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Draya Michele
I don't wanna be famous, Id like to be financially set for life. Fair enough ?
Anybody know that Jazzma girl name on here???
Where does my menu bar at the bottom keep disappearing to on Twitter ? πŸ˜‘
Do great things and watch great things happen. πŸ™Œ
The attempts still amaze me....
That's why I succeed in life... Because I have a good soul. I'm not malicious, nor do I fuck people over.
I would NEVER do anything to harm anyone in any way for TV ...... These bitches are nutty.
RT @L0veandL0yalty: @DrayaFace trademark infringement... Smh <--- it's a crime. Lol.
Sorry tho, I'm out of the "making people famous" business. I just sell swimwear.
People will sell they're souls for fame nowadays. Anything for a storyline.
Bitches tried to trademark my brand 😩😩 how badly do you wanna be me??
RT @chardemilan: Can't wait to order my swimsuit from #MintSwim by @DrayaFace for Punta Cana 😍🐠🌴🌊
RT @_SimplyAmb: Couldn't decide between Courtney and Valerie @DrayaFaceΒ so I bought 'em both 😍😩 <--- πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
RT @Aaabreezy_: Can't wait to order #MintSwim by @DrayaFace for my trip to Cabo 😍
RT @carolylove: @DrayaFace just ordered my mint-swim πŸ™Œ
7h <-/- lol 😩😩😩
RT @allhailLILBIT: Babe @DrayaFace is closing her site tomorrow 😳 I guess I need to order my swim suit for Panama now !!!
RT @Kiaarruuhhh: Thank you for that sale @DrayaFace! I had to get a Mint Swim bikini!!! #zoe #pt2
Tomorrow is the last day to shop for the season. Code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout for 30% off.
RT @ACE_906: @DrayaFace checkout the mini portrait I did of you! <--- very nice !!!
Gaining my weight back ☺️
Good morning !!!
Kinda just brushed my teeth. Kinda wanna eat these double stuffed Oreos tho.
Today was a good day
. @JackJackJohnson & @jackgilinsky new tides video is pretty nice. My good friend @andreladon did a great job. Go Dre
Been on phone with ATT for 52 mins ..... Jesus I need you.
It's Monday, a great day to make a to do list and get that stuff done you been putting on hold πŸ“
Jazz radio station is too dope late night. "I get lifted" πŸŽΆπŸš‚
Phone on πŸŒ™ ....
It's much sexier to have your own identity.
It's weird cuz I was born a leader, but I don't want no follower for sure.... So how's that work?
I just bought it on amazon πŸ™ˆ I'm so risky and impulsive and independent 😩😩😩 lol
I need like 10ft iPhone charger cord....there you go baller, buy me that.
Stop throwing finances at me.....I don't care about your money unless it can help my money out.
I have really big checks to write tomorrow. Gotta figure out ways to make some more money now.
Good morning. Happy Sunday.
And I still drink. Shame.
I can't even take shots anymore. I gag and throw up almost instantly
After 27, I started getting a hangover from pretty much anything I drink.
I'm grouchy. And hungover.
You know you had a trill ass Friday night when u have to get emergency dental work done on Saturday morning. Just sayin.
Gentlemen still exist. I promise.
I can't post it because it's too much ass out according to ig (but I love it) so the pic will get reported and they ain't about to delete me
Can't post on my iG but whoa. She did that 😍�
Dinner party 🍴
You got...... I got .....