanna go out and buy everything after one of your hauls? You make beauty products magical!
Festive Candles and Bath Treats for Spooky Halloween Nights! Watch my haul here!… <3
Want a chance to win a $25 e-gift card to Lush? Just follow me and retweet my NEXT tweet! <3
I've put pinecone in time out, which means he won't be allowed to drape his tail in my bubble bath tonight. I'm shutting the door.
That's the one I just found on the ground :( RT @laurachaffee: @ellefowler NOOO not lingerie pink! I remember when you hauled that one!!
RIP YSL lipsticks in #1 and #7... you will be missed. At least my FAVORITE of all is still safe, #2
I liked a @YouTube video Spooktacular Lush and Candle Haul!! ♥ 2014 @ellefowler
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It's like he knows they are my favorite and expensive so he picks them above all others
just found a YSL lipstick with it's cap off on the floor, the lipstick destroyed and dug out. What is it with Coney and my YSL lipsticks?!
HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂 @Tori_Alouderde@ellefowlerler how has it been almost 3 years since
A brand new video just went up!! Spooktacular Lush and Candle Haul:… <3
@ellefowler 6th like!! Never gotten that close to first 😱😱😱 yaaay love your
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A brand new video is processing!! Who will be the first ones to tweet it hmm?
Pulled an @ellefowler and set up some fun halloween decorations. :)
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HAHAHA you know me SO well. Yes, and upload it :) RT @Bereniice_MR: @ellefowler you are forgetting: "and upload it" No pressure there. Haha
gonna sit down with a coffee and edit a video yes?
Well hello there love bugs! <3