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Eco Warrior Me
Quite sickening really: Texas cheerleader poses over "trophy" lion.…
Queen's Speech: ‘Food poisoning threat’ from the 5p plastic bag charge… >But what are consequences of doing nothing?
RT@GlasgowCC: Glasgow turnout for European elections increases from 23.9% in 2009 to 28.2% in 2014 #EP2014 #EPScot > still disappointing
Britain faces malaria risk as climate change sees mosquitoes thriving in garden water butts…
'Dump CO2 in empty UK gas fields'… > A pipe dream or a credible solution?
Anyone interested in investing in a new wind farm on the Ayrshire coast? Donald Trump buys Turnberry resort…
Should police launch a sting operation to catch apiary thieves?…
Police search after eagle disappears…
Distilled Sunshine: Base load renewable energy:… >Not much use in UK but southern Europe, North Africa, the Sahara...
Speechless. EU approves diclophenac for use in Spain, home to 94% of Europe's vultures. Outraged…
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Our tap water is of outstanding quality, so why do we spend £1.6 billion each year on bottled water?
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Cover pic! @PenguinUKBooks The highly anticipated new book from Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything. Out 16 Sept
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Climate change is the fight of our lives – yet we can hardly bear to look at it: - Interesting piece by @NaomiAKlein
This Is How Your Plastic Bag Ends Up In Massive Ocean Garbage Patches | Infographic:
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Why do #UKIP hate elephants? Is it because they are foreign animals competing for British mammals jobs? #elephants
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#Tusk: Ukip criticised after 6 MEPs vote 'No' on resolution to tackle world ivory trade… (embarrassed to be British)
Would you like to see more elephants butchered for their #Ivory? Then vote #UKIP in next month's European elections:…
Drug that wipes out vultures may cause an EU eco-disaster…
please join one or more #EarthActivists teams to help #Earth(lings) ... TY // DonatedTweet
please join one or more #EarthActivists teams to help #Earth(lings) ... TY // DonatedTweet
It's the sense of entitlement that I find so irksome with these benefit scroungers:…
Reward for information on bird poisonings doubled to £10,000
Beer Batter? - Beer lorry crashes with flour lorry
A Culture of expenses fiddles - Culture Secretary ordered to repay £5,800 and apologise to MPs(but not constituents)
Turn off Twitter, turn off the Internet, save the world: Social media explosion powered by dirty energy: #hypocrite
Government accuses BBC of creating 'false balance' on climate change… > Are you surprised?
While the clowns are on parade,the job of government continues:Cameron ‘to rid countryside of ... wind farms’… #IPCC
What chance is there that London will adopt the Parisienne approach of banning cars? Air pollution will get worse:…
Rather than pointing a finger at the Sahara, we must take action closer to home: Air pollution reaches high levels
While the privileged elite govern for their own benefit, the clowns are dispatched to entertain us:#ukip vs #libdem
Sick of the raptor killers getting away with their filthy crimes? You can change that! Get your voice heard: ……
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After yesterday's #ipcc report, no surprises that tories want to stifle renewables:Lib Dems block new wind farm ban
Really shocking: Highland raptor deaths rise to 16 in a 2 mile radius (more than all killings in Scotland in 2013)
please join one or more #EarthActivists teams to help #Earth(lings) ... TY // DonatedTweet
Major victory for whaling campaigners as UN judges order Japan to stop hunting 950 whales a year in the Antarctic…
The five stages of climate change skepticism: 1. denial 2. denial 3. denial 4. denial 5. "it's too late to fix it"
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Will you continue to keep your head buried in the sand?
The eco dream of low impact self-sustaining homesteaders will only work with a much reduced global population.
I don't always agree with Lovelock but with current population, high density urban dwelling is the most sustainable & frees arable land.