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Derrick Lambert
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Ugh @Skype Why do you do this to me? #annoyed
One of the most significant Xbox One updates ever hit consoles over the weekend
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Moving on to new things :)
Ok it’s official…. I hate @Skype
R.I. Eagle Scout publishes Minecraft novel | Boys' Life magazine…
45 days until Christmas :)
I really wish QR codes would die like Bluray did
Started programming my own twitch chat bot :)
Going to buy COD:AW later. I know I have been slacking on that
Bought some Minecraft stuff at Target. I’m such a nerd -_-
So bored right nows
My Skype is my personal Skype for just my friends. Please don’t ask me for my Skype. Twitter is the only account I have for anyone
Notification Center is for glancable information, not input
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Me and @ram8290 are planning to go live on Twitch tonight at 8pm EST. Stay tuned for updates.
@dreklamb @ram8290 Thanks Again oh my goshh, haha You have no ideaaaa!!!!!
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Me and @ram8290 just trolled @Chemical_Babe for raiding us last night <3 Kappa - Enjoy the PS4 @Chemical_Babe
Sorry for the delay everyone! @ram8290 will be going live shortly :)
Nap time ;) and gots my kitty with me
Next stream with @ram8290 is in about 12 hours. 9pm EST
Thanks everyone that joined @ram8290′s stream :)
Chilling with @ram8290 on Twitch… Come join us
Remember everyone, @ram8290 is streaming tonight at 8:30pm EST... Join us tonight if you can. Show up early for the epic intro.
Me and @ram8290 doing some Twitch stream planning and testing for tonights stream… If you want to annoy us you can stop by
Come join me in @Chikari2010's Stream! doing a 25hr Loads of fun <3
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Dear @CVS_Extra @riteaid, thanks for going out of your way to turn off Apple Pay. Makes it so much easier to choose @Walgreens!
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Never ignore a person who cares for you Because someday you’ll realize You’ve lost a diamond, While you were busy collecting stones.
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Retail chains that are boycotting Apple Pay are like phone makers that refused to give up physical keyboards.
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Still not seeing the value of @hitboxlive over @Twitch… Maybe it’s just me. Hmmm
What happens on Twitch stays on Twitch :)
Twitch API Authentication seems to be broken for Nightbot, so you won’t be able to register on until Twitch fixes it.
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Wow this is so true! Worth the read :) - 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD via @lifehackorg
Youtube exporter is re-enabled. Archives before site maintenance should be appearing shortly, if not already. ^AC
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Site maintenance will start in approximately 20 minutes (at 8am PDT). Expected downtime is 5-15 minutes.
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I think I’m going to do something different with my life. Not happy yet :/