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Spelling things correctly seems to be a lossed art these days
#ImOldEnoughToKnow that in my 23 years is important to not give away your age 😁
The 1st person to spot the hidden fruit in #ThroughTheKeyhole will win an amazing #FruitKeyhole treat @lemontwittor
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Well today was a waste of time!! Come to a rebel war re-enactment they said! You'll love it they said
Ok was inspired by #GreatBritishBakeOff "It says here to separate the eggs. How far apart do they have to be?" #StupidRecipe
If you feel lonely, turn down the lights and put on a horror-movie. After a while it won’t feel like you are alone anymore.
Eh?? Have they left their thermometer by the radiators??…
First time I get a 9 on #8Outof10CatsDoesCountdown So does everyone else! 😩😩😖
Now 2.30 for a taxi that was going to be here at 2.10 my @DiamondCarsTaxi #telford
Half hour in town centre waiting for taxi that was gonna be 15 mins! #Telford #DiamondCars
Don't forget holidays are a time for family and playing together
Just off to get my step ladder ... I never knew my real ladder :-(
5 reasons to like me ... 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Please!!!
They say that you meet the love of your life when you're not looking ... Which was true.. But by then it was too late I'd run her over :-((
Oh good 6.15a.m on a Sunday morning and I'm awake! 😳#CoversHeadWithPillowow
Can you feel the loaf tonight? The Lion King: Showstopper Edition. #GBBO
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If you're having a bad day, just watch this Pikachu squad dance for you.
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Why do I have to prove I am me to pay my bills over the phone??.. Do strangers ever ring to pay my bill?? If they do why don't you let them?
We will be launching the ALB on exercise at 1830hrs. Come down and watch if you wish. #Barmouth #TrainOneSaveMany #RNLI
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Bladder infection?? Urine trouble! 😝😝😳😱
I'm no Sunderland expert @BBCSport @BBCNews but are you sure Doug Ellis is chairman??
Oh good! Now we get to lose a day earlier than normal! #avfc 😩😩😩
Driving lessons Well done Ellie! Ellie did a great drive to pass her test with just 5 minor driving faults.
Good news if you like big surf! Huge swell bringing big waves to western coasts. Expected to peak tomorrow. Jo
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Went to an anxiety group, I really hope more people show up. Maybe there was a terrible accident and everyone that was coming is now dead 😳
Long traffic delays upto emstree roundabout! TURN THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS OFF!!! @BBCShropshire @highwaysagency
The best way to spend a weekend is by watching a scary movie and screaming louder than the characters in it #ScreamingInAManlyWay #ahem
I hope you don't mind...I hope you don't mind that I put down in words .. How wonderful life is .... Cos I'm in the world
The Chuckle Brothers have just been signed up by British Gas, .... to meter you. #ICrackMyselfUp

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