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What an Evening of DANCE. Bless you, @sonyatayeh & @zackeverhart47 & All-Star Amy . . #SYTYCD . #SYTYCDAllStars
Wow, @caseyaskeww !!! & All-Star Kathryn::: Just WOW !!! / / #SYTYCD / #SYTYCDAllStars
YES !!!!! @OfficialChehon /Jacque danced that @travISova routine. So Ridiculously Gifted: #SYTYCD /#SYTYCDAllStars /
Amazing.., you really do create emotion with your skill, @MrAndreyMoraru ... and it's beautiful to behold.
I just commented on "Breathe Life Into Me (1988)" on Vimeo:…
I just started following Mica Paris on Vimeo:
#TIgerWoods sinks first BIRDIE of the day in dramatic fashion on the infamous 16th hole @PGAChampionship.
Ouch !!! One more rotation !! #TigerWoods opens with a PAR at the #PGAChampionship ... But his line was perfect!!
GOOD MORNING #PGATour and @PGAChampionship Fans ... Watch #TigerWoods is in Marquee Group Here >>>…
Are you definitely in for tomorrow? Woods: "Yeah."
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Last day at White Collar-I love this family so much. Thank you to everyone who supported us over the years-we wouldn't be here without you!
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99 more followers & one fan will win an autographed dragon shirt! Winner will be drawn from those who RT this. Your chances just went up!
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Wow.., what a charged atmosphere for #TigerWoods, who's about to tee off in a practice round w/ #SteveStricker @PGAChampionship. #EXCITING
BREAKING: Four-time PGA champion Tiger Woods has arrived at Valhalla Golf Club for the 96th PGA Championship.
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Just passing thru to say Good Day, @adrien_nookadu ... #TeamAdrien all the way, #TheXFactorAU 2014.., Get READY !!
I just started following Peter Conradi on Vimeo:
It's time you knew #PeterConradi of Sweden and REC REC Records' @Johanvonarnold / HOLD MY WILL /… / #MUSICTATION
The real value of companionship and friendship is how they enable you to withstand tough moments during tough times
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Johanna @ChesieDobe: My Rule of Thumb has always been that EVERYTHING #CHAMPS do reflects @willchamplin. No Excuses. And, Will Is POSITIVE.
EVENING #MUSICTATION ... @willchamplin ... BREATHE ... Just Breathe #CHAMPS. We're Never ALONE.
LOVE IT !!! @Rosie !! So good to see you, again on @TheFostersABCF ... So cool to have such a positive role on a beautiful show. #TheFOSTERS
#CHAMPS are we still loving one another as @willchamplin would desire us to? I'm been MIA but I 'feel' things. It's about #TheMUSIC always.
.@BrotherEDEN You've been such a positive force for @willchamplin Always keeping #Champs focused. The journey continues! @WillChamplinPR
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Thank You @RoseDiValerio for reaching out today. Dear #CHAMPS, sorry I've been MIA of late. Like @willchamplin, I'm BACK!! @WillChamplinPR
Next goal @willchamplin’s music on Americana radio! Important 2 building fan base & climbing @iTunes @billboard charts! Stay tuned for info🎶
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.@BrotherEDEN Much love to you Eden! You are such a blessing to @willchamplin & this team You are thought of ALWAYS! @WillChamplinPR
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SHOUT OUT to the #CHAMPS and in particular @WillChamplinPR for keeping the fires stoked for @willchamplin during his tour. #WelcomeHomeWill
Just saw @willchamplin in Disneyland Resort!!! What an awesome guy! Glad I got the pic with him.
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"Im baaaaack" Ok not exactly hilarious but Im all hopped up on churros from @Disneyland &excited to get back to work!
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#MUSICTATION Today .... BLESS ME !! @JJ_Hairston and Youthful Praise, feat. @Donnieradio McClurkin ...
Tiger Cancels Tuesday Press Conference. Return This Week Still Uncertain:
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Excellent FALK Hentschel (@thefalk) scenes on the latest @RecklessCBS ... Who's watching #Reckless ??
Morning #MUSICTATION ... Are you DIFFERENT? for all the right reasons? @tashalockhart tell 'em all about it !!…
Today's #MUSICTATION is @adrien_nookadu of #XFactorAU. Only 17, his voice touches deeply. #TeamAdrien Forever /
@BrotherEDEN oh thankyou so much brother!! I'll try my best brother! I feel blessed and honoured thankyou! 👌
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Everything that has attached itself to you from your past, the walls will fall flat! @Paula_White #tphonline
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When you let go of that dead thing in your life, you're about to get your strength back, get your power back! -@Paula_White #tphonline
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But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. 2 Cor 4:7 #tphonline
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Been calling you guys as frontrunners since the beginning, @ShannonAndSimon !!! Good on ya !! #TheBlockAU today, your own #HGTV show next !!
I don't plan on wasting my time tweeting about anyone other than @adrien_nookadu now. Win #XFactorAU 2014, okay?!
#MUSICTATION from one my favorite artists, @JPCooperMusic : Oh The Water::: via @YouTube / SANG BOY !!!