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Wake up to the latest #BrilliantIdiots podcast on Sound cloud" Stand for Something but don't Stan for Something"…
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S/o to the the niggas who get dressed up to take online classes.
Nephew Zamar aka baby metronome not even 2 yet @greenonkeys
At this rehearsal wit my bro @greenonkeys #dope
Paralympian Amy Purdy strips down for the ESPN Body Issue - sp
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The Jersey Shore is coming alive this summer with so many amazing events & festivals. #NJStrong @NJGoingStrong #ad
Stop trying to find a right way to do the wrong things.
Have you heard ‘Mr. Business [Prod. By Dubondabeatz]’ by MyStigity on #SoundCloud?…
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niggas will do anything to prove they not the father 😂😂😂
The Jersey Shore is coming alive this summer with so many amazing events and festivals. #NJStrong @NJGoingStrong #ad
Good morning fam. Hope everybody has a good day. Make today better than yesterday.
Happy two year anniversary to my babe @telly_82 love you, appreciate you. I thank God for allowing you in my life.
Who y'all think own from the @ARSONALDAREBEL and @DAYLYT2k ? What the streets think?
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S/O to the battlerap culture #TotalSlaughter on fuse tv in 8 mins.
If y'all hashtag #TotalSlaughter that's the only way I'm responding to my tweets
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You spent more time making sure your IG, & twitter name was right then u did ur baby daddy #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness
You said you and her in love, but she never put you as her MCM. #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness
you said you only stripping yo way through school, but you in community college #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness
All your pics are in a hotel room, but you not...never mind #thatsnoneofmybusiness
You put your booking info in your bio, but have nothing to be booked for. #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness
S/o to the people with real talent, that exercise their talent daily. #salute
@MickeyFactz: Shorty who is playing Aaliyah is good money. Let her rock.” nigga u must believe Jesus white too
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Brilliant idiots is the dopest podcast @cthagod @andrewschulz
Have you heard ‘feel good music #heat’ by @DubOnDaBeatz on #SoundCloud?… Share plz RT. Show love
I've been getting shown a LOT of love lately, its humbling. #AprreciateIt #iLoveMusic
Have you heard ‘feel good music #heat’ by Dubondabeatz on #SoundCloud?…