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Drew Dean
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You can't fight what's meant to be! #Truth #LetGoAndLetGod
Not chasing something is actually the quickest way to get it.
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Alexandra Shipp is freakin' beautiful, damn! #Drumline2 #AaliyahMovie
Keep me where the light is! #Gravity
You gotta play the black and white keys together! #Music #Magic
"The only real danger that exists is man himself..." - Carl Jung #Truth
Just because you have the power to crush someone, doesn't mean you have to. #Restraint
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There's somebody for everybody! #RealTalk
you are who you are when no one is looking.
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"Me and you, your momma and your cousin too, Rollin' down the strip on vogues, Comin' up slammin' Cadillac doz!" #Chunes
Trust yourself and stay true to yourself.
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There's no such thing as a sure thing! #TakeADive
Cruise actually gets cool points for #EdgeOfTomorrow Felt like a strategy video game to me.
I love peeps who have "SOMETHING" to say! #Real
Let your faith inform your movement! #Inspiration
Still waters surely run deep! #RealTalk #Truth
Control your life or your life will control you.
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Don't think, just jump! #LeapOfFaith
Sippin' Bombay Smokin' Bob Marley!!! Check out the homie @DuffSinatra new video! #BOBMARLEY
"Don't tell me when, where or for how long I can be funky!" - James Brown #GetOnUp #TheFunkIsForever
Honestly as long as your happy who the hell cares.
Retweeted by Drew Dean
Kanye's #LoveLockdown beat was so simple yet so dope! #GivingJackHisJacket
Bumping 808s on a dynamite trap beat! #Explosive #RNB #HipHop #Soul #Fusion #Music
God's gifts and calling can't be taken back. -Romans 11:29 #Truth
Give me that Sunday kinda love! #FreeFlow
You can't possibly be living if you have time to post every waking moment of your life.. Put the devices down and be present ...
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Beautiful things don't ask for attention! #NaturalLight
My cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone! #OnAndOn
Socks & Slippers in the Caribbean! #FashionFail
Great Pressure Produces Great Power.
Retweeted by Drew Dean
Love needs no explanation! #ItIsWhatItIs
I'm not Different, I'm DIVERGENT! #PowerTweet
The closer you look the less you see! #ZoomOut
Great performances by @michaelb4jordan @octaviaspencer and the rest of the cast tho! #FruitvaleStation
This movie #FruitvaleStation just struck a chord with me! I'm so mad I'm blasting that #NWA #FTP joint!
@DrewDean the deeper the process the sweeter the juice, for the tree will can only weather the storms the deeper you cast the roots.
Retweeted by Drew Dean
Love is a juice with many tastes, some bitter others sweet... #PoeticJustice
When I wake up in the morning God is there! #HeIsEverywhere