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Dr Douglas Bentley
Peace pilgrim said like mother teresa:never be against only for..what you resist becomes stronger!
Breath in open to healing then breath the healing of into you wound. A miracle will happen
Never assume motive and you may see more.
But six years old in an ancient body shout out and pray with me
Shout out in prayer there's only one hope to those believe
In the waters of healing we pray I'm surrounded by saints angels and servants as I bring myself down into the depths of humility thank you
I'm shouting out to all who believe prayer pray with me my grandmother my aunt and my ancestors there might be totally and completely healed
I've asked my grandmother 125 years old and my aunt was 95 years old to pray with me for healing . Both saints, I am but a child before them
Thank you for your blessings
Morning meditation again. Sitting in the healing waters receiving the words of God
Growth & renewal: we can hope to learn their secrets. In this world and the others.
Bug And Elf meditation masters
How many times a Day does the name of Jesus come to you. He seems to get around.
Pay it forward means shout out the truth, the monk
Smile after daily meditation and healing with the angels
Ibrain surgery blinds my spirit sight. Does that prove my experiece was false? surgery removes my eyes then vision= illusion. Right
Theory=science. Faith=my experiene. Truth=unknoweable by finite mind. Chooae.
Even p less than .00001 is a type II error in most science journals. Is this more true than experience which cannot be quantified?
The conflict between faith & hypothesis is human need to separate. Both are unproveable. Yet wars erupt???
Hey its 85 and i am adding to my knowledge of our minds.
I was told last week i was lying when i told my actual age
The power flows in every cell
I am feeling so much joy an peace mediating in the hot springs sun & sky are a gift. Dr. Doug
Nothing is denied to us if we love
Here i am in the hot springs age 65 feelin 20
When i meditate I feel the strength of my youth, a gift.
Meditating in privat hot springs. Secret age reversa.l meditation
just done powerful secret meditation to maintain the strength of my youth age 120 i had as national college wrestling and tennis star
Jusr got into hot springs meditation tub.
The written word is more powerful then the sword or your fears
Hey fans for those who read my books share your insight
Remember the stories of those who overcame infinite odds
All that is required is that you are willing to receive listen deeply and he will guide you into the path of receiving
Infinitely small and infinitely large can manifest through God into every area of your life prosperity health intelligence, Everything
God can dream beyond what any human can imagine. He can dream infinite blessings into every singularity of your being
What is the greatest dream, dare to ask that God bless every area of your life with blessings beyond your greatest dream
Have you not felt it have you not felted have you not felted, it is more beautiful than you can imagine, remember
every athlete striving for excellence has felt their heart reach out to " God:" and was overwhelmed. the grace came in such power!

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