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Dr. Kiki Sanford
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Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by a Balloon and a Minivan #science @drkiki
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One job application submitted, one video edited, many emails read and sent... I love feeling productive.
Palcohol... like Kool-aid for the over-21 crowd. #fileunderreallybadidea
Hoping I can beat this little sinus bug before my little trip to NYC tomorrow... grrr... sniffleAchoo! #snotisnotsexy
Listen up! It's TWIS... making Monday better with SCIENCE!…
Listen up! It's TWIS... making Monday better with SCIENCE!…
Ok. Dyeing Easter eggs: does the acid in vinegar open up the calcium carbonate so dye can incorporate into the shell?
You're made of biopolymers: muscle tissue and proteins (muscle is protein) is a polymer made from amino acids.
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Rocket question: does the ground ever enter the equation during launch or is it all about thrust from the rocket?
I really want to tell you about the latest @smartappmoms video, but you are going to have to see it for yourself:...
So @ryneches @phylogenomics et al. just send their science into space. You should probably congratulate them.
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Making science dust: RT @SPACEdotcom: RIP LADEE: NASA Moon Probe Crashes Into Lunar Surface
Interested in the teenage menace, stinky sex, and gamer's rage? Check out TWIS on YouTube!...
That moment when you realize things are not going as planned...
Dragon's twin solar arrays deployed on schedule less than 15 minutes after launch. They will allow the spacecraft to recharge its batteries.
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First stage has performed its entry burn, according to SpaceX mission control.
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This Week in Science (TWIS) - Episode 460: via @YouTube
9 people are dead, 3 others seriously hurt, many more missing after Mount Everest avalanche, officials said.
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Look at the time! 20 minutes to TWIS... join us:
Wondering what apps are good for your kids? Check out Smart App Moms! The latest ep covers Birthday Party. Watch...
RT @swissnexSF: What are the risks involved in assisted procreation? Find out more on May 1 w/ panel of experts &...
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What did you miss on TWIS last week? Well, a lot of vaginas for one, and voles, and robots among other things....
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