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"Old" court records will be restored on PACER—for those who can pay. It's time for free access to public records.
Amazing work: the Tor Challenge inspires 1,635 Tor relays. Thanks to everyone who helped out.
As Australia shirks its human rights obligations, the world needs to act: #privacyisaright
#SoftwareFreedomDay is coming! Celebrate with @EFF, @Wikimedia, & @PublicLab at World @makerfaire NY on Saturday.
A new bill in Congress would ensure you actually own your devices—even if they contain software:
Technology must be designed to help uphold human rights, not help governments violate them. #privacyisaright
In Boston? Noon ET today, come to @kurtopsahl's talk re National Security Letters at Harvard @berkmancenter
Hoe bescherm je je gegevens beter in de cloud? Kristof legt het uit:… #privacyisaright
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The world needs more whistleblowers, shouts @sanasaleem from @couragefound: #privacyisaright
On Monday, we're challenging a subpoena sent to the students behind Tidbit, a prize-winning Bitcoin-mining program.
How can we build stronger cryptographic standards? Our friends at @accessnow explain: #privacyisaright
We're partnering with @creativecommons, @R2RC, and @OA_Button to build a global open access movement:
Janet Jackson, monkey selfies, derby pie: online platforms now including a "Hall of Shame" in transparency reports.
"Five Eyes’ quest for security has given us widespread insecurity" - @privacyint #privacyisaright
Let's stand together to fight harsh copyright polices and promote open access worldwide. Sign your support now:
New from @gigaom: Apple's most recent transparency report is missing the "warrant canary" about Section 215 orders.
No warrantless drones for California cops! @JerryBrownGov, please sign AB 1327 to protect privacy in CA:
Diego Gomez shouldn't face prison time for sharing a paper online. Join the global open access movement:
States that sabotage Internet security are in violation of the 13 Principles: #privacyisaright
Government actions that destroy the security of the net, destroys our human rights: #privacyisaright
Roger Clarke of @apf_oz gives the story so far for data retention in Australia: #privacyisaright
New transparency reports from Twitter, Wikimedia, and WordPress highlight widespread abuse of copyright:
From @accessnow—This is how states can lead on transparency reporting: #privacyisaright
In Congress today, EFF's @cmcsherr told lawmakers to get rid of the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions:
Help spread the word about net neutrality, and our friends at @Namecheap will donate money to EFF.…
Check out this great video from @karismacol on Internet surveillance and the 13 principles.… #privacyisaright
Todos queremos que respeten nuestros derechos, ¡la privacidad es uno! ¡no a la chuzada!
Surveillance laws are being breached by the very agencies tasked with upholding the rule of law, says @edri:
Our friends at @Wikipedia honor the 13 Principles with a guest piece on transparency: #privacyisaright
Tune in to today's House Judiciary hearing on the DMCA and DRM—our IP Director Corynne McSherry will testify:
"We cannot uphold the law by breaking the law," writes @edri's Joe McNamee: #privacyisaright
Senator Leahy has urged courts to restore access to older court records. That access should be free.
'Real names' policies like Facebook's cause real-world harm and stifle free expression.
We're looking for black 8-inch floppy disks. Email if you can donate some! #BananaForScale
EFF to the FCC: ISPs shouldn't trump Internet users. The FCC must protect net neutrality.
EFF's @_defcon_ 22 "freedom conspiracy" member shirts are online while supplies last.
Nations around the world, take note: location privacy is a human right. #privacyisaright
Today's the second day of our Week of Action! Let's talk about applying the 13 Principles to location surveillance:
Week of Action: Fighting Surveillance Law in Australia by @nidhalaigh:… #privacyisaright
Week of Action Day 2 ~ Blanket data retention: Law enforcement wants it, but they don’t need it: #privacyisaright
Metadata is powerful, and the NSA knows it @witnessorg on the 13 principles & citizen journalism: #privacyisaright
A latin american perspective on the metadata debate, from Mexican digital rights org @r3dmx: #privacyisaright
EFF to FCC: ISPs mislead public about protecting the open Internet
It's the last day to tell the FCC why net neutrality is crucial to the Internet. Take action now:
Great news! Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El Fattah is freed on bail, and the judge at his trial steps down:
Privacy advocates around the world agree—surveillance is a human rights issue.
Despite a disappointing verdict today in favor of the podcasting patent troll, EFF's separate challenge continues
Radical librarianship: how librarians are ensuring patrons' digital privacy by @tremendoushater & EFF's @aprilaser
New from @the_intercept: New Zealand's GCSB planned to use surveillance legislation as cover for increased spying.