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Derrick Lambert
A guy and a girl can be friends. But sooner or later one will fall for the other. Maybe too early, maybe too late, but maybe, maybe forever.
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Tearing down the studio sucks! Send help plz!
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I may have a slight addiction to Burger King Chicken Fries now.. Send Help :p
When someone you used to be “friends” with pokes you on Facebook #awkward
What a phenomenal cast. HUGE shout out to @dreklamb for the amazing support tonight! Also, don't mess with our community, folks. It ends bad
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OH SNAP! @oISketcHIo just got #DREKT. Shout out to Drekryan for a GENEROUS and amazing donation. #Broken.
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As I mentioned before, be prepared for one or two extremely long casts in the next few days ;)
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Yay for Twitch Channel Rebranding! Can’t wait to stream for real this time! :)
Seriously tell me how many bots show you how many new viewers you had and how many of those became followers? #DataThatMatters
The number of new viewers, new followers, new subs, retention rate, etc. You can see how long every viewer watched for every stream #DrekBot
Telling you DrekBot gives you the data and features that matter. Screw all that shit you have seen in other bots. DrekBot is all you need.
2/2 Now you can finally figure out the conversion rate of new viewers to new followers. See the percentage of viewer to followers.
1/2 DrekBot has an incredible new feature where it tracks how many new viewers you had during a stream by counting new users it sees.
It's easy to jump right to "people are stupid lol," but it turns out it's actually a huge Apple Maps UX issue.
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Time to take a midnight walk to feel better….
Okay. I gotta wait for Twitch to approve the tee-shirt, then it will be live! Hopefully tonight! :D
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Google Glass Chomebook/Chrome OS Nexus Q Google+ Nexus How are they doing? Google is just announcing failed products in the last 5 years is operational again :) sorry about that
Major derpage... I just entirely killed
Revamping my entire stream.. Hope to stick with it this time.. maybe :/ still waiting on a new wireless card tho
Everyone hates me :/
This would be Sadie’s mother -_- lol
If you were lucky enough to get DrekBot Pro for free you will have the ability to invite 5 people which will also get the membership free!
Today's broadcast begins in one hour! Come join us on Twitch:
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This game is pretty cool. *advances through a few levels* *video ad plays* *uninstalls game* I'd rather pay for it up front.
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Updating my graphics drivers for my Nvidia GTX Titan Black card... Hopefully these new drivers dont screw anything up :/ risking it...
This week's schedule: May 25 10:00AM PDT May 26 5:00PM PDT May 27 5:00PM PDT May 28 5:00PM PDT May 29 5:00PM PDT
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Multithreading begins Monday! Be sure not to miss this racey week of Hero Handmade :P
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Since when does anyone press space to scroll down a page... I never understood the purpose
Don't make her wait for you just because you know she will.
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By far my favorite Apple ad... Apple keep doing what you do.
2/2 It is all first come, first serve so by all means get your name in if you havent already. Some lucky ones also got Pro for free! :3
1/2 The @drekbot early birds will be getting beta keys for build one in just a day or two. Watch those inboxes closely ;) ...
If we break up or stop being friends your secrets are still my secrets, I'll stick to my word regardless
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So Sadie has mastered getting to her food bag.. That didn’t take long.. Didn’t think she was going to be that smart :/
Skype WTF are you talking about.. You know I don’t have friends..
Telling someone how you feel is honestly the hardest thing ever.
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r.i.p to my hero , my beautiful solider my grandfather thank you for serving america ❤️💙🇺
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We've released tons of tweaks, bug fixes, and more over the past 24 hours, (including mobile!) check it out -…
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My new @automatic adapter literally came half opened like this :/ luckily it was all safe and sound

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