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An open letter to Rupert Murdoch on how to compete with Netflix. Spoiler alert: the answer is to ditch DRM.
Hop in the EFF time machine and compare the FBI's comments about encryption from the 1990s with what it says today.
Quoth EFF: adorable trivia prizes await at tonight's San Francisco member Speakeasy.
EFF's legal team will host a meetup in DC following their NSA oral argument. Join us!
EFF tells court that state secrecy shouldn’t be used to wipe out a lawsuit
Take some deep, relaxing breaths before checking out October's Stupid Patent of the Month: filming a yoga class.
Aurland 🙋
Australian data retention law tabled as police announce plans to use it for copyright enforcement. #StopTheSpies
There's not much that's spookier than being spied on, but don't worry—EFF is here to shine a light on surveillance:
Check out these Surveillance Self-Defense tips & tools specifically for Mac users:
Surveillance Self-Defense got some volunteer poster designs from KU student Lucas Nelson:
Support EFF in person as we reject the NSA's absurd "it's just metadata" claims in a DC court on Tuesday.
The 7 free software privacy tools Laura Poitras thanks in her Snowden documentary CITIZENFOUR:
Update: Following a trend of recent decisions, a court invalidated this photography troll's 3 very stupid patents.
Did you miss out on Open Access Week? Don't worry. We've got you covered. #OAWeek2014
Secret TPP meetings continued in Australia as @USTradeRep struggles to get a fast track bill from Congress.
Are you an activist or protestor? Use EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense to stay safe so your voice can stay loud.
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EFF calls for the release of Vietnamese blogger Dang Xuan Dieu, amid reports of torture in prison
A judge is making this nasty patent troll pay twice the fees in order to stop it from threatening more startups.
Following the leaks, @USTradeRep claims that their secretive TPP talks have progressed—but have they really?
Our new Who Has Your Back report looks at how major sites protect users from bogus copyright and trademark claims:
The Russian translation of the "Digital First Aid Kit" is out now. Take a look:
Хороший русский перевод простых вещей "Защищённые подключения"
Who Has Your Back update: who protects speech from bogus copyright and trademark complaints?…
FBI is investigating a "second leaker," suspected of sharing documents showing civil liberties abuses.
Think you know your rights when it comes to searches of your computer? If the cops show up, you'd better be sure:
We've teamed w/@aclutn to challenge unconstitutional school district tech policy. Students have rights too:
The Patriot Act continues to wreak havoc on civil liberties. This time its Section 213:
In Nashville? Go to the free screening of the Internet's Own Boy hosted by the TN Digital Rights Project:
Drink good coffee | Read good book
Access to information is not a privilege, it's a human right. —@emckiernan13 #OAWeek2014
Open access isn't just about open access: why copyright and CFAA reform must be part of the conversation #OAWeek2014
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I felt that all menu are made with dedication and skill
I have found new favorite place in Chiang Mai
The government can’t get around the Constitution by using computers to do its spying
Surveillance Self-Defense can help you develop careful practices for staying safer online
Even reports meant to shed light on FBI's use of National Security Letters are (partly) classified.
Nuestra nueva investigación permite ver la evolución del Acceso Abierto en Chile #OAweek2014
Retweeted by EFF
"My research behind the paywall is of no use." —@MahalwarPrateek on open access. #OAWeek2014
Cops think they can do what they want on Facebook. We think they need to follow the rules—or leave:
Open licenses, like @creativecommons, are a powerful way creators can opt out of rigid copyright rules: #OAWeek2014
On Monday, NYC will stand up to demand real net neutrality. The fight at the FCC isn't over yet. RSVP to join:
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Let's see where we wake up tomorrow
Need help securing your comms? Surveillance Self-Defense—available in English, Spanish, and Arabic—can help!
Chiangmai Coffee Culture : Any visitor will be struck by the preponderance of coffee shops, they are simply everywhere.