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Dr. Mehmet Oz
#Kickstarter project honors Jazz legend & my patient Ahmet Ertegun. Click to learn more about the #JoeyMorantProject
Today, we expose the dangers of Enlist Duo, the pesticide that is putting our nation at risk:
The USDA approved the Enlist GMO’s. Tune in tom. as we cover the dangers of Enlist Duo and the risks of EPA approval
Do you take anti-anxiety medication? If so, take this short poll for an upcoming show:
Domestic abuse is a very real problem. How have the recent NFL headlines changed the convo on this topic? Share your opinion w/ #OzOpinion
Today, we investigate the tragic death of Joan Rivers. Why did a minor procedure end her life? Who is to blame?
On tomorrow's show, we investigate the tragic death of Joan Rivers. What went wrong? I answer this question & more:
Energy drinks can cause serious problems for your heart. What's your opinion? Reply with #OzEnergy to be on the show.
Be sure to pick up my friend @WilliamDavisMD's new book: It's out today; look for him on the show on 9/23.
What do you think happens after death? Share your opinion. We discuss this age-old topic on today's show.
What happens when we die? This has been 1 of mankind's greatest questions for centuries. We discuss on today's show:
Be sure to catch my friends over at "Red Band Society". Amazing show! It premieres tonight at 9/8c on FOX.
What keeps you up at 4am? @AnnabelGurwitch will be discussing her favorite submissions while here for her upcoming appearance.
To prevent UTIs naturally, take 2 teaspoons of horseradish per day; it contains oils that have anti-bacterial properties #OzTip
There is a medical mystery affecting our nation's children. 1,000 kids in 10 states have been hospitalized:
What's your biggest health question for me? Reply with #OzsInbox and I'll answer my favorites on my blog.
On today's show, I'm going to reveal how to reset your fat-loss hormones. Be sure to watch! #BringingHealthyBack
Proud of my friend @markhymanmd for becoming the new leader of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine:
Tired of trying to decode drugstore labels? You may already have a natural remedy in your pantry:
Do these look like innocent foods? Think again. This is ALL edible marijuana. See a sneak peek
Twitter correspondents are at today's taping collecting questions re: women & antidepressants. Ask now w/ #OzTalk
Do you think this looks like a typical children's lunch? Think again. This is ALL edible pot. See a preview here:
Over the weekend, I lost a very close friend whose life deserves celebration. Frank Torre was a World Series baseball hero, miraculous patient, remarkable humanitarian, and overall phenomenal person. From the day I met him, I knew he was healthy when he started giving me a hard time, which he did fo
What's your biggest question about antidepressants? Ask with #OzTalk; we'll answer the biggest ones on the show.
(3/3) @BronxMama_com, @iamthatlady, and @momfeld. Share your questions about women & antidepressants w/ us via #OzTalk
Very excited to have the following mom-bloggers at tomorrow's taping as Twitter correspondents! #OzTalk: @TheMBAMoms, @TheBrandNewMom (1/3)
We’re discussing your questions about antidepressant use in women. Ask with #OzTalk and the biggest ones will be answered on the show.
Having an amazing event in Atlanta!
Knowing the symptoms of a stroke can literally save your life. Do you know what they are? Take a look:
Learn what you need to know about the dangers of caffeinated products:
Do you think it's important to get a pelvic exam yearly? Share your opinion why or why not with #OzOpinion.
This season is all about #BringingHealthyBack. Take this quiz before watching today to see what your focus should be:
If you need some inspiration for dinner tonight, try this #OzApproved recipe for Vegan Paella:
Really inspiring story about one of the many heroes of 9/11. Take a look:
Extended periods of sitting is harmful to your health. Try walking around or stretching at regular intervals.
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Did you experience morning-sickness, like Kate Middleton? What solutions did you try? Tell me with #OzSolution
Acne can affect anyone. Have you had any adverse skin reactions to over-the-counter acne treatments? Share your story with #OzStory
This trend has me very concerned: deadly heart attacks in women under 55. Watch today for the warning signs:
13 years ago today, our nation was attacked and almost 3,000 innocent lives were lost. It's a day that none of us will ever forget. A staff member took this shot of the Freedom Tower in NYC, a stunning tribute to our nation's resolve. Especially today, our thoughts and prayers are with all those who
What is your biggest health question for me? Ask me with #OzQuestion; I'll answer my favorite on
How much fruit do you eat per day? Tell me with #OzQuestion and my favorites will be on the show.
How much do you worry about the radiation your kids are being exposed to from wireless devices? Share your thoughts with #RadiationOpinion
.@Bethenny funny you should say that! Today's whole show is about sleep:
How many of you struggle with sleep? On today's show, we tackle America's sleep epidemic and search for answers:
Be sure to pick up my friend @DavidPerlmutter's new Grain Brain Cookbook / today and catch him with me on the show on 9/19.
Learn why yearly eye exams are an easy and essential way to protect your eyes and your overall health.
.@gwenstefani it was a pleasure meeting you today at the Apple event!
Here's a quick shot of our CEO Jeff Arnold and @DrOz at today's #AppleLive event.
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