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Tim Wright
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Received the first of hopefully many contact inquiries from a comic con attendee..from a spark to a roaring inferno...Inquewerkz..Dubb-U
The addiction… does Dubb-U not do? Peep this read/ Urban storee tell-N.....
Finally decided that the freshwater is the route for me...not as much hassle as I got to keep making moves..still nice & masculine tank
Purchased new aquarium for the blaack whole..will it be fresh or salt water...hmnn! Nice size though
Simultaneously opening two galleries#1 Eye Konic #2 Gallery D...@ItNeverStops...will keep you posted...
Working on something spectacular. InqueWerkz will do things unimaginable & unheard of. I see, believe and with faith & work.....Achieve.
Getting hyped up for the Cooper Juneteenth celebration.#fun#rewarding# educational
God sends those to bring clarity, but the devil also sends those that bring confusion Who ya wit? Stay ready & stay up...
Done with the Git S.O.M. series.very proud of my work.Now to finish the wedding portrait.#619 Git never stops.Thank YOU God..
New Video: Mary J. Blige Gives Us ‘ A Night To Remember’ !
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I have not done what has not been done before, I just do it in a very unique way. My InqueWerkz.
Yes! My pieces are expensive, but rare and unique. Everyone can not have one, but those that can and do.... Treasure them.. My InqueWerkz.
I do not do what has not been done before. But how I do it is truly unique and this is what makes me rare and EXPENSIVE, worth every cent!
The Git S. O. M. (Swole. O. Mite) series is coming.. Stay tuned... I am very proud of this work....
Remember where you heard the name Dubb-U. As my grind never stops, success will not elude me... Another pic to be delivered... Ka-ching..
Charles Woodson likes mix of Raiders' refurbished roster - SFGate… via @SFGate
Family honors 5-year-old cancer victim with super heroes | News - Home…
Busy upcoming week, three pieces to deliver #619Grind.. All cried out, get-N-It, and Mirror, Mirror
Raiders add linebacker Khalil Mack with No. 5 pick
Hurt me with the truth, but do not comfort me with lies...That's real talk
At the inque factory grinding... Working on the knucklehead piece.. Gonna be sizzling..
A hommie posted some old school funk the other day. "The Mothership connection" was one of those…
Terrelle Pryor: Latest News and Speculation Surrounding QB's Future with Raiders… via @BleacherReport
Oakland Raiders now are expected to trade a 2014 late-round pick to Houston Texans in exchange for QB Matt Schaub, per league source.
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Just saw the baddest Rolls Royce, and the owner was a member of the Raider Nation. Real nice...
It's completed.Check out "Blaack in Love" My love for the inque and what it does...… via @One_True_Media
Think I'm feel-n um Sabbath? Damn Skraight, that and sum Mother Earth Brew..
Another piece from the Swole-o-mite collection....peep the tune....Yaaay
I'm a blessing to everyone I encounter. Some appreciate it and others run from it. I'm not for everybody thats cool & thats real talk-Dubb-U
In the Inque Factory, feeling creative and the pens are heating up..stand by 2 stand by
I refuse to be pushed around by problems, however I can be led around by Solutions......Real talk people..Dubb-U
"Visions of Africa" An InqueWerkz creation from the Inque Factory & Dubb-U… via @One_True_Media
Everything that needed to be said.....Was Said!!!! Semper Fi
I told U already, 2014 Dubb is not just gone shine, I'm going to blind ya .."Swole-Zilla"
This will make sense in a minute...get ready fo "Swole-Zilla" Joe Budden - Pump It Up: via @YouTube
Powerful,agile,big,gentle but strong. A piece hommie asked me to do years ago. I will call it "Sal" Coming up next...
"African Life" My Vision is almost complete...Gots to stay on that grind to shine, and I plan on blinding..Dubb
This was done as a memorial to my hommie Suess Dizzle..R.I.P. Crazy ass dog..
2014 is definitely starting nice..Inquiries are coming in and just secured another client...the wait is worth it. ...
My -spiration Jamz 2 get and keep me in the mood, as I do my thang..Dubb Episode 52--Been So Long…
Out with the Old In with the New - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Every person eventually hears this...
At the Inque factory, finishing my Thank you Video for the patrons of my work… via @One_True_Media
Episode 60--Meaning Love - The Floaters/ Float On Enchantment/ It’s You That I Need Blue Magic/ Spell...