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Downton Abbey
Hot toddies at the ready as #TeamServants bids you a goodnight! #Downton
@JoFroggatt @DowntonAbbey Great advice and so true. Thank you so much for answering my question. You made my day!
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Tough work! RT @andshardman: #Downton #teamservants @DowntonAbbey sweeping out and black leading the bedroom fires.
A @DowntonAbbey Thank you so much for all your questions. Much love. Night night! X
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Thank you so much for all your #AskJo questions to @JoFroggatt . Sorry not to have been able to answer them all. #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @Sunnysam21 Believe in yourself, you sometimes have to take a risk to push yourself. X
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @Sunnysam21: Kindly share any words that inspire you when working towards a goal.Thanks! #AskJo #Downton
And one final question to wrap up our Q&A with @JoFroggatt #Downton
Q to @JoFroggatt from @moredred: what three words would you use to describe Anna? #AskJo #Downton
Q to @JoFroggatt from @fangirlblood: What's your best memory on set? #AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @moredred I mean come dine with me! That could mean something very different!
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A @DowntonAbbey @moredred Chat to a friend, do yoga or eat chocolate and watch come done with me!
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @moredred: what do you like to do to when you're stressed? #AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @EquestrianEmma So many people but definitely Dame Maggie, Helen, Judy, and the wonderful Penelope Wilton, Phyllis Logan etc
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @EquestrianEmma: Who inspires you as an actress? #AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @miranda_hart12 Definitely her wardrobe full of sparkling gowns and her huge hat collection!
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @miranda_hart12: Whats the best thing about playing Anna #AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @mushroombeast quite a few but definitely @Allenleech and Rob James Collier, those two are mischief! X
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @mushroombeast: Are there any pranksters on set? #AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey I hope I'm a good person like Anna but I would love more of her decisiveness.
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FB Q to from Felicia: In what ways are you like Anna or in what ways do you differ? By the way, I love your character!!#AskJo #Downton
A @DowntonAbbey @olehistorian I love their relationship. They have become very close over the series and I see Anna as a younger Mrs H.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @olehistorian: How would you describe the relationship between Mrs Hughes and Anna? Surrogate mother/daughter? #AskJo
A @DowntonAbbey @AmericanFerero MR MOLESLEY! He's so funny but also has some great drama to play this season. He's so likeable.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @AmericanFerero: If you could swap characters for the day, which character would it be and why? #AskJo
A @DowntonAbbey @WayneenyaW I think maybe Anna would be a nurse as she's a very caring person and hard working.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @WayneenyaW: If you could take Anna out of the 1920s and put her into 2014, what do you think she'd be doing? #AskJo
A @DowntonAbbey @SimonCopley1 Not really, I prefer living in the present with more life choices.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @SimonCopley1: Would you have liked to live in the Downton era & if so upstairs or downstairs? #AskJo #Downton
A@DowntonAbbey @presleighj definitely being able to work with our amazing cast and crew. We have so much fun and they are all so talented.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @presleighj: What is your favorite thing about filming downton? #AskJo #Downton
A@DowntonAbbey @Raining_Jen I admire her strength of character after all she's been through.
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Q to @JoFroggatt from @Raining_Jen: What do most admire about your character, particularly in series 5? #AskJo #Downton
Q to @JoFroggatt from @EquestrianEmma: If you weren't on Downton, do you think you would still be a fan of the show? #AskJo #Downton
But wait one must! #Downton RT @hayleyt26: Omg I can't wait a whole week for the next episode 😫#DowntonAbbeyy
Stay with us for a Twitter Q&A with @JoFroggatt . Send your questions using #AskJo and they may get answered! #Downton
"Cause I feel like it." Well, you can't argue with that! #Downton
Yes, a game. Nothing untoward happening here, hurry along now! #Cora #LordGrantham #SimonBricker #Downton
"It's my kind of beer and I know how to drink it." Excellent #WiseWords, Mrs Patmore! #Downton
Isn't it just! #Downton RT @spsxxx: It's all going on in @DowntonAbbey tonight #exciting
Did your tea arrive? RT @10StickyFingers: Oh #Downton is stopping me studying. Carson, where's my tea Carson, I mean Mark @FunktoVictory
Is rudeness in old age not amusing, Rosamund? Violet seems to manage it ever so well. #Downton
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Has Lady Mary found her match? Two peas in a pod, it would seem. #Downton
Has Miss Bunting made the right decision? RT if you think so. #Downton