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Kevin McHale
Artie doesn't know how to properly dress in the heat.
This just in: google #flashfunded every project in LAUSD! Thank you @druidDUDE for helping us make the…
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RT @DonorsChoose Happy back-to-school, LA! With nearly $1 million, @google just #flashfunded every @LASchools project
Got to help the amazing @DonorsChoose @google & Mayor Garcetti surprise Marina Del Rey Middle School & LA USD w/ $1M+ in art, tech & school supplies teachers needed in their classrooms. So happy to have been there. Those kids went wild!
Aka it's hot as balls out.
It's a "gonna fill this cup full of ice and have it melt" kinda day
Dear Fall, imma wear all kindsa sweat pants out in public once u get here.
"You know why I think I'm getting sick? God doesn't want me to go to the Vogue party tomorrow." -@LillyAidaGraham
Paolo Nutini .. Iron Sky is a movie in my ears
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THE MEGZ D @meg_doyle
She's got the idea @whocametodinner
If @TomFelton and @MarcusButler ran into each other really hard and became one person that person would be me.
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The 3 of us met each other for the 1st time and got hired for Glee 6 years ago today. Happy 6th Glee anniversary @jennaushkowitz & @hrhchriscolfer love u both...a lot
"What I lack in effort, I make up for it in costumes." -anonymous
🐝 + 🐝 #LookWhatWashedUp
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why is nobody talking about the @U2 that was released today 'yonce style!?
#turnuptuesday why dance standing when you can...
It's the last #VirtuallyFamous in the series .... Why aren't you here already? You're late!!
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@druidDUDE Love you more...... come 'ere and give me a big slobbery kiss you star *Mwaaaaaahhhhhhh* See you in 5 mins #VirtuallyFamous
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@druidDUDE Your more than welcome! It's had me in stitches every night! Thankyou all for the laughs! My Monday nights won't be the same 🙊
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the BIGGEST thanks to all of u who've watched #VirtuallyFamous every single week! Hoped u enjoyed watching it as much as I had making it!
and the entire #VirtuallyFamous team who (at last count) had watched over 700 videos to makes sure we had the BEST.
Massive congrats and thanks to @seannwalsh @Chris_Stark for being f***ing amazing on #VirtuallyFamous and making every week so damn funny!
Had an incredible first #TIFF14. Met so many talented people, saw some great friends & saw some amazing movies. Can't wait for u all to see Boychoir!
So proud of @DouglasBooth tonight. @TheRiotClubUK was incredible and so was he! Class act! Love ya Dougie
My main man Douglas lookin all good and shiiii #TheRiotClub #TIFF14
The filmmakers and cast are making their way to Toronto today for @TIFF_NET - RT if you're attending #TIFF14
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Was fortunate enough to see @PrideMovie at #TIFF14 today. Absolutely amazing, such an incredible story & everyone was so damn good! See it!!
Wait, did I just write my first fanfic?!
I ended up saving the day and taking @JennaUshkowitz down. I then had a dream about telling all of them about my dream. #sendhelp .
we obviously had an abandon factory as a lair.
Had a weird dream about me and most of the glee cast as super hero's (@JennaUshkowitz ended up being the villain)
My first #TIFF14! The #Boychoir premiere just finished! Thank you to everyone who came and waited outside and watched--hope you enjoyed it!
my boy @BossRagley and all The Little Rascals. only the best part of our childhoods!!! so cool!
Today's the day! #Boychoir is premiering at #TIFF14 ahhhh!