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Students re-launch @OA_Button to help users find free access to scientific and scholarly research: #OAWeek2014
This week students & information activists worldwide are celebrating Open Access Week. Find out how to get involved:
A more fitting version of the NSA logo on the "Unplug Big Brother" EFF member t-shirt:
Accessible, reusable research = scientific progress. That's why open access needs to be the default. #OAWeek2014
Listen to this Legal Talk Network interview with EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn on NSA and data collection:
The open access fight also requires fixing our int'l copyright rules so they don't criminalize sharing. #OAWeek2014
"We created @OA_Button so we can help users access & reuse research freely, immediately and effectively." #OAWeek2014
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Let's fight for free, easy access to knowledge. Sign this statement and join the open access movement: #OAWeek2014
Thousands have spoken out against the BitLicense. Today's the last day for comments. Defend digital privacy:
Check your inbox today for an invitation to @EFF's SF Bay Members' Speakeasy. See you there!
Today is the last day to submit comments about New York's proposal to force Bitcoin services to spy on users.
We oppose NY's BitLicense proposal to regulate virtual currency. Our joint comments with Internet Archive, reddit:
Harvard announces it will no longer assert copyright over digital reproductions of public domain works. #OAWeek2014
Diego Gomez faces up to 8 yrs in prison for sharing a paper online. Here's why he supports Open Access: #OAWeek2014
FWD Photo by @rockkhound
In Smith v. Obama, the gov't seems to argue that the constitution has a national security exception. It doesn't:
In San Francisco? Come to EFF tonight at 6PM and hear @ExplodeThePhone on phone hacking history and politics #TA3M
Join EFF's @aprilaser for a special Open Access Week event UC Berkeley tomorrow hosted by @OpenAccessCal #OAWeek2014
We all benefit from free, reusable research. Here's how you can take part in Open Access Week: #OAWeek2014
One day left: tell @BenLawsky that forcing Bitcoin services to spy on users is bad for digital rights.
Texans: Join our friends @freepress tomorrow at a public hearing on the future of net neutrality at Texas A&M.
The new BitLicense would force Bitcoin services to spy on their customers. Help stop it:
Do you know what to do if the police want to search your electronic devices? Educate yourself:
Librarians are committed to patron privacy, but the ebook vendors they use are not by @flexlibris & EFF's @aprilaser
Wikipedia thrives from embracing and upholding the principles of open access. #OAWeek2014
Hey, San Francisco Bay! Watch for your email invitation to @EFF's next Members-Only Speakeasy meetup.
Happy Open Access Week! We're celebrating free, unfettered access to research this week—and you can too: #OAWeek2014
San Francisco Air Show
Why open access? Because academic research should be free, available, and open for everyone’s benefit:
#TPP leaks show it has sunk to a new low, making criminals out of whistleblowers. How is this even a "trade deal"?
Did you hear the FBI director's speech yesterday? Here's EFF's take on it. (Spoiler: we disagreed.)
Just 3 days left for @LISAConference early bird registration with the @EFF discount. See you there, sysadmins.…
New leaked #TPP text reveals CFAA-like provisions that could turn whistleblowers and journalists into criminals:
The ODNI's new report on protecting the privacy of people worldwide has an alarmingly large loophole.
EFF tells the Patent Office: Let's make it easier to challenge and throw out bad patents.
Whether you love or hate Bitcoin, you should oppose the "BitLicense." It impedes privacy & innovation.
The Guardian reports that social media app Whisper is tracking "anonymous" users:
TPP copyright text is leaked again—Here are the provisions that pose the biggest threats to your rights:
Join EFF's grassroots mailing list to get updates from the front lines of the fight for digital rights:
If users had a say in our copyright policies, they sure wouldn't look like what's in TPP.
Latest TPP leak shows US is still pushing for restrictive copyright proposals—but also reveals new alarming threats.
UPDATE: Hours before a scheduled vote on net neutrality, the CA utilities regulator took the item off the agenda:
New leaked TPP text reveals we are still at risk from bad DRM and ISP liability proposals. Read @ARLpolicy analysis:
Filmmaker Laura Poitras describes how free software crypto tools made the Snowden leaks & her documentary possible:
6 days left: send a comment to @BenLawsky about how BitLicense hurts innovation & privacy.