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Dr Miriam Law Smith
Having great fun teaching @OpenUniversity 'Exploring Psychology - online project' module - with v.interested and motivated students! #DZX222
Can virtual reality help people conquer their phobias? | by David Cox @dcwriter89 via @guardian
For Kids, Mental Abuse Can Be Worse than Sexual, Physical Abuse | Psych Central News:… #trauma
Nice work by @UZH_Science researchers shedding light on the evolutionary origins of human hyper-cooperation.…
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The smartest dog in the world - studies show he knows names of more than 1000 toys… via @CBSNews
Pilot study shows memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed for first time:… via @NeuroscienceNew
Realizing the promise of education: An effective early intervention program for substance exposed babies and toddlers…
UK intelligence service GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic and dyspraxic agents via @vaughanbell #neurodiversity
Teaching adolescents that people can change prevents depression symptoms… via @MCoylePhD
Announcing NEEPS 2015 conference! April 9-12 at Suffolk University, Boston MA, with AEPS annual meeting 9 April. See
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Sprint's Neurodiversity ID Pack : Key Apps for Alternative Learners | @sprintnews #autism LearningWorks for Kids
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Exciting opportunity! Web developer for internet project in behavioral sciences Read:
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Nudge economics: has push come to shove for a fashionable theory? via @guardianscience
The critical importance of kindness. Great article in The Atlantic about successful marriages.
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Does Nature Need to be Nurtured? | by @primatediaries | Scientific American Blog Network… #evolution
Think you know why obesity rates are rising? You’re probably wrong | by @BethSkw via @PLOSBlogs
Primates And Patience -- The Evolutionary Roots Of Self Control… via @science2_0 #evolution
Why we will come to see mindfulness as mandatory | Madeleine Bunting via @guardian
Why Love Literally Hurts - Association for Psychological Science… #evolution
Inconvenient people: A Victorian view of mental-health treatment…
Informative article on evidence-based parenting: Raising a Moral Child | by @AdamMGrant | NYT
Are we using antidepressants to paper over the cracks of a fractured society? by @frankiemullin via @guardian
Time Change to AEPS Pre-Conference business meeting! Will be held before this year's NEEPS Conference at (cont)
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Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas | NYT #evolution
The AEPS Pre-Conference business meeting will be held before this year's NEEPS Conference at 9am at SUNY New (cont)
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Doctor: ADHD Does Not Exist | Time Magazine via @TIMEIdeas
Photographer Creates Surreal Images To Promote Shelter Animals And Find Them New Homes | DeMilked… via @demilked
NIMH will no longer fund research aiming to relieve symptoms without probing underlying causes.…
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Interesting commentary on epigenetic inheritance in mammals. Epigenetics: The sins of the father…
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy shown to be effective for people with Body Dysmorphia #CBT
How your brain works | Guardian | video via @guardianscience
Autism friendly performance of The Lion King to take place at London theatre :… #autism #lionking
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Talking Neanderthals challenge the origins of speech… #evolution
New ideas change your brain cells, research shows | Educational Psychology…
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: AEPS is seeking submissions for a poster session to be held at the NEEPS Conference at (cont)
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The Town That's Building Life Around Sleep…
CBT Can Be Quick, Cost-Effective Solution for Insomnia | Psych Central News:…
City psychology survey: your best and worst experiences via @guardianscience
Brains of children with Autism shown to be more active at rest | Psych Central News:… #fmri #neuroscience #ASC
The Benefits of Talking About Thoughts with Tots | by @gothemind… via @drspiteri
@BBSRC funded postdoc position in my lab - NF-kB and DNA damage. An exciting collaboration with @ClaireEEyers…
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Internal Time: The Science of Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You’re So Tired | Brain Pickings… via @brainpicker
Just watched brilliant C5 documentary about Olympic gymnast @louissmith1989 controlling his ADHD symptoms with sport. Inspiring.
Don't worry, be happy: overcoming worry may be key to mental health | Guardian @ProfDFreeman and @JasonFreeman100
Little Angels; NYT book review by @sbaroncohen of 'Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil' by @paulbloomatyale
Psychologists Find the Best Way to Achieve New Year's Resolutions - Is to Not Make Any | Huffington Post