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Damn lira and Ross done already bruh? Welp!
the heart likes button is corny. This is twitter, We don't fit in!
twitter, wassup with this instagram likes button?
would you be ok with your son wearing a dress for Halloween?
This dj drama shit is crazy. Shit like a soap opera.
Smh kept saying you love Drake as you told me your side but you don't shit on one friend to make another friend feel better
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#allthesebitcheswannado is post pics of they ass, and ignore everybody who comments on it.
#allthesebitcheswannado get a fake ass to tell niggas to stop looking at they ass
But they're depending on the gov't....…
#allthesebitcheswannado get ass shots and take Instagram pics with drake quotes
when ur about to black out but your crew reminds you you're still on probation
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#allthesebitcheswannado is get ebt & section 8, then boast how independent they are.
#allthesebitcheswannado is get into a relationship to post on social media "with him"
who slim jesus thinks he is when he raps
Hoods off, bitches. 🖕🏽kk#OpKKKKK
Stop having babies if you can't take care of them. #mondaymotivation
Freaky women >>>>
I pray for a clear mind.
Fame wise who would amount to mike or even come close to?…
Do you think Justin bieber is this eras Michael Jackson? Not musically but fame wise.
S/o to the people who's gonna wake up this morning, say they hate Monday's....but don't have a job.
When you're the squad
Nigerians been tryna email scam since the early 2000's. chill! i know i haven't inherited 5,000,000 us dollars, bruh.
.@49ers can you guys please release kaepernick aka sack or pick?
Who got better French fries?
The #Steelers out there looking like some tough ass bumble bees
Is there any difference in prostitution and porn?
dust yaself off & try again. RT "@robynxminaj: I think I pulled off Aaliyah look well."
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Then get pregnant multiple times, and become a lesbian cause niggas ain't shit…
When you find out she borrowed your Netflix password, to Netflix and chill with somebody else.
I guess eazy e was the go to costume this year. 😒
When you ugly and people mistake your regular face for a mask

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