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Downton Abbey
The fire grates could do with a good clean this morning, and Mrs Hughes is wasting no time in briefing her #TeamServants. #Downton
Have you perused the images on the official #Downton Abbey Instagram yet?…
Soft music can be heard playing from an upstairs room at #Downton Abbey. Carson is utterly befuddled as to where it's coming from, though!
The week may feel long, but soon enough it shall be #DowntonDay once more! What have you planned for Sunday's #DowntonNight? #Downton
The sunsets at #Downton Abbey are simply stunning; how wonderful the house looks set against the backdrop of a setting sun.
With a new series, comes more Wise Words. #Downton
A huge amount of clattering can be heard downstairs in the kitchen at #Downton Abbey. Whatever is happening?
Did you enjoy your #DowntonNight? Remember, we do so love to see photos of how you spend your evening.
A whole array of books are waiting to be read in the vast library at #Downton Abbey. Which one will Cora select for some afternoon reading?
If you missed the first episode of #Downton Abbey Series 5 last night, fear not! You can catch-up on @itvplayer
What house chores do you need to get done today, #TeamServants? There is a never ending list awaiting the #Downton servants!
Did you watch the first episode of #Downton Abbey Series 5 last night? How glorious it is that #DowntonNights are here again!
@DowntonAbbey was defo worth missing a night of Freshers, managed to entice other Freshers in with tea and macaroons #studentlife
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@DowntonAbbey well worth the wait... my Sunday evenings are now complete "I'm off upstairs to take off my hat" goodnight 💖💖💖
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Totally and utterly exhausted after that! Wow! Thankyou to everyone who watched. Night night. And see you next week! Xxx#DowntonAbbey
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Brilliant first episode of #Downton. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
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@DowntonAbbey fantastic start to new series, had me smiling and crying and wanting more, thanks millions
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Loved the return of #Downton ... My favourite line "I'm going upstairs to take off my hat" 😂
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I love #Downton more than chocolate & I love chocolate.
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Loved #downton full of drama & wit, my Sundays are complete
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I've really missed the Dowager Countess Violet's pearls of wisdom. Glad @DowntonAbbey is back! #Downton
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Brilliant! Bravo! #Downton looking forward to next week.
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Great #Downton script, sharp, poignant & witty. It doesn't need a storyline, it's an observation.
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@DowntonAbbey well that was all a bit dramatic for #Downton! Back and at its best
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Now that was a brilliant first episode of the new series of @DowntonAbbey! Best Downton series opener yet!
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What a fantastic start to the new series of @DowntonAbbey gripped already #sundaynightdrama
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Delighted to be of service! #TeamServants #Downton RT @mummajonsey: @DowntonAbbey thank you my night is complete
Welcome Back @DowntonAbbey .One of The Best Shows ever! Missed it so Much :) Fantastic Opening to season 5 #Downton #DowntonDay
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Wow a great first episode of the series @DowntonAbbey .... made my evening!!
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Drewe is becoming quite the #Downton hero!
"Thank goodness that's settled." It would seem your mind has been made up for you, Lady Mary. #Downton
Well, aren't the residents of #Downton behaving rather racily this evening…
This doesn't look good... #Downton
Missing information might be right, Lady Cora. #Suspicious
You weren't planning on that were you, Thomas! #BaxterGotThereFirst #Downton
"Can you please keep Molesley in the kitchens until his hair stops, turning blue." That might be wise. #PoorMolesley #BadHairDay
*Spoiler Alert* For those of you who are not in the UK, look away now! Follow @voiceofdownton for spoiler free news.
That sounds splendid ! #Downton RT @tracy24586: a bottle of wine and @DowntonAbbey perfect sunday night
We're rather fond of him too! RT @emj307: Aw I love Molesley #Downton
@DowntonAbbey My Sunday's are now complete. . . And we are off to a fantastic start. I will be wishing my week away now😊
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Happy Anniversary, Lord and Lady Grantham! 34 years is quite an accomplishment. #Downton
"You're a very naughty boy." We suspect you might pay the price for that, Jimmy. #Downton