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Dr. Kiki Sanford
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Holy rewind! This old clip (at 10:25) of me talking oobleck on The Lab w/@leolaporte back in 2008 via @TwistJamie:…
Here is This Week in Science for your ear holes. Listen now:… #itsallinyourhead
Contemplating ideas for @TWIScience meetup during the @aaas annual meeting in San Jose next year. A live show even? Thoughts?
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Don't miss the scoop on fracking, testes, and cows! All on this week's This Week in Science:
The random placebo-controlled trial versus compassionate use - where science and bioethics need to meet:…
RT @lisaschnirring: CDC releass response to #anthrax lab findings & internal investigation of #H5N1 lab incident
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Seriously, @GordMcLeod! You should have been on this ;) @SlashVohaul @hitchBOT
Epigenetics doesn't explain everything, so don't use it that way.…
This Week in Science (TWIS) - Episode 476: via @YouTube
TWIS is on! Robot time!!! Are you with us?
Thank you for your wonderful presentation, @MustLoveScience! It was fun judging. @sam_kean
T-10 minutes until @TWIScience goes live with @Jacksonfly, @blairsmenagerie, and me! Join us:
Two hours until science time! Watch and join the fun at 8pm PDT on
A little light reading this afternoon... ;)
Just starting 'The Science of Liberty' by @loworbit - fascinating argument that science sparked democracy.
I voiced the opening sponsorship message for this film about making school food programs better. Watch now:
Are you looking forward to TWIS tonight?!? We've got testes, viruses, and chemicals in the lineup! 8pm PDT
“People silently struggle from all kinds of terrible things. They suffer from depression, ambition…” —@ftrain…
Severe Vitamin D deficiency linked to dementia, Alzheimer's:…
Change your memories, change your life...…
Microbial life living on dust in the sky might massively influence rainfall.…