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The world's richest economic think tank wants to help save the Internet, but they're doing it wrong:
Internet users' rights shouldn't take a back seat to Hollywood interests. Help us fight anti-user trade deals:
Anonymity is a right, not a privilege. @OTW_News teams up with @EFF, @io9, and cosplayers at #DragonCon and beyond:
Brazil was not an instruction manual. Join us to fight government intrusion on the Internet:
Haven't seen The Internet's Own Boy yet? Do it now— and read our explanation of what Aaron was fighting for:
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Wizards, Browncoats, and Sherlockians are cosplaying with us for online privacy this weekend. You can too!
EFF to the Supreme Court: When it comes to speech on the Internet that could be seen as threatening, intent matters.
Policymakers need to uphold the concerns of Internet users when they're dealing with copyright laws. Speak out now:
Learn about surveillance law through a free online course taught by Stanford's @jonathanmayer this fall:
Calling all cosplayers! Join @EFF and a cross-fandom coalition for Project Secret Identity this weekend. #dragoncon
Fallin in Stockholm
25 SEK for this bar of joy
Bad news for anonymous speech in Brazil: A judge orders no more Secrets:
New rules mean registered lobbyists, including the @MPAA, will have even more influence over the TPP:
Are you attending #IGF14? Check out the Internet Ungovernance Forum too, supported by @EFF
International trade deals like TPP carry extreme copyright provisions & negotiations are in secret. Let's fix this:
EFF is suing the Ethiopian government for its use of FinFisher spyware in US. We're fighting state-sponsored malware
This secret trade deal is bad for democracy and a free Internet. Help us put the brakes on the TPP:
Privacy Badger eats cookies and protects your privacy. Install it today on Chrome or Firefox!
New from @the_intercept: NSA search engine ICREACH passes a staggering amount of data to domestic law enforcement.
Why are we letting Hollywood write our laws? Speak out now and tell @RonWyden we won't stand for it anymore.
Comcast data breach leaks thousands of unlisted phone numbers over a few years, threatening customers' privacy:
It's much nicer to be on the ground and enjoy the sunshine