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Lara Dutta Bhupathi
bollywood india movies 2,122,889 followers @karanjohar . KARAN!!! Looks like Dharmas next production will have to be shot in 24 hrs!!! :-). Love you!
Happy Independence Day to all of you! Great speech by the PM and great anthem by Micromax.…
Feeling rather patriotic in Pune in my Saffron and green Manish Malhotra saree!!! Now off to see ' The Trump'!!
Maybe it's the season..... But you see Ganesh ji everywhere! :-).
And Eid Mubarak!! Wishing you great peace and happiness!!
Back in my lovely Mumbai after a glorious break in London and Spain! Now back to all the exciting things that are brewing!! :-)
Sorry! That would be spelt as Kyrgios!
How many players can stake claim to beating the world no.1 the very first time they play on centre court?!! Nerves of steel Nick Kyrigios!!
Who do I want?? Argentina!! Who do I think will win??...... Holland! “@faisal_abufahad: @LaraDutta wich team u like?”
Unfortunately and fortunately, NO!!!! :-)“@indiacommoner: @LaraDutta Btw do you n Mahesh support the same team?”
Late night football matches with the husband and early morning school drop offs with the daughter don't make ideal partners!!
This amazing image has so many interpretations. Do share your thoughts!
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Big announcement from the IPTL in a few hours from London!! Such a thrill to be part of this from inception!! :-).
Here's what some of the biggest tennis stars on the planet have to say about participating in the #IPTL!…
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All this blustering and blowing in mumbai and no rain to show for it!!! C'mon monsoon! Rain down on me!!
Managed to still pull one over my 40 yr old husband who didn't see his surprise party coming from a mile!! :-). Feels good! Now we're even!!
@LaraDutta @Maheshbhupathi still recovering from last night! Didn't do an iota of work, the 6am flight was moot!
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Never knew daily foods could cause cavities. Guys at #Colgate know what it takes to be the leader. Sugar Acid Neutralizer