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Duncan Trussell
I have two extra tickets to @duncantrussell on 10/2 in Seattle at Chop Suey. ✈️?
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Follow Late Night Seth to see me take over their account tonight!
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Wanna see @duncantrussell & @tomsegura at 7, or @madflavor at 10 tonight in LA? Tweet me for free tickets with name, # of tix, & showtime.
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This Tuesday thank America by coming to see @tomsegura and I tell stories on This Is Not Happening promo code: ISIS…
I just put coffee in my asshole and now I feel like I can levitate. #coffee #enema
Here's a great review of Doritos.… I would have given them a 10 out of 10.
If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.
It seems you take me for a fool, sir.
Promo code ISIS to guarantee a seat to see @duncantrussell & @tomsegura record This Is Not Happening stories Tuesday.…
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Download this new DTFH with taoist philosopher and author @DBolelli before the solar flares destroy us all!…
Johns Hopkins reports that mushrooms can help long term smokers kick the habit.…
New bliss-infused DTFH with the hosts of the @MindrollingPod David Silver and Raghu Markus…
Excited to announce that @DBolelli will be joining me for the Vancouver podcast festival!…
Ughhh ISIS just beheaded a bunch of baby Pandas. Awful.
SERIOUSLY amazing footage of a volcano eruption! Best I’ve ever seen. Huge blast, then the shock wave.…
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We're supposed to be building interstellar spaceships and immortality pills. Not blowing each other up. Duh.
I use the exclamation mark too much!
@RT_com: Russia to lift controls on Mongolian meat exports – Putin”. Yay!!! Great news!
New DTFH with child prodigy, time lord, JACK CARROLL (@fatjacko )…
Tonight you should rip your bloodshot eyes away from the fappening and turn them in the direction of tonight's @drunkhistory season finale!
On average 30% of a human's body weight is urine. #UberFacts
This is what happens when @corasface takes care of the dogs. They run amuck.
If you couldn't get a ticket for tonight's show in Durham there will be standing room tickets available at the door!
@duncantrussell i have one ticket for the Durham show tonight, and need a second for my friend! Any ideas or a retweet possibly?
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I'd rather die penniless in a Dickensian debtors' prison than be the nightmare human who argues over a split check.
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Johnny Pemberton and his new friend! #southernglorytour
If anyone in #ISIS needs wonderful hand drawn crayon portraits of The Prophet Mohammed contact @brendonwalsh at one of his shows!
Does anyone have an extra ticket to see @duncantrussell tonight at the millroom they can sell? Procrastination got the better of me again.
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@duncantrussell I have a extra ticket to your show in Nashville tonight, if any freaks want to join.
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Tonight I'll be performing with @johnnypemberton at the birthplace of the Tow truck, Chattanooga TN! Tix:!news/c1x9v.
Thank you ATLANTA for the wonderful weekend. You sweet darlings are what would happen if sunbeams turned into meat. #meatbeams
I sure hope I never end up at Sandals.
Someone figured out how to legally wipe out the Westboro Baptist Church.…
Join @johnnypemberton and I on the SUMMER GLORY TOUR!
Don't let the god freaks and gun pigs confuse you- the world is a great place. This short by @AndreHyland is proof…