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Finished 'Lost Girls'; a harrowing mystery of a cold case by @bobkolker. Recommended, a haunting read.
Not really caught up news wise right now. I know the Isis bucket challenge is heavy on peoples minds especially Ferguson (Craig?) #norice
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This was worth the trip to NYC. Go see.
9 Musicians Who We’d Definitely Bathe In Their Twilight Years… via @ClickHole
.@rianjohnson I don't know man, I think it needs the score.…
Am I dumb for thinking Floyd Mayweather is an old timey name and that he sounds like a boxer from the 1930's?
It's a special day. Hope you all like the film. Now playing NY & LA
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COFFY (1973) Director of Photography: Paul Lohmann | Director: Jack Hill | cc: @PamGrier
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Question: If you direct a digital movie do you still call yourself a film maker?
Since Kieran Culkin & Michael Cera met on my movie, I felt like a proud parent seeing them be amazing in 'This Is Our Youth' on Broadway.
Go see 'The Skeleton Twins' which opens today. My good friend Bill Hader is just fantastic in it. #TheSkeletonTwins
Love you New York City. See you very soon.
To be honest I am dressed like this now. RT @CornettoTeam: #tbt @edgarwright dressed as Peter Davison. #DoctorWho
When Jaws chose to float away into space with his girl in Moonraker, it was the single most romantic thing my 10 year old eyes had ever seen
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"Look who's dropped in for a bite."… R.I.P. the mighty Richard Kiel.
Someone in this car has done the most atrocious smelling guff in life. I just cannot.
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Hugely underrated horror gem. RT @OnePerfectShot MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973) DP: Stephen M. Katz | Dir: Willard Huyck
"Attention customers. To the owner of the grey and white cat... you've left your lights on."
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I am looking forward to seeing Scott & Wallace reunite this week onstage.
Fact: "What is the best number to get you back on?" autocorrects to "What ha the fat bomber to get you bald on?". Do not send.
This Apple presentation is a bit much.…
Willow Smith covering King Krule is unexpected. And fantastic.…
Let's get these mothers made RT Brilliant Cornetto Trilogy Figurines - Design - ShortList Magazine…
INFERNO (1980) Director of Photography: Romano Albani | Director: Dario Argento
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I guess Gary's 12th pint is a McGuffin.
Starting with 'Kiss Me Deadly' - there must be one before that?
Someone do a super cut of all the powerful / destructive McGuffins in cinema.
'Christine' would be a lot less scary if it had that stupid Lyft moustache.
We're Alamo Drafthouse and we're here to show awesome movies like the SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Quote-Along TONIGHT!…
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If you get the opportunity to drive around LA under this supremely spooky moon while blasting 'Sea Within The Sea' by The Horrors, do it.
I am no astronomy expert but the moon is looking real spooky right now.
@edgarwright tweet assuming your sub tweet is about me
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Thanks to all the artists worldwide who contributed to this monster tumblr in the last year.
I have QT to thank for showing me the grimy car chase kidnap spectacular Night Of The Juggler on 35mm. One of those great NYC as hell films.
Wow. Just left a private 8am screening of Crimson Peak. Guillermo Del Toro is incredible. So proud to be in this film. Xx
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ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE (1969) Director of Photography: Michael Reed | Director: Peter R. Hunt
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Just shot in Los Angeles for the first time ever.
Okay. I'm making this movie. Guaranteed Best Picture Winner. Who's in?
Like most of the planet I now have Meghan Trainor stuck in my head.
😘😍💘🍝🐈🍝🐈🍝🐈🍝🐈🍝🙅💔�#blueisthewarmestcolour#spoileralertewarmestcolour #spoileralert
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