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Edward Lui Films
Life lessons, 3 people that you just don't fuck about with... 1) People that make your food 2) People that make your drink 3) Your dentist!
Can we all take a moment to fall in love with Saturn from @sleepingatlast album Atlas: Space 2...
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Got to be a first to hear a composer and get goosebumps. Simply eargasm. Check out @PaulOBrienMusic #Composer…
Heres a look at out new theatrical poster for the film featuring @HartHanson hard at work. We hope you like it!
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Can you please give 10 mins of your time to watch this short film by Sam Hoggarth, starring me and a very good...
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@edwardlui 😂😂 I've only done one YouTube video! << see for yourself 😂👏
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From Paris with Love.
Let the munch begin!
Chop Gear presents 16 shots of Paris shot my moi aka Ed "Hamster" Lui. Won with 13/16 shots as voted by the team!
COMPETITION:To win a Toshiba Encore Tablet + Windows/XBOX goodies RETWEET and FAVOURITE this status #ModernCombatEGX
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Cabaret day!! Keep On Keepin On Kabaret in aid of lukemia and lymphoma research today 7:30pm @NewWimbStudio music, puppetry, comedy & more!
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Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Neither, it's my new iPhone. #iphone6 #Apple #justsaying #banana
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#ChopGear challenge done. I won with 13 shots, @eymc275 2nd with 11.5, and @Ray_Liu 3rd with 9.5. I like to thank my mom... @Impossible_HQ
Amazing views on top of the Sacré-Cœur, Paris. Sun is about to set too, bliss.
Chop Gear challenge imminent. Polaroids armed with @Impossible_HQ film. Let's do this @eymc275 @Ray_Liu @snapitseeit
Chop Gear challenge. Destination Paris. Lock and load!
Bad sleeping patterns. This ain't good!
If you had to #GiveUpOneThing would it be a full English breakfast or a Sunday roast? #Food #Question #FullEnglish #SundayRoast
Final week of preparation, we have finished filming Venus and Adonis. Very excited to be part of such a great team of crew members.
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Emma Thompson on #screenwriting: "Just write. It doesn't matter what you write. Just sit at your desk and write."
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All this film work, needless to say, I'm beats. It's been fun, and now, to have an awesome sleep sesh. Tomorrow is another edit day.
Whilst in London on top of the Leadenhall building aka the cheese grater. I captured some of the cityscape, beautiful skyline
About to go HAM on a @bleeckerburger with @Ray_Liu. Time to eat!
So proud of The Light team for acceptance to @asffest this year. Serious champions of beautiful work #ASFF2014
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Medium length tail with short, wiry hair becoming longer at the tip. Degus are sometimes referred to as 'brush tail rats' @JessicaWitts
Spent the afternoon going bananas with 2 @Profoto b2's and 4 pro heads on a client's @RangeRover
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You have to expect a degree of... instability from people who make stuff up for a living. #filmmaker #WritersAreNotProperPeople
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Where are all the stylists or girls that have a good dress sense at? Need some advice on shoes/dress for someone. Obviously #Style #Fashion
The new 'Black Iris' headdress. This one has taken a while to make down the sheer volume of beadwork on it.
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Bit of late night dim sum
If Will.I.Am's gravestone doesn't say Will.I.Was, I'll be pretty disappointed #justsaying #ThoughtoftheDay
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