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'JAWS reboot possibilities' (my cartoon for Saturday's @guardianreview):
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If a situation arose where a killer said they'd shoot me unless I sang the entire lyrics of 'Seven' by Prince, I'd ace it. Stick with me.
The clip of Joan Rivers on Loose Women always amuses.… (Crowe later giggled all the way through her Fallon appearance)
There is nothing more relaxing than falling asleep to a terrifying Cold Case documentary marathon.
A previously unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory via @guardian
This will be the FINAL print edition of this indispensable movie guide from @leonardmaltin so don't miss this event!
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DIE HARD (1988) Director of Photography: Jan de Bont | Director: John McTiernan
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A Supercut of Every Signature Close-Up Found in Movies by Edgar Wright…
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ONE HOUR PHOTO (2002) Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth | Director: Mark Romanek
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I just felt my life flashing before my eyes. All my CU's together. RT Check out "Edgar Wright // Close-Up" on Vimeo
REPULSION (1965) Director of Photography: Gilbert Taylor | Director: Roman Polanski
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#chefmovie is back! Look for it at a theater near you this weekend.
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BRAZIL (1985) Director of Photography: Roger Pratt | Director: @TerryGilliam
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I hate when people say "it's just a comedy" as though it shouldn't aim to have intelligent ideas or care about visual style & storytelling
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Mini 'SON OF RAMBOW' reunion with @PoulterWill & 'Metal Work Teacher'.
I need a framed print out of this. It's too pretty. (art by @_comaco)
The @XLRECORDINGS best of compilation 'Pay Close Attention' is pretty incredible. Forgot how much I loved 'Jump & Shout'.
"@guardianfilm: Melbourne's Astor cinema is losing hope of a Hollywood ending" I love this place. Say it ain't so!
This is a curious title for a self defence book…
"I decided to sell my Hoover... well it was just collecting dust." - Tim Vine, 2014
Congrats to my great friend Bill Pope on winning Best Hip Hop video for Drake at the VMAs last night.
Quite possibly the best film I saw in cinemas this summer.
.@Rednax42 Get this, the stuntman that goes into the jukebox is the SAME STUNTMAN that did it in 'Shaun' and I only found out afterwards!
If you only know the cuddly Attenborough in Jurassic Park, see him be just terrifying in Brighton Rock & 10 Rillington Place. Amazing actor.
P.S. Am incredibly fond of Dicky Attenboroughs comedic performance in the highly entertaining 'Brannigan'. See here.…
Brighton Rock, League Of Gentleman, Great Escape, 10 Rillington Place, Magic, Jurassic Park & so, so much more. R.I.P. Lord Attenborough.
A Cinematic Wraith That Just Won't Die
The big question: Will @rianjohnson's Episode VIII be as good as his ice cream?
The @newbeverly plays 'Scott Pilgrim' at midnight tonight after a double bill of 'A Hard Days Night' and 'We Are The Best'. Rock and Roll.
It’s four in the fucking morning!!!
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The album 'Soft Friday' by Coves is fuzzy, woozy brilliance.
"Spoons are excellent. Sort of like forks, only less stabby.” - @neilhimself
This might be the closest you get to a 'Scott Pilgrim' sequel. Cera & Culkin reunited. Can't wait.…
'Nathan For You' Season 2 is sadly over. But when is the first episode of 'Simon Sees'?
WEST SIDE STORY (1961) Director of Photography: Daniel L. Fapp | Director: Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise
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Am very proud that Moses is in the SW universe. Go John!
Star Wars spoiler. We are getting married.