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Senator Leahy has urged courts to restore access to older court records. That access should be free.
'Real names' policies like Facebook's cause real-world harm and stifle free expression.
We're looking for black 8-inch floppy disks. Email if you can donate some! #BananaForScale
EFF to the FCC: ISPs shouldn't trump Internet users. The FCC must protect net neutrality.
EFF's @_defcon_ 22 "freedom conspiracy" member shirts are online while supplies last.
Nations around the world, take note: location privacy is a human right. #privacyisaright
Today's the second day of our Week of Action! Let's talk about applying the 13 Principles to location surveillance:
Week of Action: Fighting Surveillance Law in Australia by @nidhalaigh:… #privacyisaright
Week of Action Day 2 ~ Blanket data retention: Law enforcement wants it, but they don’t need it: #privacyisaright
Metadata is powerful, and the NSA knows it @witnessorg on the 13 principles & citizen journalism: #privacyisaright
A latin american perspective on the metadata debate, from Mexican digital rights org @r3dmx: #privacyisaright
EFF to FCC: ISPs mislead public about protecting the open Internet
It's the last day to tell the FCC why net neutrality is crucial to the Internet. Take action now:
Great news! Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El Fattah is freed on bail, and the judge at his trial steps down:
Privacy advocates around the world agree—surveillance is a human rights issue.
Despite a disappointing verdict today in favor of the podcasting patent troll, EFF's separate challenge continues
Radical librarianship: how librarians are ensuring patrons' digital privacy by @tremendoushater & EFF's @aprilaser
New from @the_intercept: New Zealand's GCSB planned to use surveillance legislation as cover for increased spying.
TAKE ACTION: It’s the final day to tell the FCC why net neutrality must be preserved.
On the US West Coast? There are techno-activism meet ups today in Seattle and in San Francisco at EFF's HQ:
Comcast denies allegations of threatening termination of service for using Tor, but users should keep close watch:
EFF will testify to Congress Wednesday about the dangerous unintended consequences of the DMCA:
The U.S. keeps the legal justifications for surveillance secret. What is it hiding?
We need proof that big data is good science and not just snake oil:
Today is the last day for the public to comment to the FCC. Go to right now and demand meaningful net neutrality.
In Boston? Like trivial things? RSVP for tonight's @EFF Cyberlaw Pub Quiz, Cambridge Ed., hosted by @berkmancenter
Join us for the Principles Week of Action: A world without surveillance. Tell world nations #privacyisaright
Do you dream of a world without mass surveillance? Join us for the 13 Principles Week of Action #privacyisaright
There are two important rallies tomorrow in defense of net neutrality, one in NYC & one in Philadelphia. More info:
Meet Hemisphere, the government's other call records collection program. Story: Slides:
France's proposed anti-terror law would chill free speech online
Today's the last day of our Tor Challenge. Help us secure the web by running a Tor node today:
Nearly 5,000 U.S. Internet users joined EFF to tell Sen. @RonWyden: help end secretive trade negotiations.
Pressure your representative to end NSA illegal spying. Mass surveillance is not compatible with democracy:
Without net neutrality, privacy conscious services are at risk and ISPs may ramp up copyright policing. Learn more:
Next Monday is a Techno-Activism Third Monday. If you're in SF, join us to discuss your favorite tools and projects:
In Philadelphia or NYC? There are two important lunch-time rallies on Monday 9/15 to save net neutrality. More info:
Lebanon has blocked porn sites, and free speech advocates ask: what's next? Religion, news, or even social media?
A great way to help fight Internet censorship around the world is to run a Tor relay. Learn more:
We're fighting to preserve net neutrality. Read @evan_greer's op-ed to learn about yesterday's protest:
Over 70 organizations and companies tell Congress—emails should be protected by warrants. Add your voice:
No wise man ever wished to be younger : Self-Portrait
FCC hasn't made a decision yet. It's critically important that we continue to speak out & demand real net neutrality
From reddit to PornHub, websites across the Internet displayed a symbolic spinning wheel today. Here's why:
We delivered our petition to Sen. @RonWyden asking him to stand up for users and fix the broken trade process:
Net neutrality is central to all projects for Internet freedom, from ending illegal NSA spying to copyright reform.
These koalas are refusing to load in support of net neutrality…
Hate that little spinning wheel? Without net neutrality, you'd have to get used to it. Take action #InternetSlowdown
Senators and others tell appeals court that NSA's phone records program is an invasion of privacy