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"May the Affirming Knowledge of each word Encourage you to Succeed." ~ by #Eleesha ღ ►
"The dexterity at which the Soul shares Universal Knowledge pertaining to you-is a testament to its immense role, in your life."~ Eleesha ღ
"I walk amongst many who have known me for a lifetime, but I'm ready to walk amongst those-who have not known me at all."~Eleesha ღ
"Indeed your thanks when expressed from within, is a powerful password - able to open doorways."~ Eleesha ღ #quote
"With The Anticipation Of Wealth Comes The Inevitability -Of Receiving Wealth."~ Eleesha ღ → ←TY♥ #quote
"The Soul is rejuvenated; replenished; and fulfilled, by what is thankfully appreciated or wanted, in your life."~ Eleesha ღ #quote
"Such is the power of worthiness that; those who feel it, are those who automatically become it."~ Eleesha ღ #quote
"As We Awaken To The Power Of Choice, We Are Always Given The Opportunity To Start Anew." ~ Eleesha ღ →
"What Determines Your Day Is Not The Day Itself, But How You Choose To Spend It."~ Eleesha ღ ► ◄ ✿ܓ TY♥
"Universal form knows no boundaries; and its strength knows no weakness; for life's unique journey remains infinite."~ Eleesha ღ #quote
"With this Soul knowledge, may U never shun your responsibilities-but actively pursue & embrace them."~Eleesha ღ >
"What I find impossible to aspire to - I will find impossible to attain."~ Eleesha ღ ←TY♥ #quote
"May the stars that burn so brightly in the midnight sky, ignite your inner passion & make you Shine"~ Eleesha ღ #quote
"Within the embrace of this new dawning, I realize I can become whoever I choose, to be." ~ #Eleesha#quote
"Let Us Be Willing To Become More Than, We Ever Thought - We Could Be."~ Eleesha ღ → ←TY♥ #quote
"For, it is only upon life’s new journey that your greatest learning will come to be experienced, expressed & fulfilled."~ #Eleesha
"We Are Deserving Of So Much More, Than We Allow Ourselves To Have."~ Eleesha ღ ←TY♥ #quote
"Embrace the Wisdom of each Empowering Word."~ Eleesha ღ →
"In Expression Of Our Forgiveness, We Learn How To Forgive Ourselves."~ Eleesha ღ →
"Nurture the Power & Wisdom of your Own Inner Strengths, with Good Intent."~ Eleesha ღ #quote #soul
"What We Encounter Throughout Our Day - Was Borne Of Our Own Creation."~ Eleesha →
"Let My Heart Be Filled With Joy & Love That I Know, I Am Entitled To Both Give & Receive."~ Eleesha → ← ✿ܓ #quote
"By No Longer Embracing Our Limitations, We Come To Fulfill Our Greatest Aspirations." ~ Eleesha → ← ✿ܓ #quote