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donnacha costello
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New working hypothesis: the longer the email, the crazier the person.
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totally plausible explanation for why microsoft skipped windows version 9…
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if you fly a lot, or even if you don't, you'll find this a very entertaining read via @nickvanderlinde…
great for evolving pads, sharp leads and punchy bass sounds - Every soft synth description ever. YAWN!
Listening to Getz/Byrd Desafinado makes everything better.
"We're going to kill email for good! Sign up today" 1: Enter your email address 2: You should receive an email 3: Set your email preferences
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Making ambient loops but it's time for bed. Sleeeep
Folks watching the Horizon "Is your brain male or female?" - you're being trolled. It's the Boxxy debate for normal people.
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Despite not having toured for 3 years, I still haven't rekindled the friendships lost in the previous 8. One hidden cost of being a musician
If you're thinking of buying Buchla, buy from a retailer. My experience with them has been really negative lately. Extremely so.
Best gif ever “@MakingOfs: This is how the Big Bird costume works:
Why do you have a website if you think it's slow, ugly and not useful?
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Free research for your Thom Yorke article: Gatekeeper released their Young Chronos EP via an official Pirate Bay torrent almost a year ago.
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So, @FACTmag IDM100 is a nice idea but the presentation is a total UX fail/facepalm. Consider your users, guys!
0.7% of Brits are Millionaires 78% of British MP's are Millionaires So who does Representative democracy represent?
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Good point “@lukew: Personally, I would have tested something with a consistent UI treatment…
I played Crockett's Theme to my wife. "Is that you?" she asked, innocently. "I like it!"
I've a general dislike for shipping container projects but the house by @ArchitectsPB on #granddesigns is beautiful.
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Wow, incredible Grand Designs this evening. One of the best I've seen, @Kevin_McCloud!
When @LinkedIn tells me people who wish to be anonymous have viewed my profile, I don't believe them. Esp. when accompanied by upgrade CTA.
"In-App Browsers Considered Harmful": they can eavesdrop on your typing, even on "secure" pages. @chockenberry:…
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Orbital - Snivilisation. 20 years old this year :-/
Loving this tour bus. We rolled into Asheville, 1k miles from Dallas. Excited for show tonight w/ @ISO50 at @ThePeel
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Adults who eat chocolate open-mouthed in front of me on the train, making all sorts of horrible mouth-noises. Ungh. Headphones on NOW.
The London design company from London behind the RTÉ2 makeover have ordered us to make some viral hashtags trend globally. Please assist us.
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Mynnnnd the gyyyaaap between the trahyyn eahnd the ple-aaahhhtfohhm. What's up with Mrs Chumley-Warner announcements at Pearse? @IrishRail
#soundtip: don't send preshow music to the subs. instead, just EQ to add lows so when the band starts the subs add thrill to your mix #FB
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Sonic Interaction Design (PDF) : an overview of the emerging SID research.
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Last use of this pun: How do you like them apples? Follow us. RT this. Enter the draw 4 an #iphone6. 3 hours left!
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Has anyone in Hip-Hop sampled Bob James' Angela (Theme from Taxi)? If not, why not?
Weigh in on our chat about a UXers Worklife balance! Do you have it? Or are you guilty of eating at your desk?
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Experimenting with OP-1 for live performance of some music quite close to my heart
When I watch MTV Cribs, the feeling of guilt from illegally downloading songs goes away.
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Homemade Cornish pasties in the oven. Justice.
.@eoghanmccabe I 3d printed one to get a feel for it and for the design challenges it presents. Pretty big but I imagine adapting to be easy
Any way to get rid of this awful and stupid emoji keyboard? Jobs would never have let this happen.
Am I listening to Syro? No, I'm doing something else. Yeah. OF COURSE I'M LISTENING TO SYRO! Thanks, Aphex :)
Seen at my daughter's classroom. Simple enough that second graders can understand it. Adults not so much.
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