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Elizabeth Regal
I'm on page 35 of my script Violet Blue...a producer/financier friend wants to look at it with Orb Media Group, possible future financing!
Enjoyed a lovely low key evening in the Jacuzzi downstairs...
My lazy this the cutest thing ever?
I find that in life a person's voice in anything is the greater power. Communication moves mountains.
I shared my strength, courage, and hope at a very big meeting of 125+ people this morning..a huge step, then did another lead share after.
Does anyone have experience in which lens are better for film...a Tokina or Sigma? Perhaps something similar for a close-up and wide shot?
I'm at the avante guard Edison in downtown LA with my buddy Samantha! :)
Okay I have officially arrived into page 30 of my Violet Blue, martial arts action thriller. Its moving along, but in different directions.
I can say though others will debate, my intuition is not necessarily an emotional truth, but a higher knowing about something... Wisdom.
OK page 15 of Violet I go diving into the abyss!
Gonna hit up Griffith Park today & train hardcore with Mr. Jacob Charlot! He's a Krav Maga motivator!
The ebook industry will continue to rise and put many booksellers as Borders out of business...its a changing module
Interesting on China's viewpoint on investing stock in smaller startup companies, not conglomerates as Americans do.
LOL! That is so Letterman for you....
When else is new more Apple controversy. Large companies using bully tactics to dominate / keep the little guy out.
Its amazing how much online streaming has dominated. Its a positive move for cable companies to convert.
Just got out of Goddess Fitness Dance & rocked 2 hours of Burlesque & Pole fitness conditioning...Tired!
Hmmm....what to do today. I woke up late, cleaned my apt, ordering Chinese food, now writing away on Violet Blue script! Then some fun later
@ElizabethRegal1 Elizabeth, make your very life and work a MEDITATION SIDDHA MEDITATION: A SIDDHA PERFORMANCE SECRET
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Alright folks! The first 17 pages are done for "Violet Blue!" I've writing for hours...and on a roll!
Here it is in action! I've written the first 10 pages and 8 scenes of my movie "Violet Blue"! 80 more pages and 32 more scenes to go! Whoa!
I practice the Checkov body movement technique for my acting sensory workout every morning. Releases the body from stress & opens the chakra
I have found that where there is resistance there is no higher power. Resistance could be a sign of lack of action or just not meant to be.
Okay at home pounding away at my "Violet Blue" script. I'm writing the first 10 pages by the end of the day!
GAME ON! Writing the script for "Violet Blue" film i'm also producing, & starring. A Martial Arts action thriller!
I truly believe in the power of foresight as some have been gifted with foreshadowing the future
I keep seeing this over & over. Point blank have an attorney or more experienced producer from day one on board!
Diligently researching Krav Maga martial arts studios close to me for training for 2 films "Shaolin Monks" & mine producing "Violet Blue".
Taking a break watching my favorite TV Show MASTERCHEF and munching on healthy athlete food...fruit & peanut butter!
Home working all day! Finished reading "How to Write a Movie in 21 Days", finished 40 scene index cards, and created new acting biz cards!
OK soaked my injury in the wonderful hot tub jacuzzi with massage jets outside,now making yummy healthy cabbage soup!
One sports injury after another. My knee from the Aerial Circus Arts and now 2 days ago a Martial Arts conditioning injury...getting old!
Just finished 20 of the 40 index card Script breakdown scene sequence for my feature "Violet Blue" writing/producing
Happy 4th of July everyone and be safe! Unfortunately I'm homebound from Martial Arts…
The entire cast of "Shaolin Monks" Martial Arts action film at Jedokan Martial famed director LEO FONG!
Training 5 days a week in Martial Arts with Jacob Charlot for a female fighter supporting role, challenging film.

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