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β€œ@kingstutu: @DPRINCEMAVIN I must confess am inspired by OYO. Cos most pple feel its their right 4 oda pple 2 help dem- Govt, famliy eTc..
All Your Dreams Would Come True if You Pursue them diligently with GODS help. #OYO
If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission! #OYO
Hustle Hard for Yourself Stop Waiting for People! STOP Giving Yourself Excuses. Remember You Are On Your Own! YOU CAN DO IT!!! #OYO
@DPRINCEMAVIN's #OYO is the lyrically powerful and very danceable.… it's a must-have! Thanks @DONJAZZY, #Mavin
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thank u bro RT @bigtatafo: @DPRINCEMAVIN vry good song mehn, can't deny, OYO!
thanks bro RT @dmanhb: @DPRINCEMAVIN: Sharp one Boss. #OYO #MAVIN The ministry is moving to the permanent site.
bless RT @Hadeydamola: We might joke and mess around singing bout money and fun but sometimes we just have to sing sense and send a msg #OYO
RT @lilblizz5: When you fall from the top my brother suddenly the loving dey stop!...ur just on you own in this life #OYO
#OYO RT @iam_Icekid: What you sow you go reap Because baba God no dey do partiality #OYO
#OYO RT @iam_Icekid: This is a wake up call oh! My brother no dey dull oh! You gaz to stand up tall oh! Stand gidigba no go fall oh! #OYO
OYO by @DPRINCEMAVIN baddest tune😜produced by@mavin_donjazzyy Bless up yourself@DPRINCEMAVINN
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bless bro RT @Young_Korex: When you die some go Cry otan, nobody go follow you die. #OYO #DoroBoss
Guys have u listing to the song of the year OYO by @DPRINCEMAVIN go download the song is a dope hits..... Thanks for @DONJAZZY aging on this
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Lol #OYO β€œ@ugo_jesse: @DPRINCEMAVIN has said it all, Evrybody u re On Your Own, @DONJAZZY nice jam”
Thnx Guys β€œ@VibesFM973: NP: (NEW MUSIC) OYO - @DPRINCEMAVIN #SatAfternoonShow w/ @satoEDK”
NP O Y O ON AFROHITLIST SHOW By @DPRINCEMAVIN Afrohiist From 1pm-4Pm ON urbanjazradioUK @afrohitlist:
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Uk Fam listen up! β€œ@sexydjbabylynn: NP O Y O ON AFROHITLIST SHOW By @DPRINCEMAVIN Afrohiist From 1pm-4Pm ON urbanjazradioUK @afrohitlist:
Thanx Guys for all the Wonderful comments!!!! Means a lot to us! Got Nothing but LOVE for y'all. Please help Share the Gospel. #OYO #MAVIN
lol thanx dear RT @superfly_don: @DONJAZZY @DPRINCEMAVIN tell us this song is up for Grammy. and we PRomise to shut down london
@DPRINCEMAVIN if u die today, nobody go follow u enter grave, LOBATAN.that mean #OYO
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#NP Oyo by @DPRINCEMAVIN ...massive afro-beat tune this is! *thumbs up*
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Bless bro β€œ@Chyno_008: Np: #OYO by @DPRINCEMAVIN and @DONJAZZY. On repeat! Dope single.”
β€œthnx bro @xtrimlysoccer: thumbs up to @DPRINCEMAVIN on #OYO.”
@DPRINCEMAVIN OYO is taking me back to the days of the legendary FELA KUTI...nice one
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@DONJAZZY always nothing but the best from your team #OYO
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β€œ#OYO @greatness0876: What you sow you go reap cos baba GOD no dey show partiality. .#OYO now dis is real tune....on repeat since 05/09/14”
Bless β€œ@eniola_babs: @DPRINCEMAVIN OYO is the reality of life nice music,God bless ur inspiration its on repeat on ma Android. big ups.#OYO”
thanks bro! β€œ@Am_kod: OYO by @DPRINCEMAVIN is a nice sng! Real life shit! Cred to @DONJAZZY also on d beat!”
#OYO β€œ@Dera_val: do u know i have bcome addicted to this ur #OYO Song. since last nyt my hand no won press stop. Save me oo. Am i ON MY OWN!
After u chop alone u dey expect somebody 2 orobo 4 u #OYO
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#OYO RT @thacoded: @DPRINCEMAVIN You Never Disappointing , @DONJAZZY Fly As Ever #OYO 🎢🎢🎡🎡
Ms Runbeneke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @FadeOgunro: @DPRINCEMAVIN loving the OYO track! Biggup!
bless RT @Fancy534: #OYO might just endup being d tune of d nice track.@DPRINCEMAVIN @DONJAZZY"
#OYO RT @Uru_Eke: The pictures of the homeless looking Dprince for his new track OYO has got me laughing like an idiat!!!
RT @InfoNubia: @DPRINCEMAVIN outdid himself on this inspiring #tune. This song is a certified πŸ’―. Big ups@DONJAZZYy.…
thank u bro! #OYO RT @arnoldlafs: #OYO might just endup being d tune of d year........@DPRINCEMAVIN @DONJAZZY
RT @sleekwalsh: @DONJAZZY I love the part. "If you wait for ur landlord, ur friend, ur gov't, ur uncle, *hiss* ur gov't . #Pointtaken #OYO.
Just download dis badt tune #OYO. By@DPRINCEMAVIN. Can't stop been on replay
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