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Dr. Mehmet Oz
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.@FanySelen I have a rule: no caffeine after lunch, no food after dinner. Sleeping on your back exacerbates snoring; try your side.
.@kasskendall it absolutely could be stress related. Prior to bed, do your best to relax (dim the lights, take a bath, herbal tea, etc.)
.@MelissaRho I would try getting more sunlight, especially when you wake up. This will suppress melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy
If you haven't yet, be sure to call my #DrOzSleepClinic to get my top 3 sleep tips and for a chance to talk to me or one of our experts!
A few of our #drozsleepclinic experts with our "call map". Keep the calls coming!
"The Sleep Doctor", Dr. Michael Breus (@thesleepdoctor), is hard at work answering your calls and tweets. Keep them coming with #DrOzSleepClinic!
.@trielba if you are, I need you on the show! Try to go to bed later for a few days and see if this resets your sleep cycle #DrOzSleepClinic
.@iceyboylaflare while the quantity of your sleep is sufficient, the quality may be lacking. I would address this with your doctor.
.@snewton05 dimming the lights a few hours before bed will prepare your mind for sleep. Give it a try and see if it helps! #DrOzSleepClinic
.@twixT9 Glad to hear you're stretching! It's a positive thing, but try to do it before you lie down to loosen your muscles #DrOzSleepClinic
#DrOzSleepClinic is under way! Ask your sleep question with the hashtag or call toll-free 844-223-0066 for my top 3 tips and a chance to speak to me or an expert.
The "Dr. Oz Overnight Sleep Clinic" is about to begin! Submit your questions with #DrOzSleepClinic or call our hotline at 844-223-0066 for my top three sleep tips, and a chance to speak to me or an expert.
Looking forward to serving on the expert panel for the #DrOzSleepClinic tonight. Call 844-223-0066 or tweet us!
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Be sure to cover your hairline and jawline with sunscreen every day. These are vulnerable spots for skin cancer and wrinkles #OzTip
Participate in my sleep clinic tonight from 10p-6am EST! Ask questions w/ #DrOzSleepClinic or get sleep tips toll-free at 844-223-0066
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If you suffer from insomnia, be sure to participate in the #DrOzSleepClinic tomorrow from 10p-6am EST. More details to come!
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Add 4 teaspoons of vinegar to your daily diet to lower your blood sugar and help prevent diabetes #OzTip
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Very interesting and entertaining video about the science of #sleep from @AsapSCIENCE. Take a look:
Turn your alarm clock away from you while you sleep. Even a little light can disrupt your cycle. #oztip
Enjoy this #OzApproved recipe for Caprese Salad Stacks with Balsamic Reduction: