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Huge thanks to @unthunk, who spent many hours helping us build a powerful new platform for contacting Congress
Companies use warrant canaries to signal when they receive a gag order about government requests for user data:
Wow! With your help, a democracy tool we thought would take months to build only took two days. Thank you.
Shout out to @darrikmazey, hacker helping to improve democracy. 59 commits to our GitHub repo make the world a little more awesome.
There are plenty of bad NSA reform proposals in Congress right now. Join us in supporting a good one:
Armenian bill would chill online discourse, making anonymous commentary dangerous.
The Army uses a chatbot to recruit soldiers. The FBI and CIA used chatbots to spy on people.
Bangkok @ 35 degree outside
The pastel blue door
Mexican telecommunications law will reportedly expand government censorship and surveillance powers:
Turkish minister says Twitter posts with "malicious content" will be blurred:
Are you a student ready to organize against NSA spying on campus? See our new resources and join the mailing list:
The FBI plans to have 52 million photos in a biometric face recognition database by next year, noncriminals included
Armenian bill, if passed, would hold websites liable for defamatory content posted anonymously by their users.
took the day off work and donated it to the eff, working on opencongress. was pretty outstanding, so many devs working together.
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In the last 30 hours, we've built 90% of a new democracy tool for contacting Congress. Please help us finish it:
Huge thanks to @MoizSyed, democracy activist extraordinaire. He just earned an EFF hoodie + our undying gratitude.…
In the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, only the government's story gets told.
We're joining queer gamers at the @GaymerX con in July! Get the @EFF supporters' rate: #everyonegames
Journalists around the world are being wrongfully charged with terrorism, writes @jilliancyork in @PolicyMic
Good morning web developers! @EFF needs your help building a new democracy tool: Please spread the word.
The Security and Exchange Commission thinks it's okay to look at private emails without a warrant.
Contributing to @EFF's open data format project to make contacting Congress easy, reasonable. Join the party:
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Big thanks to @ahdinosaur for contributing code to our new tool for contacting Congress.…
Web developers: we need your help for an important online democracy project. Please spread the word.