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Heather B. Armstrong
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Today I may be another year older, but I still feel like I could rock these boots.
My friend @cheekymuffy lost her dog Sadie a few months ago, just one of many ungodly tragedies to befall her in the last year. Yesterday she adopted 9wk-old Annie, a yellow lab, the runt of the litter. She's tiny and smells of puppy breath and is right now clumsily chasing a cat. Taking a moment now
"If you leave that bracelet on your arm too long it will cut off your sexalation." - my 5yr-old, the scientist.
Not even a full day back and she's already bossing around #gusfacekillah @bloggras
Wildlife Encounters, episode “Baby Elephant”:…
Looking out the window as we flew over the mountains in Utah. Flying with a 10 and 5-yr-old wasn't bad at all despite a few dirty looks as we boarded. Witnessing her fascination was totally worth her opening the stall wide open as I was peeing in the bathroom after we landed.
Passing time before our flight. She just shouted, "MOM DID YOU KNOW ROBOTS AREN'T STRONGER?" Yeah. Duh. Who doesn't.
This is Rosie. She has a severe neurological disorder that causes her to circle and obsess and requires a ton of medication. She was boarded for the week and Marlo specifically asked to be a part of picking her up. The biggest sweetheart you could imagine. She is a part of our family now, dammit.
Leaving the lake today. Such a great week, so many memories, so much bickering and tearing each other's hair out and then snuggling before bed. Sisters.
Apparently the Internet lives in Wisconsin
My younger child looking remarkably like her older sister
Harry indulging Marlo at sunset. He could have caught double the fish if she hadn't been badgering him. #siblinglife
Weather finally cleared up and warmed up enough for some canoeing
The view from my run this morning
My friend Carol is holding the Blue Gill I caught. I'm hyperventilating and telling my doubting 5yr-old to suck it.
Snuck in 10 minutes of fishing between downpours. Of course she wanted to hold and inspect the worm before I bludgeoned it on the hook. Family bonding!
"Mom. You're terrible at this." - 5yr-old critiquing my inability to catch a fish.
Fishing off the dock. We had an episode with a leech earlier, but everyone survived.
My lovely long-limbed Leta