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Downton Abbey
There are so many memorable quotes from all four series of #Downton, how well do you remember which each belongs to?
The chandeliers are sparkling gloriously in the midday sunshine. The house looks simply splendid! #Downton
Best thing about watching TV today has been the #DowntonAbbey trailer! Can't wait for your return, @DowntonAbbey !
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So very excited! RT @DowntonAbbey: Series 5 begins on 21 September! Watch the trailer: #Downton
Retweeted by Downton Abbey
Series 5 begins on Sunday 21st September! Watch the trailer, here: #CountDownton #Downton
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Are you excited to know what is coming up in the next series of #Downton Abbey? Watch the #Series5 teaser here:
The grocery delivery to #Downton Abbey has vital ingredients missing! How ever will Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patmore work around it?
Which #Downton Abbey character most resonates with you? Take the quiz and tell us who you are most like:
Head to the #Downton Instagram to see the latest exclusive photo from behind the scenes of the upcoming new series:
Caring, protective, and headstrong: three words that describe Tom Branson, wouldn't you agree? Read his story:
Carson and Jimmy are talking in hushed tones in the wine room. Did Carson catch Jimmy attempting to sample some of the fine wine? #Downton
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The wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread is wafting through the downstairs rooms of #Downton Abbey. It's making Carson hungry!
Mrs Patmore has baked a delicious cake for this afternoon's tea, as Isobel Crawley is visiting #Downton Abbey to see Master George.
Would you care to read more about the journey of Isobel Crawley through the series of #Downton Abbey? Do so, here:
If you could ask any of our #Downton Abbey stars a question, what would you ask and who would you ask it of?
Friends, we are delighted to present to you a first look at your beloved characters in Series 5 of #Downton Abbey:…
Explore #behindthescenes on the set of #Downton Abbey: why not take a peek at the Instagram?
If you could ask any of our #Downton Abbey stars a question, what would you ask and who would you ask it of?
With pots and pans and plates scattered all over the dining table downstairs at #Downton Abbey, Mrs Patmore might just blow a gasket!
He is a valued member of the Crawley family at #Downton. Here, we detail how Tom Branson's situation came to pass:
We have a #Series5 treat, or two, waiting for you on the #Downton Abbey Instagram. Such delights!
As Anna lays out Lady Mary's necklace for this evening's dinner, she takes care not to twist any of its delicate beads. #Downton
During Series 4 of #Downton Abbey, Mrs Hughes had many a wise word for her fellow workers. Here are some of her best:
The wonders of a glorious dinner cannot be underestimated. Here, #Downton's food stylist shares her secrets:
Would you care to see the latest photograph from behind the scenes of Series 5? How very exciting! #Downton
Lady Edith loves to linger in #Downton's library, surrounded by so many literary greats!
Have you seen the latest addition to the #Downton Abbey Instagram? Take a peek here:
Do you remember #DowntonNights? Those superb Sunday evenings watching #Downton? Here's how some of you enjoyed yours:
Even with her dearest friend and guide Mrs Patmore, Daisy has had quite some dramas in #Downton. Read her story here:
Have you seen the teaser for #Downton Abbey Series 5 yet, dear friends?
Who of #TeamServants is doing their chores today? #Downton Abbey is a hive of activity!
As she wanders the corridors this afternoon, Lady Rose hears the patter of tiny feet. Is it George or Sybbie? #Downton
She has had many highs and many lows at #Downton Abbey. Read how dear Lady Edith has soldiered through, here:
The wooden floors in #Downton Abbey require a thorough clean at regular intervals. Today is a cleaning day!
Further explore the world of #Downton Abbey on the official Instagram:
Whatever the weather, #Downton Abbey still looks remarkably imposing and grand. Stunning!
Head over to the official Instagram for a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the new series: Intriguing! #Downton
Tom Branson has had one of the most dramatic stories in #Downton Abbey, wouldn't you say? Relive his journey here:
Jimmy is sprucing up the silver this afternoon and Carson is keeping a beady eye on his work, of course! #Downton
Such glittering jewels abound in each series of #Downton Abbey. Relish those that were featured in the last one here:
Would you like a sneak peek at what's waiting in Series 5 of #Downton Abbey? Watch the teaser video here:
Ivy is rapidly speeding through her cooking tasks today as a surprise event is happening in #Downton this evening and she woud like a peek!
Take a look at what lies waiting for you on the official #Downton Abbey Instagram today!
Did you catch this interview with #Downton Abbey's @JoFroggatt?
The drapes and curtains in the great house need a spruce and a spring clean. Not a small task indeed! #Downton