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Dr. Mehmet Oz
Make a shake you won't regret drinking in this episode of #HealthySubstitutions, with @roccodispirito:
Excessive stress can have a huge impact on your health. How do you relax and destress? Tell me with #OzQuestion
Pay attention to brittle nails, dry/itchy scalp, joint pain and/or constant fatigue. These symptoms can be signs of an omega-3 deficiency.
My thoughts and prayers go out to @Joan_Rivers. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Are you worried about antibiotics in your meat? What's your opinion? Tell me with #AntibioticsOnOz and I'll feature my favorites on the show
Feeling sluggish? Even if you're doing everything else the right way, these 5 foods may be hurting your metabolism:
If you need some inspiration for dinner tonight, try one of my favorite recipes - Slow-Baked Dill Salmon:
Do you think statins are over-prescribed? Tell me your story with #OzOnStatins
What are your biggest concerns about mercury in your fish? Tell me your opinion with #MercuryOpinion
This was a trip down memory lane! Take a look at what inspired me to become a doctor:
Take a bath! It'll relax you, and soothe achey muscles. #OzApproved Tip
What is your biggest question for @DeepakChopra? Tell me with #ozquestion
What would you do if you had more energy? Take the survey:
This #recipe for German Chocolate Cake is one of my favorites. From my daughter @DaphneOz:
Did a screening for colon cancer save your life? Share your story with #DrOzStory.
I love connecting with all of you here on Twitter. It inspires me! Looking forward to another season with all of my amazing followers.
What is your go-to home remedy? Tell me with #OzRemedy. Looking forward to reading them!
Where do you usually get your omegas and why do you eat them? Tell me with #OmegasOnOz
Drink aloe juice to help with constipation. A cup is a natural way to help you stay regular. #OzTip
Get moving with these routines from my trainer, @donovangreen. #NoExcuses!
Do you ever microwave plastic? Why or why not? Tell me your thoughts with #OzOpinion
Has gastric bypass surgery made you an alcohol light-weight? I want to hear your story. Tell me with #DrOzStory
Place your @charitybuzz bids for a chance to meet me at a taping of the show in NYC: Support @cecharities #bid2give
Make an #OzApproved change to your diet with these delicious options from @roccodispirito:
Who is your biggest inspiration? Tell me with #OzSpiration; I'm going to feature a few on the show.
No matter what diet you’re on, eat less than 20 grams of saturated fat per day – any more puts you at a higher risk for heart disease #OzTip
Omelets are a breakfast classic but they can be loaded with fat. @roccodispirito shows you how to make it #OzApproved
You don't need a gym membership to get in shape! Instead, give this @shauntfitness program a try #BringingHealthyBack
On an upcoming show, we're discussing ovarian cancer survival and early diagnosis stories. Share yours w/ #OzStories to be featured!
Gargle with ice water to cure hiccups. It will stop your diaphragm from spasming and put an end to the problem. #OzTip
How do you make sure your children are getting their nutrients? Reply with #OzQuestion to be featured on an upcoming show.
Heart disease, diabetes, skin irritation, aches and pains can be caused by out-of-control inflammation -
Knowledge is power! Be a smart patient and take control of your health. Click here:
Who's ready for season 6? I can't wait! #BringingHealthyBack
What's your take on @DavidPerlmutter's gluten opinion last season? WATCH: Reply w/ #GlutenOnOz to be on the show.
Think you can't get back into shape? Think again! My personal trainer, @donovangreen, is here to show you how:
Have high blood pressure? Try beet root juice or hydrolyzed whey protein; both help blood flow more easily through the body #OzTip
Standing can have a huge impact on your health. Send me a creative (& safe) pic of you doing this w/ #Standing. My favs will be on the show!
Thank gosh @DrOz says I have a good blood pressure-- make sure to get tested and find out yours. #healthyJC
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Today's event should be on season 6 opener of @DrOz. Catch more then for footage from JC! Here w/@JCMedCenter team.
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My brother-in-law, Chris Lemole, among others, nominated me for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Challenge ACCEPTED:
Coming soon....
Be sure to catch #Botched docs @DrPaulNassif & @DrDubrow on the show with me in Sept - don’t forget their season finale this Sunday on E!
"Never forget that the body is the temple of the soul." @DrOz
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Don't miss today's show! We are featuring @DavidBuer's 12-week Transform YOU plan. Reclaim your health and fitness:
Tonight is the season finale of @nymedabc! Be sure to watch tonight at 10/9c on ABC: #NYMed
Next time you make chicken, use corn flake crumbs and bake it instead of frying it. Delicious and much healthier #OzTip
The tragic death of Robin Williams has opened up a very necessary dialogue about depression. It's important
Cut zucchini into strips and add it to your pasta. It will provide texture, yet save you calories #OzTip